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  • A silent killer

    Dear Oprah,my name is Diego Moreno and I am greatly in-need for my sister health and well b being,she is a single woman with 4 kids presently she tried making up her life again n is presently living with a guy who does all in his power to support her morally,financially,and mentally especially in this time of need she has.Recently she has been diagnosed with stomach pain and was rushed to the ER just to get the alarming news she has pancreatic cancer, we were never aware of such illness in our family but such is life and sickness does not carry or have boundaries...presently Mom was here present to support her but she could not take the pain in seeing her baby getting deteriorated by this cancer so i decided to send her back home to Belize.. (mom is sick on her own) this note is to as for your help i have seen u in many ways helping others and thats why i ask god to bless u even more n more everyday. recently my sis got kicked out of her home due to the fact she could not afford her payment and we sheltered her at home for a couple months. Now her hubby got some money together to take responsibility on his own but still they are struggling i ask on her behalf to please help in any way u can i know i ask very bluntly but at this moment my tears shed .. cause if it was in my power n if i was financially capable i would make her last days happy please help... my number is 2403001989... May god bless u n your family every day that goes bye.... and thanks in advance for ur time into looking toward my plea
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