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  • Oprah. America\\\\\\\'s Insecurity Queen

    I have NEVER believed for one minute that Oprah Winfrey is worth even one-tenth of one percent of the adulation and media hype that she garners. Not to mention the hundreds of $$$ millions that she earns each year. For Christ sakes she nothing more than a self-absorbed wanna be psycho analyst, royal opportunist and shallow person teeming with insecurities, namely paranoia. Based on her white wash A & E Biography that clocked in at an unprecdented 2-hours, Oprah owes her success largely to a single individual and that is the millionaire media mogul who created her ala Leonardo Di Vinci\\\\\\\'s masterpiece, \\\\\\\"Creation.\\\\\\\" Speaking of the A& E Biography piece, I found it quite disturbing and revealing that appearences by her fellow elementary, high school or college students to ONE person and I don\\\\\\\'t recall any of her teachers being interviewed. For a 2 hour portrait of one of America\\\\\\\'s most loved TV personalities you\\\\\\\'d think the piece would be chock full of childhood friends and former school mates. Right? Not so. And her woeful tale of suffering a teenage pregnancy/miscarriage and having been sexually abused as an adolescent was given extended treatment while her much, much later in life addiction to crack cocaine was conveniently missing. Hmmmmm! Anyway, her gender, race and superficial bubbly personality made her the perfect foil to unseat Donahue as America\\\\\\\'s # 1 daytime talk show host. Mind you now she was test marketed in other markets before she was given a national platform, top notch producers and subsequently promoted like the second coming of Eleanor Roosevelt! Her sympathy and sky rocketing neilsen rating stunts like the child abuse confession, weight loss problems not to mention horribly emotionally scarred guests is transparent when juxtaposed against her decision not to publish her long awaited autobiography and requirement that her employees sign a LIFE-TIME non-disclosure clause! A LIFE-TIME non-disclosure clause? Talk about insecure! What is it that Oprah is subjecting her employees to that she is so fearful of the her loving fans and critics from finding out. And another one of her screwball quarks is the prohibition of chewing gum anywhere on the premises of Harpo Productions. She says as a child she was repulsed by her grandmother\\\\\\\'s odd habit of sticking wads of already been chewed gum inside her overhead kitchen cabinets. Can you spell T-H-E-R-A-P-Y? And in recent response to the recurring rumors that she is a closet lesbian, Oprah all but admitted that Stedman Graham, her long awaiting fiancee, is less of a confidant and soul mate than her best friend, Gayle King. Ouch! I don\\\\\\\'t believe Oprah and King are lovers but for the sake of public perception don\\\\\\\'t undercut your barely visible fiancee\\\\\\\'s significance by telling the unkind truth on camera. Also, when Dr. Phil starting getting too popular and had the audacity to counter one of Oprah\\\\\\\'s psuedo shrink pronouncements she politely gave him his walking papers. Then there\\\\\\\'s the recent self-serving media hype about her alleged racist treatment by a store manager at Herme\\\\\\\'s, Paris, France\\\\\\\'s ritzy department store. Based on the news reports and Oprah\\\\\\\'s admission that she attempted to enter the store sans makeup and wearing large sunglasses and a hat I have to conclude that the store manager did NOT recognize her and properly barred her entrance during the V.I.P. only store hours. But rather than handle the matter quitely, Oprah played the ugly race card for all the attention and sympathy she could get! Can you spell D-R-A-M-A QUEEN? So, yes when ever I happen upon Oprah\\\\\\\'s show I change the channel fast, quick and in a hurry! \\\\\\\'Nuff said!