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  • My Husband the hero

    For the first time since her rollover accident last month on Farm-to-Market 1554, Rosie Cortez and her family met with Ruben Carpentier, the good Samaritan who helped save her life, at a replacement blood drive held in her honor Monday afternoon at Horseshoe Western Wear in Alice.

    Cortez lost her left arm during the rollover accident on FM 1554 near FM 625 on Nov. 19. She said she was heading to a friend's house before taking her children to their tumbling and football practices.

    "A normal routine for us," Cortez said.

    Cortez said she over-corrected her turn while trying to avoid a reflector pole, rolling her vehicle and breaking the window on the driver's side.

    "When the glass broke, I knew that I had severed my arm," she said. "There was just blood

    Cortez said she tried to remain calm following the accident, and told her 9-year-old son Sebastian, who was in the front passenger side, to check and make sure his siblings were okay.

    "They were in their car seats in the back," she said. "I told him to make sure the kids were fine and then get help. I knew that I was bleeding profusely and needed

    Carpentier said he was not even supposed to be on the road that evening, but had been sent by his wife to pick up some milk.

    "I was on my way home when she called, so I made a u-turn," he said. "About two or three minutes later, she called back and said she didn't need the milk, so I turned back around. I went about a quarter mile and I looked to my right and saw the car flip on its

    Carpentier said he saw the accident and immediately stopped to render aid. Using Sebastian's shirt and an iPhone cord he had in his pocket, Carpentier made a tourniquet on her arm to stop the bleeding.

    "She said, 'Just do what you need to do,'" he said. "So I reached in my pocket and I had one of those iPhone cords, tied it around her arm and just squeezed the heck out of

    Carpentier said if he had been just five seconds earlier, he would have missed the accident.

    "He was out there at the right moment and the right time," Cortez said. "With it being a county road, who knows how long before I would have gotten

    Cortez was transported to CHRISTUS Spohn Memorial in Corpus Christi via HALO-Flight for medical attention. Carpentier said he left shortly after she was transported, but his emotions didn't hit him until later that night.

    "I started crying like a little baby," he said. "I was just bawling. It was so fast. The DPS officer told me that I saved her life, but it hadn't processed in my mind at that time. He said if it had been just another 30 seconds, she would have

    Carpentier said he said stayed in contact with Cortez and her family through Facebook, but wanted to give her time before meeting her again face-to-face.

    "I stayed in contact, so I knew she was doing all right," he said. "I was so happy when I saw her

    Cortez said she is still recovering, but has begun to get back to her regular routine.

    "This is actually my second outing," she said. "I haven't really been out much. The cold weather has really taken a toll on my

  • No more Oprah for me....

    I used to be a fan of Oprah's until recently. First with her behavior with her "friend" Paula Deen then her ludicrous comment about Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin then her attempt to rabblerouse about race by making a story up about her trip and the handbag. Such a comment disrespects what Mr. Till went through. Shame on her, with a friend like her you don't need enemies and she is a racialist if not an out and out racist and is obviously more interested in the color of her skin than I am. I don't need that in my life. No more Oprah in my world from now on- she's thoroughly revealed herself and I want no part of that behavior.
  • hi please help me go to college !!

    Hi my name is Megan Chavis and I was diagnosed with ovarisn cancer at 14! It cause a lot of chaos with my family! Both my parents lost their jobs and we lost everything! We are still trying really hard to get back on out feet but now I'm at a holt in my life. I can't go to college!! School has always been my #1 priority. I'm hoping you can help me. I would also really like to share my story about me gaving cancer at 14 I think its something woman should be highly aware of because its so silent! Please can you help!!
  • Please Oprah, help me

    Oprah, Hi, my name is Flavia, I'm 15 years old (will be 16 on March 29).

    I have a problem, I was diagnosed with OCD.

    I cut myself, but now I'm stopping thanks to Demi Lovato.

    You can help realize my dream of meeting Demi?

    Please? I am Brazilian.
  • Black Americana

    I heard you collected Black Americana stuff, I have some pieces,If you are interested.
  • Pretty good.

    I love her and her show. but she does interrupt guess all the time. and is into her self more and more everyday.
  • A silent killer

    Dear Oprah,my name is Diego Moreno and I am greatly in-need for my sister health and well b being,she is a single woman with 4 kids presently she tried making up her life again n is presently living with a guy who does all in his power to support her morally,financially,and mentally especially in this time of need she has.Recently she has been diagnosed with stomach pain and was rushed to the ER just to get the alarming news she has pancreatic cancer, we were never aware of such illness in our family but such is life and sickness does not carry or have boundaries...presently Mom was here present to support her but she could not take the pain in seeing her baby getting deteriorated by this cancer so i decided to send her back home to Belize.. (mom is sick on her own) this note is to as for your help i have seen u in many ways helping others and thats why i ask god to bless u even more n more everyday. recently my sis got kicked out of her home due to the fact she could not afford her payment and we sheltered her at home for a couple months. Now her hubby got some money together to take responsibility on his own but still they are struggling i ask on her behalf to please help in any way u can i know i ask very bluntly but at this moment my tears shed .. cause if it was in my power n if i was financially capable i would make her last days happy please help... my number is 2403001989... May god bless u n your family every day that goes bye.... and thanks in advance for ur time into looking toward my plea
  • help me please

    hi oprah my name is destiny i am 14 years old i have been over weight since i was 4 i am sick of looking this way and coming home crying for what people say about me i have recently had a surgery for being bullied at school for the way i look i have done every thing i can to try to lose weight but it dose not go away would you please help me
  • The typical show for ignorant american dipshits.

    I'm tired of being told who to admire in this country, so i am going to flip off all of these "american role-models" that i have a knowing about. FUCK dr phill. FUCK lance armstrong. FUCK oprah winfrey. thank you.
  • Oprah is a real tv personality to watch!

    She takes questions from studio watchers (which I think interaction is great), she showcases great talent (the visuals are superb), her discussions with celebrities are interesting because she herself is a versatily person: journalist, tv personality, lawyer, etc. She is always beautiful and genuine about showing us her workouts and her tips, and her show is empowering for women around the world in general. I love the lighting on this show and how she changes the discriminations against minority as an accomplished TV personality.
  • perhaps the worst talk show ever

    a bunch of good talk shows have come and gone such as arsenio hall, phil donahue, ricky lake, etc. ironically the one that is still on is oprah, the worst talk show ever. i'm just not getting any good vibe from oprah, she's really annoying. i can't stand oprah, if i'm a network executive, this is the one show that i want to ax first. a lot of good shows out there get canceled all the time, and this sorry excuse for a show keeps on going. but i guess that's life, there are some things that you need to live with even if it's as bad as oprah.
  • Oprah Still going strong

    Although I can't see oprah like I used to, because I'm at work, I manage to tape the show whatever interests me. Which happens to be more so than less. She has come along way. And believe me she earned it. She happens to be the most talented and intelligent wealthy african-American woman in the world. Also she's done some acting as well. Who could ever forget MISS SOPHIA from THE COLOR PURPLE. Hope Oprah stay on the top of the list. In my book Oprah's got it going on. Oprah, you're the best. Love her show. You go girl.
  • As entertaining as it is life changing.

    I have seen the show many times my entire life but I did not start to seriously tune in daily until 2002. I watched the show religiously from 2002 to 2006. It was my guilty pleasure. Although the past 2 seasons have just not been all that interesting. Currently, I only watch the show if I hear or see that the topic for the show is of a great interest of mine.

    As much as the show is very informative and very much influential, it is equally fun and entertaining.

    Oh yea. My favorite annual episode is "Oprah's Favorite Things." Who doesn't love these episodes every year?
  • The Oprah show is one of the best talk shows still on the air. It's informative, helpful and at times fun to watch.

    I grew up watching the Oprah show, at times it could be rather boring, but for the most part I learned a lot from it. How to be a healthier eater, person and how to be a better person overall, for example.

    She has done quite a bit over the years for the general public, with programs such as the Angel Network and more. I truly respect her for that. The fact that a lot of her shows are so candid, just shows just how much of a kind hearted person that she is.

    That for the most part keeps me tuned in. With the exception being, anytime that there is an over the top controversial show on that day. Then I tend to avoid the episode like the plague. Those types of shows just make my skin crawl. That's the main reason why her show didn't get a higher score from me.

    Other than that, after all of this time, she still remains one of the classiest tv show hosts out there and I'm a true fan.
  • uhh! this show is horrible!

    My mom watches this show,I think it makes you WAY to sensitive!She tells you do this do that!!!!!uuhhhh.People keep a secret and go on this show and tell million of people!Example:a guy is gay.keeps it from his wife and lets people that he don't know,know his secret before his wife!!!Your wife/husband you should trust and tell them your secret EVER before you tell million of people on t.v. This show couldn't be worse.
  • phil donahue wannbe

    i have never liked oprah winfrey. i do not care how much good she has done for the world. it seems to me that when she does not get her way she makes a big deal out of it on ther tv show and all of a sudden it is a worlwide thing. she did not get recognized trying to get into a shop in france and all of a sudden all french people are bigots. she should just shut her mouth.
  • Oprah. America\\\\\\\'s Insecurity Queen

    I have NEVER believed for one minute that Oprah Winfrey is worth even one-tenth of one percent of the adulation and media hype that she garners. Not to mention the hundreds of $$$ millions that she earns each year. For Christ sakes she nothing more than a self-absorbed wanna be psycho analyst, royal opportunist and shallow person teeming with insecurities, namely paranoia. Based on her white wash A & E Biography that clocked in at an unprecdented 2-hours, Oprah owes her success largely to a single individual and that is the millionaire media mogul who created her ala Leonardo Di Vinci\\\\\\\'s masterpiece, \\\\\\\"Creation.\\\\\\\" Speaking of the A& E Biography piece, I found it quite disturbing and revealing that appearences by her fellow elementary, high school or college students to ONE person and I don\\\\\\\'t recall any of her teachers being interviewed. For a 2 hour portrait of one of America\\\\\\\'s most loved TV personalities you\\\\\\\'d think the piece would be chock full of childhood friends and former school mates. Right? Not so. And her woeful tale of suffering a teenage pregnancy/miscarriage and having been sexually abused as an adolescent was given extended treatment while her much, much later in life addiction to crack cocaine was conveniently missing. Hmmmmm! Anyway, her gender, race and superficial bubbly personality made her the perfect foil to unseat Donahue as America\\\\\\\'s # 1 daytime talk show host. Mind you now she was test marketed in other markets before she was given a national platform, top notch producers and subsequently promoted like the second coming of Eleanor Roosevelt! Her sympathy and sky rocketing neilsen rating stunts like the child abuse confession, weight loss problems not to mention horribly emotionally scarred guests is transparent when juxtaposed against her decision not to publish her long awaited autobiography and requirement that her employees sign a LIFE-TIME non-disclosure clause! A LIFE-TIME non-disclosure clause? Talk about insecure! What is it that Oprah is subjecting her employees to that she is so fearful of the her loving fans and critics from finding out. And another one of her screwball quarks is the prohibition of chewing gum anywhere on the premises of Harpo Productions. She says as a child she was repulsed by her grandmother\\\\\\\'s odd habit of sticking wads of already been chewed gum inside her overhead kitchen cabinets. Can you spell T-H-E-R-A-P-Y? And in recent response to the recurring rumors that she is a closet lesbian, Oprah all but admitted that Stedman Graham, her long awaiting fiancee, is less of a confidant and soul mate than her best friend, Gayle King. Ouch! I don\\\\\\\'t believe Oprah and King are lovers but for the sake of public perception don\\\\\\\'t undercut your barely visible fiancee\\\\\\\'s significance by telling the unkind truth on camera. Also, when Dr. Phil starting getting too popular and had the audacity to counter one of Oprah\\\\\\\'s psuedo shrink pronouncements she politely gave him his walking papers. Then there\\\\\\\'s the recent self-serving media hype about her alleged racist treatment by a store manager at Herme\\\\\\\'s, Paris, France\\\\\\\'s ritzy department store. Based on the news reports and Oprah\\\\\\\'s admission that she attempted to enter the store sans makeup and wearing large sunglasses and a hat I have to conclude that the store manager did NOT recognize her and properly barred her entrance during the V.I.P. only store hours. But rather than handle the matter quitely, Oprah played the ugly race card for all the attention and sympathy she could get! Can you spell D-R-A-M-A QUEEN? So, yes when ever I happen upon Oprah\\\\\\\'s show I change the channel fast, quick and in a hurry! \\\\\\\'Nuff said!
  • I was one of Oprah's first fans and if I was not home to watch her show; then I taped and and watched it later. I have seen her go through all kinds of stages and I think she is trying to go back to what she started out with.

    I think Oprah is trying to go back to where she started from because of the success
    of Dr. Phil show. I think Oprah has lost her dreams (marriage, children, etc.,) and
    now her work and dogs have replaced her dreams, and do not fulfill her as a person.
    I think she strayed from her childhood faith, to a new age religion and is lost. Sadly
    I do not think she is in a position to help anyone anymore, nor a role model living
    with a guy and not married. I pray for Oprah. She has a good show on once in awhile; however, I don't watch it as often. Her morals are not really what I think are good
    for young women to copy, and I think Oprah wears a smile but inside she is very
  • oprah; what kind of name is oprah. her name is about as crappy as her show.

    oprah what kind of name is oprah. her name is about as crappy as her show. how does this show make sense it is just an under appriciated house wife talking about problems that don't matter. like what type of eye goop works best. it doesn't matter! every once in a while she touches a good issue by then she totally ruins the the whole impact of the story. she should work on losing some weight then deal with these stories that mean nothing to anyone that matters in the world. her show is so bad. she should be taken off the air!(i would rate the show wrose but it wont let me)
  • Self-absorbed talk show host. 22 years of Oprah is more than enough.

    If women cannot realize when they are being pandered to, then they deserve the likes of an Oprah Winfrey.

    She thinks she's the world's supreme authority on women, love, relationships, marriage, kids and family when she is none of the above. She has never been married, had kids nor raised a family. She could not even maintain a relationship with her Steadman.

    She lives in an Oprah bubble created by her enormous wealth of $2.3 BILLION. Her agenda is to make as money for herself and give away OTHER people's money, products or services to make herself look good.
  • program on 7-22-08 about wifes that had gotten raped by their husbands. Are they really being true too themselfs. All maybe forgiven by God, But was they the secert lovers, an willing too do it any were and any place. Now have him is there TRUST in her.

    I watch your program on 7-22-08 about the wife's that had gotten raped by their husbands. I truly feel for them in every-way, but I have minster too woman that have found them self's in the some of or the same spot. But what I found out that in many of the cases, they was secret lovers before, and manage to get the person to marry them, and now they became this saint, they know longer want too be treated in the same way went they were lovers. I am not saying that should suffer. But lets keep it real Honest
  • Awesome! This is a School of Life! She is the most influential woman of the real world. She is simple, spiritual, and wonderful human being. Oprah Show is educative and she always try to practice what Jesus teaching LOVE first. I love this woman!

    "Oprah and Friends" Teach Course in Miracles
    Congratulations!... and thank you Oprah!

    Oprah Winfrey will be letting out all the stops on her XM Satellite Radio program this coming year. Beginning January 1, 2008, will offer a year-long teaching A Course in Miracles. A lesson a day throughout the year will completely cover the 365 lessons from the Course in Miracles Workbook. So, what's A Course in Miracles and what does it teach?
    Course in Miracles teach Jesus's teachings. Basically Love and Forgiveness and it's really amazing!!
    I use to have myself the wonderful opportunity to live in Wisconsin Dells (Endeavour Academy for Course in Miracles) to get lessons with master Teacher about Course in Miracles. I've been there for one year and it was really a great time to learn and practice. It was a really great time in my life.

    By the end of the year, Oprah & Friends listeners will have completed all of the lessons laid out in the Course in Miracles Workbook. Those who finish the Course will have a wholly redefined spiritual mindset New Age worldview that includes the belief that God is everyone and everything. Teaching A Course in Miracles will be Oprah longtime friend and special XM Satellite Radio reporter Marianne Williamson who also happens to be one of today's premier New Age leaders. She and Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch co-founder the American Renaissance Alliance in 1997, that later became the Global Renaissance Alliance of New Age leaders, that changed its name again in 2005 to the Peace Alliance. This Peace Alliance seeks to usher in an era of global peace founded on the principles of Spirituality that they are now referring to as a civil rights movement for the soul. Thanks again Oprah. It's really a GREAT thing!
    Celia Bitencourth
  • The truth is in there

    I have Discovered that if you lay perfectly level on a mattress,with no pillow. Do this for 3 hours day/night. you can only do an hour then massage,because its painfull. But try and do 3 hours day/night. If you do that for seven weeks the crucifixion comes out in you. Electric shocks in your hands wrist and feet. Prevention of doing evil will occur. The Truth is revealed. Amazing aspect's occur. Gravity crushes us, as soon as we are born. Lying level, for prolonged amounts of time, reverses this effect. Also if you have kids. when you lay your baby on the side, you crush the ears. So you need to put a hole in the pillow so the ears do not get crushed.You will have a much happier baby. All comes from the ALMIGHTY FATHER,OUR LORD JESUS
  • I know she's talented but they treat her like she's some kind of God.

    One of the most successful woman in the entertain ment buisness. You know you have some thing when she lets you on her show. Was a news caster in my home town but then moved up to bigger and better things. Many people look up to her like a role model. Girl can act, is a people person, has a man who is rich and decent looking. She supposely changed people lives over the years and she knows how to get other people famous. Like the main one of course is Dr. Phil, he has his own show and making something of himself.
  • Oprah is a powerful billionaire to be praised. She has influence, style, class and cares about making this a better world. Her show is a beacon of light in a world that needs her. "God's work must truly be our own."

    Oprah was going to get some criticism for backing Obama but many forget he is her Senator. Her show gets better each year. She is informative, entertaining and inspiring. Oprah is a woman any Presidential candidate would welcome to have on their team. All topics discussed on her show give people an opportunity to hear all sides of an issue. Oprah has mastered the art of the interview and rarely asks stupid questions. As many have said many times there are no stupid questions just stupid answers. Oprah's show is a great forum to see the Presidential candidates in a candid, real manner. We need Oprah especially now. America needs Oprah as much as Obama needs her.
  • I Watch your show everyday and love it.Oprah,even though I'm at home,I can see and feel myself there.Especially when you are giving out those gifts.The LORD knows how I holler every time.But I realize after the show,that I'm still setting in my living rm.

    I love your show.One day when I'm feeling better I will buy tickets and come on your show.Oprah,I love what you are doing with the children everywhere especially in africa.May GOD look down and continue blessing you from above. You are a gift to all.Your {grandmother love you},and you're sharing your love with others how beautiful is that to have raise a wonderful person like you.In the {BIBLE JER.31:15 Weeping For Her Children}.Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to all.Again absolutely fabulous and spectacular. These are my 100 words I classify this show. Love You Oprah Winfrey!!!!!!.
  • I made a purchse of phenterthin based on it being endorsed by ms Winfry,

    Dont be trapped into buying phenterthin! THis is a scam charges are hidden in the fine print,cancellation is impossible as their website does not allow you to open up the link to start a cancellation request! The free trial sample actually costs $49.95,and they automatically reorder for you at $149.95!!! I'm going to file a written complaint with the postal inpectors as this is nothing but mail fraud purpetrated using the internet! My bank supplied a phone number for the company and it turns out to be the home phone of some crook in Utah!He directed me to a customer service number that just plays a recording to go to their website to cancel! When you open the website the link to start a cancellation ticket will not open.I for one will not allow my self to be ripped off by these people, I surprised and somewhat embarrassed that ms Winfey endorses such a deceptive company! If they miss used her endoesement please let me know ! I can be contacted the email, phone@321-728-2785 or mail 1819 poinsetta bl Melbourne Fl 32901 Thank you Mike Moloney
  • Oprah... You are the best! You're the very reason people want to live life to the fullest! You are an inspiration...

    I first watched Oprah with a half heart, thinking what is this show all about... she was interviewing some guy on national television with an audience watching.. The second time I watch Oprah, I began to like what I saw and the third time I watched Oprah, I was just hooked! Oprah's show is what life is all about. No one can say that she is biased or just does the show to earn a buck! Her life, love and spirit reflects in her presentation and quality of this show. What a human being! She is truely an inspiration to millions of people around the world! She is my mentor! I love Oprah and I hope her show lives on forever!!
  • One word to describe oprha Mancow

    I would rather peel the skin off my feet and then cut myself all over and dive head first into a pool of barbed wire and citrus juice, then listen to Sanja sing while Rosie O' Donnel and barawalters fight inn a mud pit in bikins after that I would be sitting a hospital bed living on a feeding tube tramatized from the fight deaf from Sanja and in pain because of the cuts and with the lst ounceof life in me sloly lean over and pull the plug which is keeping me alive than watch that peice of crap show starring oprah the mancow.
  • Everyone loves Oprah.

    A lot of people make fun of Oprah and her show. Personally, I think it is a very good show. Oprah talks about issues that can really hit home to some people. Expecially when she covered the Katrina victims stories. And she makes everyones day better, just watch a show and you'll understand. Not to mention all of the actors and actress that come on there, making the show even funnier. Also what I like about the show is Oprah and her loving attitude toward everyone. She is not a greedy person, and even gives away cars to the audience members, now if that isn't a great women I don't know who is.