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  • Oprah needs a reality check

    Like millions of other women, I used to watch Oprah every day. Her show was smart, entertaining, informative and, most importantly, heart-felt. Recently, however, I noticed that I wasn\'t enjoying her show as much. I felt like Oprah was getting a little too big for her britches. She interupts her \"experts\" that she books on the she knows better than they...if that\'s true, why did she book them in the first place. She also scolds people and gives them a holier than thou attitude. It must be nice for her to be so perfect.

    But, the last straw was her show regarding hurricane Katrina. I tuned in that day with hopes that Oprah would give me the real scoop as to what was happening down there. I was so tired of the liberal media bias and felt like I was getting a very one sided story. To my dismay, Oprah did the same thing. I\'m sure it\'s difficult for Oprah and other media figures to not react in an emotional way to such a tragedy but...isn\'t that their job? It\'s too bad that she didn\'t take advantage of her power and influence over so many to bring a more hopeful message instead of jumping on the \"Bush hates black people\" band wagon. I\'m sure her hysterics did a lot of good....(sarcasm).

    I\'m not a republican myself and I don\'t think George Bush hung the moon but I do love my country and do care how our country is being portrayed to our citizens and other countries. It appears that Oprah and other members of the media don\'t care about that. I\'m not saying they shouldn\'t point out wrong-doing but I wish they wouldn\'t make it so one sided. There\'s plenty of blame to go around. Real leaders don\'t stand up on their podium and whine about what went wrong, they stand up there and proclaim what they will do to make it right and they rally people together...not give them fuel to broaden the divide.
  • oprah; what kind of name is oprah. her name is about as crappy as her show.

    oprah what kind of name is oprah. her name is about as crappy as her show. how does this show make sense it is just an under appriciated house wife talking about problems that don't matter. like what type of eye goop works best. it doesn't matter! every once in a while she touches a good issue by then she totally ruins the the whole impact of the story. she should work on losing some weight then deal with these stories that mean nothing to anyone that matters in the world. her show is so bad. she should be taken off the air!(i would rate the show wrose but it wont let me)
  • The Oprah show is one of the best talk shows still on the air. It's informative, helpful and at times fun to watch.

    I grew up watching the Oprah show, at times it could be rather boring, but for the most part I learned a lot from it. How to be a healthier eater, person and how to be a better person overall, for example.

    She has done quite a bit over the years for the general public, with programs such as the Angel Network and more. I truly respect her for that. The fact that a lot of her shows are so candid, just shows just how much of a kind hearted person that she is.

    That for the most part keeps me tuned in. With the exception being, anytime that there is an over the top controversial show on that day. Then I tend to avoid the episode like the plague. Those types of shows just make my skin crawl. That's the main reason why her show didn't get a higher score from me.

    Other than that, after all of this time, she still remains one of the classiest tv show hosts out there and I'm a true fan.
  • We all love Oprah

    Oprah Your my hero I love your show so much. Your so smart and wonderful. Why I could sit there and bask in your greatness all day. All them Oprah haters are all jealous of how great you are. Oprah I'm going to come to ur show during Christmas so you can give me a car hopfully, but if you don't I'll still love ya. Everyone out there watvh this show its the best, sereously it is. Oprah does so many great things form the people in Africa and people here, sure she's made mistakes but who hasn't. Oprha you rock!!!!!!!!!!!*cough sarcasm*
  • As entertaining as it is life changing.

    I have seen the show many times my entire life but I did not start to seriously tune in daily until 2002. I watched the show religiously from 2002 to 2006. It was my guilty pleasure. Although the past 2 seasons have just not been all that interesting. Currently, I only watch the show if I hear or see that the topic for the show is of a great interest of mine.

    As much as the show is very informative and very much influential, it is equally fun and entertaining.

    Oh yea. My favorite annual episode is "Oprah's Favorite Things." Who doesn't love these episodes every year?
  • Oprah Still going strong

    Although I can't see oprah like I used to, because I'm at work, I manage to tape the show whatever interests me. Which happens to be more so than less. She has come along way. And believe me she earned it. She happens to be the most talented and intelligent wealthy african-American woman in the world. Also she's done some acting as well. Who could ever forget MISS SOPHIA from THE COLOR PURPLE. Hope Oprah stay on the top of the list. In my book Oprah's got it going on. Oprah, you're the best. Love her show. You go girl.
  • This show is so cliche and mainstream. What if Oprah wasn't there? It would fail. Oprah is the most over-rated show it the world. Read on.....

    There are a million shows just like Oprah. Why the hell is she so popular? Because she's black? Her show isn't even different then the others of its kind. It is so cliche and very mainstream. The stories aren't even interesting. I wish Oprah would just die because she is annoying. She doesn't do anything good. If someone took over her position the show would be less popular because Oprah isn't on it. Oprah isn't everything. The day this show fails and the day Oprah dies will be the happiest days in my life.
  • Is she a good influence on people?

    If your like me your sick of one sided programs against the President and the troops, if that\'s your opinion fine, but don\'t go forcing your opinons on people because it suits you, let them think for themselves, even though the news is making that harder to do that too. She would be fine if she just told us about different cultures instead of making us feel like ours is bad, the problem is the way she does it and with all the power and influence she has she knows she could very well bias people to think like her. I don\'t even watch her show that often, but I watch little 5 minute bits before if the channel is already there, and I see enough to know what she is doing.
  • Great show.

    This is a great show. I like it. To bad there are so many other shows like this. That makes that she is a little unoriginal. But... still a great show. I'm a realy fan of her :) Besides, she really knows were shes talking about.

    I hope you guys agree.
  • Everyone loves Oprah.

    A lot of people make fun of Oprah and her show. Personally, I think it is a very good show. Oprah talks about issues that can really hit home to some people. Expecially when she covered the Katrina victims stories. And she makes everyones day better, just watch a show and you'll understand. Not to mention all of the actors and actress that come on there, making the show even funnier. Also what I like about the show is Oprah and her loving attitude toward everyone. She is not a greedy person, and even gives away cars to the audience members, now if that isn't a great women I don't know who is.
  • I know she's talented but they treat her like she's some kind of God.

    One of the most successful woman in the entertain ment buisness. You know you have some thing when she lets you on her show. Was a news caster in my home town but then moved up to bigger and better things. Many people look up to her like a role model. Girl can act, is a people person, has a man who is rich and decent looking. She supposely changed people lives over the years and she knows how to get other people famous. Like the main one of course is Dr. Phil, he has his own show and making something of himself.
  • If you can make it on Oprah – you can make it anywhere.

    If you can make it on Oprah – you can make it anywhere.

    These are words to live by when referencing the heavyweight talk show of the daytime circuit and the hostess of the same name.

    If this is a popularity contest, The Oprah Winfrey Show is the Prom Queen from high school that you wish you could be. Nothing compares and no matter the situation, Oprah and her show will always have a band of followers.

    On the air since 1986, The Oprah Winfrey Show has grown up right before our eyes. You might find it difficult to remember the Oprah days where the topics weren’t always about Finding A Better You, but instead dipped on Finding Out Who’s Been Cheating On You. Ah yes, it was rare – but it was done. Like so many others The Oprah Winfrey Show had to start with a little rubbish before it ended up with a spotless playground.

    But now, you can toss around the show’s name in just one word “Oprah” and immediately brains think “talk show extraordinaire”. It’s just something about The Oprah Winfrey Show that makes the public want to stand naked before a mirror and hug yourself for who you are and all of your humanly imperfections. Perhaps its the posh generous hostess that leaves you smiling and pledging to either – accept yourself for who you are, improve yourself, or tackle the seemingly easy tactic of making over a room, whatever the case its been working for well over a decade and it doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon.

    The Oprah Winfrey Show is a good hour of entertainment, soul searching and handy tips for those that are ‘interested’ in that type of make-it-better genre. Personally, I’ve tired from the ‘make everything peachy’ mode – so I’d like to see a little disturbance every now and again, and I know can’t find it watching Oprah.

    But if ever I find myself tiring of watching the talk shows where, Tammy needs to do a DNA test on six guys to find out who fathered her baby, or where Jim Bob thinks he might be his nephew’s daddy – I can always turn to Oprah and know that in Oprahland everything will be alright.
  • The truth is in there

    I have Discovered that if you lay perfectly level on a mattress,with no pillow. Do this for 3 hours day/night. you can only do an hour then massage,because its painfull. But try and do 3 hours day/night. If you do that for seven weeks the crucifixion comes out in you. Electric shocks in your hands wrist and feet. Prevention of doing evil will occur. The Truth is revealed. Amazing aspect's occur. Gravity crushes us, as soon as we are born. Lying level, for prolonged amounts of time, reverses this effect. Also if you have kids. when you lay your baby on the side, you crush the ears. So you need to put a hole in the pillow so the ears do not get crushed.You will have a much happier baby. All comes from the ALMIGHTY FATHER,OUR LORD JESUS
  • I Watch your show everyday and love it.Oprah,even though I'm at home,I can see and feel myself there.Especially when you are giving out those gifts.The LORD knows how I holler every time.But I realize after the show,that I'm still setting in my living rm.

    I love your show.One day when I'm feeling better I will buy tickets and come on your show.Oprah,I love what you are doing with the children everywhere especially in africa.May GOD look down and continue blessing you from above. You are a gift to all.Your {grandmother love you},and you're sharing your love with others how beautiful is that to have raise a wonderful person like you.In the {BIBLE JER.31:15 Weeping For Her Children}.Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to all.Again absolutely fabulous and spectacular. These are my 100 words I classify this show. Love You Oprah Winfrey!!!!!!.
  • Oprah is inspiration. A wonderful women that is aging quite fast and I would hate to see her go. She is a help to people all around the world. I love her admiration for the new show Planet Earth. Saving lives and loving animals. That is really fabulous!!!

    She is a great person truly. I wish sometimes I could be her in a younger type formation some how. I am not an inspiration some times. She is non stop. Even I bet when she gets home she gets online and does a huge charity fund deduction from her bank account. I hope some day I am like that but I can only hope. I am really happy for her though and she deserves all the money she has. She is no Paris Hilton or Kelly Osbourne. She has worked for and congratulations Oprah Winfrey. Have a nice time.
  • Oprah your my hero

    Oprah Your my hero I love your show so much. Your so smart and wonderful. Why I could sit there and bask in your greatness all day. All them Oprah haters are all jealous of how great you are. Oprah I\'m going to come to ur show during Christmas so you can give me a car hopfully, but if you don\'t I\'ll still love ya. Everyone out there watvh this show its the best, sereously it is. Oprah does so many great things form the people in Africa and people here, sure she\'s made mistakes but who hasn\'t. Oprha you rock!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Captured 2 child molestors already? Hmmm... An inspirational woman she is...

    Inspirational, caring, and intelligent. Oprah got game! And who said only women can watch this show? Oprah interviewed lots of people and helped them to dealt their problems and issues. That prison episode scared me a bit but they were brave enough to handle it. She could have been president of the U.S. but that's a bit too much...
  • Oprah is a show that helps so many people in everyday life. It deals with real life issues and some celebrity stories.

    Inspiring and very encouraging is what I would call 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'. Even though Oprah mainly caters to women, she always has a heart felt word for the men too. This show is so real. Oprah does a wonderful job being the host of this brilliant show. This show is like a comfort zone that so many people(women) come to at the end of their day. Whether are at the live taping ofthe show, watching the show when it comes on their local channels, or Tivo-ing it, the show continues to entertain so many. It is a wonderful tool for everyday life.
  • Oprah. America\\\\\\\'s Insecurity Queen

    I have NEVER believed for one minute that Oprah Winfrey is worth even one-tenth of one percent of the adulation and media hype that she garners. Not to mention the hundreds of $$$ millions that she earns each year. For Christ sakes she nothing more than a self-absorbed wanna be psycho analyst, royal opportunist and shallow person teeming with insecurities, namely paranoia. Based on her white wash A & E Biography that clocked in at an unprecdented 2-hours, Oprah owes her success largely to a single individual and that is the millionaire media mogul who created her ala Leonardo Di Vinci\\\\\\\'s masterpiece, \\\\\\\"Creation.\\\\\\\" Speaking of the A& E Biography piece, I found it quite disturbing and revealing that appearences by her fellow elementary, high school or college students to ONE person and I don\\\\\\\'t recall any of her teachers being interviewed. For a 2 hour portrait of one of America\\\\\\\'s most loved TV personalities you\\\\\\\'d think the piece would be chock full of childhood friends and former school mates. Right? Not so. And her woeful tale of suffering a teenage pregnancy/miscarriage and having been sexually abused as an adolescent was given extended treatment while her much, much later in life addiction to crack cocaine was conveniently missing. Hmmmmm! Anyway, her gender, race and superficial bubbly personality made her the perfect foil to unseat Donahue as America\\\\\\\'s # 1 daytime talk show host. Mind you now she was test marketed in other markets before she was given a national platform, top notch producers and subsequently promoted like the second coming of Eleanor Roosevelt! Her sympathy and sky rocketing neilsen rating stunts like the child abuse confession, weight loss problems not to mention horribly emotionally scarred guests is transparent when juxtaposed against her decision not to publish her long awaited autobiography and requirement that her employees sign a LIFE-TIME non-disclosure clause! A LIFE-TIME non-disclosure clause? Talk about insecure! What is it that Oprah is subjecting her employees to that she is so fearful of the her loving fans and critics from finding out. And another one of her screwball quarks is the prohibition of chewing gum anywhere on the premises of Harpo Productions. She says as a child she was repulsed by her grandmother\\\\\\\'s odd habit of sticking wads of already been chewed gum inside her overhead kitchen cabinets. Can you spell T-H-E-R-A-P-Y? And in recent response to the recurring rumors that she is a closet lesbian, Oprah all but admitted that Stedman Graham, her long awaiting fiancee, is less of a confidant and soul mate than her best friend, Gayle King. Ouch! I don\\\\\\\'t believe Oprah and King are lovers but for the sake of public perception don\\\\\\\'t undercut your barely visible fiancee\\\\\\\'s significance by telling the unkind truth on camera. Also, when Dr. Phil starting getting too popular and had the audacity to counter one of Oprah\\\\\\\'s psuedo shrink pronouncements she politely gave him his walking papers. Then there\\\\\\\'s the recent self-serving media hype about her alleged racist treatment by a store manager at Herme\\\\\\\'s, Paris, France\\\\\\\'s ritzy department store. Based on the news reports and Oprah\\\\\\\'s admission that she attempted to enter the store sans makeup and wearing large sunglasses and a hat I have to conclude that the store manager did NOT recognize her and properly barred her entrance during the V.I.P. only store hours. But rather than handle the matter quitely, Oprah played the ugly race card for all the attention and sympathy she could get! Can you spell D-R-A-M-A QUEEN? So, yes when ever I happen upon Oprah\\\\\\\'s show I change the channel fast, quick and in a hurry! \\\\\\\'Nuff said!
  • I just don't get it! This show has become so popular, it is as popular as baseball or something.

    My mom and my aunts and just about every woman I know can get hyped up about 1 little thing... Oprah. Oprah this, Oprah that! It is every woman's dream to go on her show especially when she gives away stuff. It is so amazing how she has given the whole audiences shoes, trips, even cars. Plus there goes the whole audience when Oprah has celebrites, guests with true stories. Is there anything better she can do? :)
  • The perfect daytime talk show

    Everyone knows who Oprah is. I don’t even think the Amish community have missed her. Her show must be shown in like 90% of all countries. Thus; there’s no actual need for some kind of introduction.

    I know that I’m probably not part of the show’s target group, but that’s one thing that is so appealing with it. Almost everyone can find themselves stuck in front of it whither it’s a superstar there to promote something or if the topic of the day is some kind of disaster in Africa. Who wouldn’t want to be in the audience during one of the episodes? If you’re lucky you might end up with a car or something.

    Oprah herself seems like a very down to earth kind of gal. I like that she cares about others even though she’s rich, that’s pretty rare. People tend to get “blue” when they get money.

    One negative thing about this show though, is the amount of product placements and advertisement. It’s pretty annoying.
  • Can be really great sometimes, but still very bad sometimes.

    Can be really great sometimes, but still very bad sometimes. Yup, it really is like that. It is very informative to see how many people have different problems. But some of those episodes with problems like that are definitely for Jerry Springer Show.

    Because, some of those things, like problems with marriage and stuff like that were showed in more than 3 episodes. It's like watching three episodes of three different shows, with same plot and story just different actors.

    But, I really like when famous celebrities are guests. Now, that's something interesting. To see how are they dealing currently, what is new etc.

    I'm not saying that it isn't good to show real-life problems but sometimes problems of same type are showed twice or more.
  • Absolutely awesome!

    It's Oprah! Need I say more. Thanks Mom for making me watch Oprah with you all those years. Now I'm Oprah fanatic. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • Not a fan, but I respect her as a person.

    Its no surprise that this woman is one of the most popular people in the US. She does so much for people in need - not only in her own country but also abroad.

    The major problem I have with this show is whem she has celebrities on it. I know she has a nicey nice image she as to keep up, but she could put a little more pressure on who shes interviewing. Instead of saying to Jennifer Anniston "I love your shoes girlfriend" you could talk about her struggling marriage!

    But when you think about what shes been through to get to where she is you have to respect that!
  • It as a while ago but once oprah was talking about how detroit needs to be changed.

    And then oprah didn't even leave a number we could call to help out. Her i am waiting for her to say something like call this number to donate to help detroit be better or something. but then the show just ends. the way they made detroit look i was ready to pull out some money and send it to a organizatoin but their was no number. I really appricaite oprah trying to help but it made me kind of mad that she didn't leave a number. But oh well its not the end of the world detroit just looks bad. what can you do?
  • it is ok

    this show it is intresting oprah winfrey is a verry pretty not too young but amazing woman she is great spictacular she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kind and loving and carring and she just wants to help every body i think that it was great when she opend the school in south africa i mean you can give a person millions of dollars but still there is somthing missing education she didn't give them a million dollars but she did alot more than that she educated them she filled the gap those girls do deserve it.
    oprah is amzing i mean she is ****

    i love you so much

    i wish some day i wil have the honor to meet you mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa mwa
  • one of the shows that you self esteem will be lifted up and you learn more and more and you become more caring person.

    Oprah's show is one of the most popular shows especially to women. an excellent example for hard work and looking for the best and never give up. presented over years variety of topics usually very educational and of learning experience to all ages and races. however, there is sometimes and more recently some opinionated influence that may hurt some people. as it seems she is talking to certian group of people or siding up to one. though i thought oprah is the one who taught me how to look at all people equal. finally, this might be merely a matter of opinion as i still admire her shows and feel that she has always some new thing to present.
  • If I watched talks shows daily, this would be the prada, the it talk show for me.

    She is an inspiration, a true idol for women and men alike. The show has become apart of our every day lives. She is not drop dead gorgeous or skinny. She doesn't appear in press pregnant every 9 months with a new husband that happens to be a druggie. She is a down to earth intelligent and very poised woman. Her influence is that of a president, a true leader. Her approach is graceful and testimonial. This reflects on the sucess of her show, and the dedication of her viewers. Cheers to Oprah!
  • Classic daytime television.

    It's amazing that Oprah in her 50s has now become "sex kitten Oprha." The fake hair, the fab new designer duds and fab new body. She's had a total transformation over the last two years. I wonder what it feels like to be the first self-made African-American billionarie. Must feel good. And somehow she manages to stay real and down to earth, enough so that the viewers aren't alienated (think Katie Couric). She's also one of the best interviewers out there. She's on par with Barbara Walters, Larry King, Charlie Rose, and Diane Sawyer.
  • I think the world needs a lot of people like Oprah for it to become a better place. I can say that this show is the greatest thing on TV. Inspirational, thought provoking and entertaining to say the least are agreat combination of success.

    One has to experience the magic of Oprah in order to comment about her or her show. It is amagical show that can save one's life, help one to lead a better life and inspire people to do and be better.That is why the show has been so successful, Oprah interacts with the people on an extraordinary level.
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