The Oprah Winfrey Show - Season 22

(ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Janet Jackson
    Janet Jackson
    Episode 969
    Janet Jackson is the guest.
  • Hanging Out With Uma Thurman and the Cast of <i>Grey's Anatomy</i>
    Ellen Pompeo and Isaiah Washington discuss the cliffhanger ending on this season's Grey's Anatomy and reveals some big news. Plus, the audience has some questions for Uma Thurman.
  • The 50 Young People Oprah Wants You to Meet
    Tens of thousands wrote essays, but only 50 were chosen. See what they wrote to bring them to the show. Plus, two sisters were convinced that their parents were murdered in Rwanda, now see the amazing surprise Oprah gives them 12 years later.
  • A Special Presentation: Oprah and Elie Wiesel at Auschwitz Death Camp
    After making his book, Night a part of her Book Club series, Oprah and it's author Elie Wiesel visit the Auschwitz death camp that he was forced into as a 15 year old child. See how he fought to survive and witness the Holocaust through the eyes of the man who lived it.moreless
  • CNN's Anderson Cooper Reveals His Family's Secrets
    For the first time, CNN's Anderson Cooper reveals his family's secrets and their heartbreak over his brother. Many to this day, have no idea just whose famous American family he belongs or what fashion designer is his mother. Plus, Oprah's audience catches another child molester and find out just how quickly a child's life can change just from using profiles on the Internet.moreless
  • The Dog Whisperer Rescues Nate
    The "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan tries to help Nate solve an embarrassing problem at home with his dogs. Plus, Oprah shows how one can get a facelift in under 5 minutes and with no knife involved and then gives a surprise dream Miami makeover.
  • Stabbed By His Father: An 8 Year Old's Chilling 911 Call
    Listen at the horrific phone call an 8 year old boy made after his father killed his mother and then stabbed him 6 times. Plus, Oprah is astounded by a dog that can walk like a human.
  • When Your Husband Cheats With Your Best Friend
    What does one do when they discover their husband has been cheating with none other that their best friend?
  • Meet the World's Youngest Queen
    She's smart, beautiful, young, and a royal queen. Plus, Oprah wants everyone to meet the grandmother of nine who became the first female president in all of Africa.
  • The Best Cake in America Revealed!
    Gayle King searches for the best cake in America and see what happens when she visits Shaquille O'Neal. Also, Gayle visits the Trumps and checks in on their latest addition. Angie Harmon and husband Jason Sehorn show Oprah their favorite places in Dallas, Texas along with their daughters Finley Faith and Avery Grace.moreless
  • Surviving the Tsunami: Nate Returns to Sri Lanka
    Nate Berkus returns to Sri Lanka for the first time since the 2004 tsunami. Plus, see how your money helped out the troubled region.
  • Oprah's Gardens: A Private Tour
    Take a tour of Oprah's private garden on her luxurious Santa Barbara, California estate. Then, Rachael Ray teams with CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien to create the perfect kid picnic and some fast and fabulous 5 minute appetizers.
  • Why I Hate Myself: Mothers Confess
    Meet one woman is weighs on 80 pounds, yet still choses to work out constantly because she believes she is fat. Then, a former beauty queen gains 100 pounds and blames it on alcohol. Also a woman who lives in a $1 million home says that she is a piece of trash.moreless
  • Vince Vaughn on <i>The Break Up</i>!
    Vince Vaughn talks about his new film with reported love Jennifer Aniston, The Break-Up. Plus, after eight years on the air, the cast of Will and Grace bids farewell.
  • Lance Armstrong's Ex-Wife: The Truth About Her Marriage
    Lance Armstrong's ex-wife, Kristen Richard, discusses their marriage and the reasons why it ended. Also, a woman who is about to have a $60,000 wedding and is already thinking divorce. Plus, Dr. Robin Smith discusses her personal story for the first time.
  • Inside the Lives of Young Prostitutes
    Watch as one woman reveals how she went from private school to selling herself on the streets. Plus, Lisa Ling goes undercover to show what really happens at some of the nations of truck stops.
  • Mary Jo Buttafuoco Responds to Joey and Amy Fisher's Reunion
    After 14 years, Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco met up face-to-face earlier in the week. Now, Mary Jo Buttafuoco responds. Plus, a woman who was married to a woman who sexually abused her son for years. She finally divorced him, but it's what she's done now that's shocking. Also, a woman who was happily married for 8 years and then her husband just snapped.moreless
  • The Big Idea that Made Millions
    One stay-at-home mother won $1 million just for her chicken recipe. Also, take a look at the inside of a fashion dynasty. Plus, Oprah reveals her new favorite thing -- the perfect white T-shirt.
  • A Mother Burned Alive By Her Own Husband
    A husband ends up trying to kill his wife and mother of his children by burning her alive. Now, she speaks about the horror that happened to her.
  • Teri Hatcher's Desperate Secret: An Exclusive
    Teri Hatcher gives her first interview since revealing her secret about her uncle molesting her as a child. Plus, will Teri reveal anything about her love life?
  • Dr. Oz's "90-Day Live Longer, Feel Younger Plan"
    Dr. Oz shows the five things you can do to add 20 years to your life. Also, what you can stop doing right now, that can change your life in 3 months. It's never too late to make a fresh start.
  • Does My Butt Look Big?
    It's the age old question, does my butt look big? Learn how to look taller and leaner by just adjusting what you wear. Plus, the latest in high-tech underwear and the perfect pair of pants. Plus, stars reveal their favorite pairs of jeans.
  • Female Teachers, Young Boys... Secret Sex at School
    It is the headlines that will not go away. Meet one teacher who had sex with her student 30 times and then gave birth to his baby. Also, a private Catholic school teacher had sex with her seventh grade student in her own home.
  • The Shocking Story George Clooney Has to Tell
    Academy Award winner George Clooney has something gut-wrenching to report and it's something that shocked Oprah. Plus, Lisa Ling reveals in which location many children are being slaughtered. Also the story of a little girl who was kidnapped and thrown in front of a bomb.
  • Little Geniuses
    Little Geniuses
    Episode 111
    One teenaged boy is convinced that he will one day be President of the United States and he's not joking. Plus, a 12 year old makes a shocking scientific discovery. Also, Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne discuss their new film, Akeelah and the Bee.
  • The 3 Year Old Obessed With Her Looks
    This is a warning to all mothers. Today meet a 3 year old girl who is obsessed with makeup and a 4 year old girl who is afraid that she will end up fat. Plus, meet a teenage model who thinks she is so hideous that she is afraid to leave her house.moreless
  • What Class Are You? Inside America's Taboo Topic
    Could the way you discipline your kids reveal to others the amount of money you make? Also, Oprah reveals the three unspoken things that also reveal your class. Plus, the heir to a multi-million dollar fortune reveals how she really lives.
  • The Child Rape Epidemic: Oprah One-on-One with the Youngest Victims
    Oprah travels to where 1 in 4 girls are raped before they are 16 years old. Also, a daughter's final wish is granted and the reaction is an amazing moment.
  • An Abusive Husband's Desperate Plea for Help
    An abusive husband allows cameras in his home in the hopes that his marriage can be saved.
  • Women Who Are Living a Lie
    A suburban mom confesses that her "perfect life" is not what it seems to be. Then, a woman tells she spent more than $165,000 to look like a celebrity.
  • The World's Best Gowns
    Jennifer Aniston comes clean to Oprah about weddings, breakups and her househunting. Plus, Oscar de la Renta gives a preview of his new line of gowns.
  • Inside the Lives of People Living on Minimum Wage
    Could you live 30 days on just $5 an hour? For millions of people, this is reality. No credit, no savings…life on minimum wage.
  • Have You Let Yourself Go? Part 2: The Big Question: Who Am I?
    In Part 2 of a disscusion done earlier in the season, the women realize that it's time to bring themselves back. Start with the question you need to ask. Who are you?
  • <i>Oprah</i>'s Special Report: American Schools in Crisis
    This show provides cutting ideas that could help change the face of America's schools that are in crisis and help change the future of American children for the better.
  • Exclusive: What Bill and Melinda Gates Want You to Know
    In their very first interview together, Bill and Melinda Gates say they're terrified an entire generation is failing and are standing up to change America's school crisis.
  • Stupid Girls
    Stupid Girls
    Episode 100
    Pop star Pink discusses her latest single "Stupid Girls" and the effect the song has had on people and Hollywood. Plus, a look inside the shocking world of a music video star.
  • The Debt Diet, Part 3: The Bradleys and the Widlunds
    A marriage is about to rock because of $170,000 in debt. Plus, two daughters get everything they want and their mother is about to get a huge wake-up call from the experts.
  • Black Women Dating White Men: It's Something New! Plus, Singing Sensation James Blunt
    Black women discuss dating white men and talk about the sex, the hair and the dancing. Plus, singing sensation James Blunt performs his hit song and tells the story behind it.
  • Oprah's Latest Capture: Hiding in Mexico -- Turned in By a Friend
    A fourth child molester has been captured after being featured on the show and was turned in by his close friend. Also, the story of the woman who kept being haunted by the look on a little girl in a convenience store and how she ended up saving the child's life and exposing some dark secrets.moreless
  • Exclusive: Oprah's After Oscar Party at the Kodak Theater
    Oprah shows backstage coverage, plus red carpet interviews. Also, Oprah chats with Academy Award Winner Reese Witherspoon and host Jon Stewart.
  • The All-Time Greats of Oscar Night
    Some Oscar royalty is on Oprah today. Meet Emma Thompson, Kathy Bates, Billy Bob Thornton, Diane Keaton, Ellen Burstyn, and Marcia Gay Harden. Plus, they go one-on-one with their favorite living legends. Also, the all-time greats of Oscar night are revealed.
  • Oscar Nominees Felicity Huffman, Terrence Howard, and Host Jon Stewart
    It's Oprah's annual Oscar countdown! This year she interviews Transamerica star Felicity Huffman who is nominated for Best Actress, Terrence Howard, a Best Actor nominee for Hustle and Flow and this year's host, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart. Plus, George Clooney and the Brokeback Mountain stars talk about "the kiss".
  • Meg Ryan's First TV Interview in 2 Years
    Whatever happened to Meg Ryan? Oprah gets her to sit down for her first inteview in over 2 years. Find out what's new in her life. Plus, Lucy Liu has something she wants everyone to see.
  • The Best Burger in America Discovered!
    Gayle King searches for the best burger in all of America. Plus, Rachael Ray shares one of her favorite romantic recipes. Also, a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make Grey's Anatomy.
  • The Real People Behind Big Names
    Do you ever wonder who the real Barbie was? Well, after 46 years, she finally reveals herself. Then, the designer who rarely does interviews, Marc Jacobs. Plus, the face behind Jimmy Choo shoes and the puppeter for Elmo.
  • The Debt Diet -- Part 2
    The three families are back for an update on their finances. Top experts have been called in to cut the spending out. A step-by-step plan at what you can do to get yourself out of debt.
  • Women Who Use Sex to Find Love
    Millions of women live this way and are afraid to admit it. Meet one 25 year old woman who has already slept with over 90 men. Also, a pre-med student admits that she has sex with strangers.
  • <i>Oprah</i> on Location: Operation Katrina Homes Move In Day Special
    Families who lost everything in Katrina get a surprise -- completely furnished homes by Nate Berkus. Today is move in day on Angel Lane and they all have you to thank.
  • An <i>Oprah</i> Show Special Report: The Katrina Stories That No One is Telling
    Special correspondent Anderson Cooper shows Oprah the stories that no one wants you to hear about the conditions the refugees are living in. Plus, Lisa Ling hears a story that brings her to tears.
  • Viewers Favorite <i>Oprah</i> Show Moments
    Oprah show viewers share some of their favorite moments from past shows. One recalls how Tracey Gold's mistake helped her change her life. The "shoe lady" ended up inspiring one of Broadway's biggest stars and a biker dad makes a confession that even surprises Oprah.
  • Join the Debt Diet
    Join the Debt Diet
    Episode 85
    Three families expose just how bad their money troubles are. Oprah is challenging everyone to join the American Debt Diet and has top experts showing you how to get out of debt.
  • Trading Races
    Trading Races
    Episode 84
    Oprah enters a Human Race Machine and finds out how she would look Asian, Hispanic and White. Plus, meet two familes-- one white and the other black-- and discover what happened when they "traded" races for an experiment.
  • Exclusive: The Young Boy Lured into Becoming an Internet Porn Star
    He was an honor student and class president but hid a dark secret. See just how he became an Internet porn star and how easy it can happen.
  • Newlyweds: Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood on Marriage, Divorce, and Love
    Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have their first sit-down interview together since they tied the knot. Go inside their private wedding and see their first performance as husband and wife.
  • The Man Who Conned Nine Women into Marriage
    Nine unsuspecting women fall for a "Casanova conman" see how they fell for his lies. Plus, a woman who was abandoned by her "runaway" husband and left with $6 million in debt.
  • Advice from Dr. Robin, Bob Greene and Dr. Oz
    Bob Greene on how to lose those last 20 pounds. Dr. Oz on life-saving medical tests. And, Dr. Robin on sexless marriages.
  • Meet the Baby Oprah Helped Deliver
    Sixteen years ago, Oprah helped deliver a baby and she finally meets him again all these years later. Plus, updates on other past guests.
  • The Sexiest Man Alive: Matthew McConaughey and Top Grammy Nominee John Legend
    People's Sexiest Man Alive talks about his love, Penelope Cruz and gives a tour of his L.A. home. Plus, top Grammy nominee John Legend gives a performance.
  • Exclusive: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's First TV Interview Together
    The huge superstar couple finally do their first long interview together. They also give a tour of their favorite place on Earth and debut their new love song.
  • Desperate House Makeovers with Eva Longoria
    Nate, along with Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, have a secret they can't wait to reveal. Also, Eva introduces us to the love of her life, NBA player Tony Parker.
  • His First TV Interview: Why Dave Chappelle Walked Away from $50 Million
    He was the hottest comedian in the country…then he mysteriously disappeared. Why did Dave Chappelle walk away from $50 million dollars? And the big question—will Dave go back to his show? His first television interview.
  • The Ebersol Family Tragedy: The Lessons They've Learned
    For the first time together. Their tragic airplane crash made headlines. Now, actress Susan St. James, her husband Dick Ebersol and their sons on the final moments of the fatal flight.
  • Breakfast with Oprah
    Oprah is taking your phone calls, personally! See what surprises happen in this episode.
  • Lisa Ling Goes Inside One of the World's Most Dangerous Gangs
    First up, a one-on-one interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper. Then, could dangerous gang members be living in your neighborhood, correspondent Lisa Ling checks it out. Plus, meet the reporter who faced down a woman whose children accused her of starving them and locking them up like animals.
  • A Follow-Up: The Bank-Robbing Dad Finally Faces the Sons Who Turned Him In
    Oprah's one-on-one interview with an armed bank robber who later on faces his sons who called the cops on him. He reveals aspects about his secret life, affairs, drugs and his biggest betrayal.
  • The Stars of Brokeback Mountain and Tyler Perry
    The cast from the critically acclaimed movie Brokeback Mountain reveals how they feel about their latest project. Plus, Tyler Perry stops by to promote his latest film, Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion.
  • James Frey and the A Million Little Pieces Controversy
    After all the controversy undercovered by, Oprah finally confronts author James Frey face to face to find out the truth about his book A Million Little Pieces.
  • The Bank-Robbing Dad and the Shocked Sons Who Turned Him In
    A father lead a double life, as a doting dad and bank robber. His son's noticed his picture on TV and turned him in. Find out the latest on this story. Plus, how did a woman who was held at gunpoint escape alive. Then meet a young woman who poisoned herself and videotaped it, find out her secret life story.moreless
  • Bird Flu: The Untold Story
    You've heard all the reports, but is bird flu really heading to America? If so, how can we stop it and what can we do to treat it. You'll be surprised at the answers.
  • What Should You Be Worried About?
    An Oprah two part special news report. Oprah asks the experts about suicide bombers, nuclear terrorism, and whether or now we should be worried about bin Laden's latest tape.
  • Former Child TV Star Reveals the Biggest Mistake of Her Life
    A former Family Matters star reveals her biggest mistake and what's happened since then. Plus, the story of the woman who hired a stripper for her 16 year old son's birthday party.
  • Things Oprah Wants to Know, and You Do Too!
    For once Oprah has no idea what she's talking about and neither does 84% of the audience. Plus, three ways to get more out of your money.
  • The Honeymoon Cruise Ship Mystery: The Bride Speaks Out
    The wife of the husband whose bloody disappearance from their honeymoon cruise speaks out and some new witnesses come forward. Plus, for the first time the president of the cruise line and the bride come face to face.
  • Oprah's Latest Capture: From Boy's School Director to Most Wanted Pedophile
    A 5 year old girl was adopted by a pedophile and held as a sex slave for years. Another accused child molester has been captured and another $100,000 will be given out. Tune in to see who turned him in and why.
  • Oprah's Embarrassing Night
    It's the story Oprah has never told before. She followed him around for an entire night andhas not seen him since...Now, he's here! Then, Hollywood's $6 billion man. The side of Samuel L. Jackson you don't know. Plus, the love of his life. Also, the truth behind Oprah's "mid-air scare." And, a special announcement...something we've never done before!moreless
  • George Clooney, Faith Hill, and Kirstie Alley: What You Didn't See
    What really happened after the show? Jamie Foxx steams it up, and George Clooney reveals his Italian love affair! Plus, a holiday surprise.
  • Oprah Goes to Ethiopia
    Oprah and two of her viewers travel 7,000 miles to Ethiopia, a place you need to know about. Plus, a world famous supermodel breaks new ground. Also, return to the site of last year's devastating tsunami, see what your donations have done.
  • Famous Gospel Singer Admits to Addiction to Porn
    Gospel singing superstar Kirk Franklin has won three Grammys, had 20 number one hits, and has an X rated secret. Then, she was married to her husband for 5 years and found out a bombshell. Could this happen to you.
  • Jamie Foxx Sets the Record Straight
    You've heard the rumors. Now Jamie Foxx is here to set the record straight about himself and Oprah. What's really been going on?
  • The 17 Year Old Meth Addict: Did She Quit?
    An update on the 17 year old meth addict Chantel, who was Oprah's very first on-air intervention. Then a suburban mother who's the head of the PTA and goes to church each week has been living a lie. Also, inside a sexual word few have ever heard of.
  • Oprah and Rachael Ray Throw a Holiday Party
    Super chef Rachael Ray helps one of Oprah's producers through the perfect festive holiday party, then she shows how you can throw one too.
  • Oprah's 20th Anniversary Follow-Up Show
    Some of the most memorable guests and the moment that moved Oprah more than any other. Plus for the first time, his father was murdered by his mother and she became internationally. Now Betty Broderick's son speaks out about his childhood and how he feels about his mother. Then in 1987, one guest made some outrageous remarks, now we'll meet him again. Has anything changed?moreless
  • Oprah's Favorite Things 2005
    It's the most anticipated show of each season, Oprah's favorite things. What will be on her must list this year? This year, there's a twist you are going to want to miss. Plus, who's in the audience for this special show? You can't believe what Oprah has pulled off this time around.moreless
  • A Father Faces the Teen Who Killed His Family
    His wife and daughter were killed and today he comes face to face with the teen who did it. Plus, the little league tragedy that made national headlines. What made a 13 year old boy swing the bat that killed one of his fellow players? Both sides of the story speak out. Also, a warning to all parents about a new "game" out there causes kids to die.moreless
  • When I Knew I Was Gay
    All of these guests kept quiet about their secret about being gay. Now Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star Carson Kressley reveals when he found out he was gay. Also, a mother's dream was shattered-- how she found out.
  • Mary Jo Buttafuoco Finally Tells Her Side of the Story
    She was gunned down on her own front porch by then teenager Amy Fisher, now Mary Jo Buttafuoco tells her side of the story. Also, why she stayed with Joey for so long, what she thinks of Amy Fisher now and also Mary Jo's daughter also speaks out.
  • Oprah's Bra and Jean Intervention
    Since most of America's women are wearing the wrong size bra and wrong jean types for their bodies, Oprah and her crew are out for a full on intervention to save them .
  • Twenty Years of Oprah's Favorite Moments
    It's Oprah's 20th anniversary special. Find out what Oprah considers her best, worst, and most unbelievable moments Plus, the story that Oprah has never talked about and the interview that made her cry backstage. Also, some of Oprah's celebrity guest reveal their favorite moments and a heart-stopping surprise that leaves Oprah speechless .moreless
  • Beyonce’s Sexy New Passion and a Sneak Preview of Broadway’s <i>The Color Purple</i>
    Singer/actress Beyonce reveals her sexy new passion. Also, something Oprah has loved for over 20 years. Today you'll see the full-circle dream come true.
  • Nate Reveals His Wildest Dream Makeover
    After a year in the making, Nate Berkus finally reveals his Wildest Dream Makeover! Plus, actor James Denton from Desperate Housewives has his dream fulfilled and Oprah takes a wild ride with 85 kids.
  • Exclusive: Bestselling Author Terry McMillan Confronts Her Gay Ex-Husband
    How Stella Got Her Grove Back author Terry McMillan is here discussing her whirlwind marriage and how it shockingly ended. Today, she confronts her gay ex-husband and what he reveals will shock everyone.
  • Medical Mystery: The Mermaid Girl Miracle
    She has poked her own eye out, chewed her skin raw and bit her tongue until it bled. Now, you'll meet one of the rarest children in the world: a girl who feels no pain. Also, a baby born with "mermaid syndrome". Doctors said she would never survive. Plus, a bizzare disorder with no cure that affects millions of lives.moreless
  • Kirstie Alley's New Weight Loss Weapon
    A one-time only event you're not going to want to miss. Kirstie Alley finally reveals her secret weight loss weapon and Oprah's now trying it as well. Also, Kirstie updates her weight loss, whether or not she's dating again, and what's coming up for her. Plus, the woman who says she lost weight by having sex.moreless
  • Oprah's Pros Reveal Their Secrets
    Oprah's personal makeup artist reveals his six steps to the flawless face. Then, Nate shows you how you can make over a room in just one hour. Also, Oprah reveals what her new house looks like.
  • Exclusive: Why Country Star Mindy McCready Tried to Kill Herself
    For the first time, country music singer Mindy McCready goes public about what's put her in the headlines recently. All the drugs, the abuse, her numerous suicide attempts. Now, she's pregnant by the man who tried to kill her. Today she tells her story.
  • Ricky Martin on Children Being Sold Into Sex Slavery
    There are child sex slaves in America, possibly in your own neighborhood. This is an Oprah special report with CNN's Christiane Amanpour. Also, what Ricky Martin wants you to know and how you can help him. Then, meet a woman who was taken in by her minister when she was 16. She was then held captive, raped, and tortured.moreless
  • Why Do Men Go to Strip Clubs? And Other Burning Questions
    Singer Brian McKnight, Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly and The Tonight Show's Jay Leno answer all your questions about just what men do and why.
  • Have You Let Yourself Go?
    Have you given up on taking care of yourself? Well these women have and find out how they and you can launch your own comeback.
  • George Clooney's Big Buzz
    He hasn't been on the show in eight years. Now George Clooney stops by and see who's been grooming George to be the perfect guest. Also, meet the new "odd couple" everyone is talking about on Broadway, Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.
  • Breaking News: Oprah Presents Another $100,000 Reward
    Another child molester has been turned in. Who was it? Find out today about the international manhunt. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio is here to discuss a BIG problem facing our world today.
  • The Man Who Kept Oprah Awake at Night: <i>A Million Little Pieces</i>
    For two nights in a row, this man kept Oprah awake. Today find out why his mesmerizing story hits home for so many people. Also, a mother desperate and on the edge. How one e-mail may have just saved her life.
  • A Hilarious Surprise For Michael Jordan
    For the first time in four years, Michael Jordan discusses his life now. From fatherhood to his new passion, Michael reveals all. Also, Oprah gets Michael good with a BIG surprise.
  • The 9/11 Widow Stuck in Her Grief
    One 9/11 widow reveals her shopping addiction and discusses her multi-million dollar controversy.
  • Her Husband Tried to Kill Her Three Times
    Meet three individuals knocked to the ground by their greatest challenges—and see how they picked themselves back up again.
  • Gay for 30 Days
    Gay for 30 Days
    Episode 24
    First up model Tyson Beckford talks about being trapped in an inferno. Then one straight man lives in a gay community for 30 days. Also, a couple newly married and suddenly the groom disppears. What happened next?
  • The Number One Killer of Women Revealed!
    The mother of all wake-up calls! One out of two women will die from it. It could be you. The latest life-saving breakthroughs. Go inside the human body with Dr. Oz.
  • A Pro Football Player's Secret Shame
    He is a New York Jets football star with a $30 million contract. Now he reveals his life-long secret. Also, an entertainment reporter shares her secret life to NO one knew.
  • Eight Women Oprah Wants You to Know
    Oprah’s personal pick. Diane Sawyer’s favorite. Alicia Keys’s inspiration. And, Academy Award winner Geena Davis. Eight women you should know. Also, see the city where women really do rule.
  • Jay Leno Introduces Us to Amazing Kids
    Jay Leno presents amazing kids. Today you'll meet the 6-year-old genius. go inside the mind of a 7-year-old whiz kid and witness the return of Abby, "the wonder girl!"
  • Oprah's Bad Hair Day
    Letters poured in about the beginning of this season and most of them focuses on just one thing, "What was up with Oprah's hair?"
  • <i>Oprah </i> Special Report: Inside the Lives of America's Poor
    An Oprah show investigation about America's dirty little secret. 37 million people in this country live this way. CNN's Anderson Cooper, Maria Shriver, and Gayle King helped uncover this horrific problem.
  • The Oprah Show Captures Accused Child Molesters
    Last week, Oprah featured child molesters who were missing on her show. Now two of them have been caught
  • O The Buzz: Reese Witherspoon, Ricky Martin and Nate's Big News
    Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix discuss their upcoming movie, Walk the Line. Then Ricky Martin makes his comeback, and Nate has BIG news to share with Oprah.
  • Uma Thurman on Love, Marriage, and Men
    Uma Thurman discusses aspects of her life, including her divorce from actor Ethan Hawke.
  • Are You a Racist? With the cast of <i>Crash</i>
    The cast of the summer film Crash discuss aspects of racism in America.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker, Orlando Bloom, and Matthew Fox Reveal Their Favorite Places
    Former Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, movie superstar Orlando Bloom and Lost star Matthew Fox tell about the special places that are close to them.
  • Kidnapped by a Pedophile: The Shasta Groene Tragedy
    In Idaho, a murderous rampage leaves two children missing. Now, Shasta Groene finally tells her story about the kidnapping her and her brother Dylan, by a convicted sex offender. Also, a special report on how to protect your children from pedophiles.
  • How Faith Hill Changed One Woman's Life Forever
    Faith Hill makes her first appearance on Oprah. She talks about her husband, children and her new album "Fireflies". While there, she makes one small town stay-at-home mother's dream come true.
  • Oscar Winner Charlize Theron on Sexual Harrassment
    Oscar Winner Charlize Theron discusses her upcoming film, North Country which focuses on sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Melissa Etheridge's Fight for Her Life
    Singer Melissa Etheridge discusses how she overcame her bout with breast cancer.
  • Held Hostage by the Atlanta Spree Killer: How Ashley Smith Survived
    Kidnapped by Brian Nichols and held hostage for hours, Ashley Smith discusses how she survived in her new book Unlikely Angel.
  • Brooke Shields, Wynonna Judd, Steven Cojocaru: A Special Follow Up
    Updates from Brooke Shields, Steven Cojocaru and Wynonna Judd. Big changes for each since they were each on the show last season.
  • Exclusive: The Night John Kennedy Jr Died: Carole Radziwill on Love and Loss
    Carole Rasziwill, friend of the late John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Carolyn Bessette discuss their relationship and other aspects of being married to the Kennedys.
  • Dancing With the Stars Rematch: Meet the Winners
    John O'Hurley discusses the summer smash, Dancing With the Stars hours after winning the rematch against Kelly Monaco. Also, NASCAR newcomer Kyle Busch, Julianne Moore, and singing sensation Kelly Clarkson are on the show.
  • Why Everybody Hates Chris Rock
    Everybody Hates Chris narrator and producer, Chris Rock stops by to discuss his new UPN show based on his life. Also, special Oprah Book Club news is revealed.
  • Bon Jovi's Oprah Show Debut!
    Jon Bon Jovi makes his Oprah Show debut and takes you inside his rock star life. Bon Jovi performs a song from their new album, as well as several favorites.
  • Lance Armstrong and a Special Tribute to Luther Vandross with Usher and Patti Labelle
    Lance Armstrong talks about winning his 7th Tour de France and his engagement to Sheryl Crow. Plus, Usher and Patti Labelle give special tribute to Luther Vandross who died over the summer hiatus. Also, Oprah has one of her greatest dreams fulfilled by Anthony Hopkins.
  • Oprah's 20th Anniversary Season Premiere
    Oprah's 20th season begins with special guest Jennifer Aniston discussing life after Brad Pitt. Plus, Stedman and Oprah have added to their family.