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  • The Oprah show is one of the best talk shows still on the air. It's informative, helpful and at times fun to watch.

    I grew up watching the Oprah show, at times it could be rather boring, but for the most part I learned a lot from it. How to be a healthier eater, person and how to be a better person overall, for example.

    She has done quite a bit over the years for the general public, with programs such as the Angel Network and more. I truly respect her for that. The fact that a lot of her shows are so candid, just shows just how much of a kind hearted person that she is.

    That for the most part keeps me tuned in. With the exception being, anytime that there is an over the top controversial show on that day. Then I tend to avoid the episode like the plague. Those types of shows just make my skin crawl. That's the main reason why her show didn't get a higher score from me.

    Other than that, after all of this time, she still remains one of the classiest tv show hosts out there and I'm a true fan.
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