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  • Oprah is a powerful billionaire to be praised. She has influence, style, class and cares about making this a better world. Her show is a beacon of light in a world that needs her. "God's work must truly be our own."

    Oprah was going to get some criticism for backing Obama but many forget he is her Senator. Her show gets better each year. She is informative, entertaining and inspiring. Oprah is a woman any Presidential candidate would welcome to have on their team. All topics discussed on her show give people an opportunity to hear all sides of an issue. Oprah has mastered the art of the interview and rarely asks stupid questions. As many have said many times there are no stupid questions just stupid answers. Oprah's show is a great forum to see the Presidential candidates in a candid, real manner. We need Oprah especially now. America needs Oprah as much as Obama needs her.