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  • I was one of Oprah's first fans and if I was not home to watch her show; then I taped and and watched it later. I have seen her go through all kinds of stages and I think she is trying to go back to what she started out with.

    I think Oprah is trying to go back to where she started from because of the success
    of Dr. Phil show. I think Oprah has lost her dreams (marriage, children, etc.,) and
    now her work and dogs have replaced her dreams, and do not fulfill her as a person.
    I think she strayed from her childhood faith, to a new age religion and is lost. Sadly
    I do not think she is in a position to help anyone anymore, nor a role model living
    with a guy and not married. I pray for Oprah. She has a good show on once in awhile; however, I don't watch it as often. Her morals are not really what I think are good
    for young women to copy, and I think Oprah wears a smile but inside she is very