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The O'Reilly Factor

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Known for its direct, confrontational approach, Bill O'Reilly tells it like it is and never fails to report things that are important to the people. Guests and viewers alike, can agree that that he's determined, be that good or bad in some cases. As soon as guests enter the no-spin zone, they better buckle up and get ready, because he takes no prisoners in looking out for us. Sometimes using the word "pinhead" is even neccesary. Mix all these elements, and you come up with The O'Reilly Factor. The show was previously known as the O'Reilly Report.

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AIRED ON 1/2/2013

Season 2013 : Episode 1


    What's the Better News Experience, Fox News Channel or CNBC?

    We report [the match-up], you decide [the winner]! P.S. We're already cringing over the comments section for this one...


    Fox Captures the Latest J.J. Abrams Project

    Plus: House's Cuddy has a mom, Steward and O'Reilly rematch, and Toonces the Driving Cat is back!

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    • Question .... who has the bigger ego?

      Trump or this twit O'Reilly? I cannot stand this pompous egotistical "Gee ain't I terrific" jackass.
    • Funding Planned Parenthood

      I have become aware through the news media that our government is sending up to and maybe more than 500 millions dollars to support Planned Parenthood.

      I have thought about this and here's how I would equate what our government is doing. During World War II Hitler so hated the Jewish people that he established factories to eliminate them from the face of the earth. Six million Jews were killed by those factories and it was paid for by government funds. Every German citizen helped pay for the killing of the Jews through their tax dollars.

      Please tell me what is the difference when the US government through a law allowing women to choose to kill their unborn children, then allowing Planned Parenthood to set up these killing factories, and finally the US government funding the operation of these killing factories?

      Further, Hiltler had his people remove anything of value from the Jews before killing them . skin, hair, gold teeth, slave labor, clothes, shoes). Planned Parenthood is removing hearts, lungs and any organ of value that they can sell to research centers in the name of medical progress.

      Do you see the similarity? We are just as guilty as the German people was letting their government do what they did.

      As far as women's choice is concerned, we as a nation have gone too far in the name of "WOMEN'S CHOICE". A woman's choice ends at the sex act. She has the choice to say "NO", or to use contraceptives, but she should never have been given the right to choose to kill her unborn child.

      Please move quickly to un-fund Planned Parenthood and stop this killing and dismembering of unborn children.

      Don in Indiana

    • Big Fan.

      I want Bill to run for President.
    • Bill what are all supposed to be lawyer's.

      Bill first love your show started watching while my father was alive and have been hooked since. Now about the woman who was arrested for having a legal firearm and accidently transferring it from state to state. Our judicial system has lost it's way and common sense. I picked up a brother with a tramatic brain injury in where I immediatly took all courses and passed St. Board for being a caregiver so I can get paid to take care of him full time, but just like her I didn't realize the minute I brought him home to Fl. I lost all compensation and benefit's unknowingly all states have different Law's and regulation's so I wasted 7mo. training and instead of getting the help . give's, my welcome home was oh by the way were not only not going to honor anything you've put your hard work in we also think your getting paid to much money in food stamps and cut my monthly payment from $380 to $220 monthly. Simple question why isn't something as important as not being able to do anything other than take care of him be handled the same in all states instead of penalizing for living in Fl. Medicaid should pay out the same benefit's for the same Medical circumstances no matter what state you live. I'm now caught in a very serious situation where I can't afford to live and may be forced to move to a state that honor's my credential's and leave family, mainly my children and grandchildren. It's hard enough being a caregiver let alone no one who's training you tell's you oh by the way you loose all benifit's if you move. They don't know the law's themselve's only what there state tell's them. Our system just entitle's the illeagal's and forget's about our citizen's that need and deserve the help. What was the new's fox reported about you can recieve $6,450 tax free monthly if you take in an illeagal in California and all you have to do is take four wk. ends training and pass a background chk. Tell me if you see anything fair and balanced about this.moreless
    • Not the worst show on Fox

      I'm quite the liberal, but I really don't mind Bill-O nearly as much as the rest of his joke of a network. I'm not going to review his positions, I'll review his show. He has some good guests, he certainly speaks his mind, (usually being dead wrong,) but he doesn't sound like he's talking from a script. he really is speaking from the heart. That heart just happens to be of an old Irish racist that's damning of the unfortunate, but true to himself in the end. As painful as it is for me to say this, his shows are waaaaaaay more entertaining than all the shows on MSNBC. In the end it's on a "news network and is entertainment supposed to trump being informational? for that I go with a 4.5moreless

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