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  • Great Show !

    This show reflects the truth of whats going on, The real reason people are upset about the election is they wanted a woman president.. It would be great if the riots/protests were against ISIS ! ..... Then there would be a real reason . Lots of raw ,real suffering in the world ..
  • Balanced and fair

    Makes fun of Trump, criticizes Trump, agrees with Trump, and rarely compliments Trump. Liberals only like the making fun and criticizing part. Luckily he doesn't just do that because there's something called "objectivity" that most Liberals so blinded by their hate for Trump (and have no principles because they voted for the most corrupt politician of all time instead of 3rd party). Unfortunately, as soon as you're fair, you get a poor rating. Here's a 10 to fairness.
  • Big Factor Fan

    Bill O'Reilly hits so many nails, square on the head!

    Really enjoy this show and have for years.

    SFC Bill Sebby

    Fort Chaffee, Arkansas
  • HRC is sick in more ways than one!

    I love your show, Bill. I record them so I can watch at my leisure. HRC collapsed at the ceremony and had to be drug into the car only to reappear a while later acting as though nothing happened. Why did no one think that was odd? I have never seen anyone with pneumonia choke only a few times while talking, walk around for weeks, and then only hours after passing out act like nothing is wrong. I have never in my 59 years EVER seen anyone with pneumonia be out running around and not look like death warmed over. Can you please explain this?
  • Question .... who has the bigger ego?

    Trump or this twit O'Reilly? I cannot stand this pompous egotistical "Gee ain't I terrific" jackass.
  • Funding Planned Parenthood

    I have become aware through the news media that our government is sending up to and maybe more than 500 millions dollars to support Planned Parenthood.

    I have thought about this and here's how I would equate what our government is doing. During World War II Hitler so hated the Jewish people that he established factories to eliminate them from the face of the earth. Six million Jews were killed by those factories and it was paid for by government funds. Every German citizen helped pay for the killing of the Jews through their tax dollars.

    Please tell me what is the difference when the US government through a law allowing women to choose to kill their unborn children, then allowing Planned Parenthood to set up these killing factories, and finally the US government funding the operation of these killing factories?

    Further, Hiltler had his people remove anything of value from the Jews before killing them . skin, hair, gold teeth, slave labor, clothes, shoes). Planned Parenthood is removing hearts, lungs and any organ of value that they can sell to research centers in the name of medical progress.

    Do you see the similarity? We are just as guilty as the German people was letting their government do what they did.

    As far as women's choice is concerned, we as a nation have gone too far in the name of "WOMEN'S CHOICE". A woman's choice ends at the sex act. She has the choice to say "NO", or to use contraceptives, but she should never have been given the right to choose to kill her unborn child.

    Please move quickly to un-fund Planned Parenthood and stop this killing and dismembering of unborn children.

    Don in Indiana

  • Big Fan.

    I want Bill to run for President.
  • Bill what are all supposed to be lawyer's.

    Bill first love your show started watching while my father was alive and have been hooked since. Now about the woman who was arrested for having a legal firearm and accidently transferring it from state to state. Our judicial system has lost it's way and common sense. I picked up a brother with a tramatic brain injury in where I immediatly took all courses and passed St. Board for being a caregiver so I can get paid to take care of him full time, but just like her I didn't realize the minute I brought him home to Fl. I lost all compensation and benefit's unknowingly all states have different Law's and regulation's so I wasted 7mo. training and instead of getting the help . give's, my welcome home was oh by the way were not only not going to honor anything you've put your hard work in we also think your getting paid to much money in food stamps and cut my monthly payment from $380 to $220 monthly. Simple question why isn't something as important as not being able to do anything other than take care of him be handled the same in all states instead of penalizing for living in Fl. Medicaid should pay out the same benefit's for the same Medical circumstances no matter what state you live. I'm now caught in a very serious situation where I can't afford to live and may be forced to move to a state that honor's my credential's and leave family, mainly my children and grandchildren. It's hard enough being a caregiver let alone no one who's training you tell's you oh by the way you loose all benifit's if you move. They don't know the law's themselve's only what there state tell's them. Our system just entitle's the illeagal's and forget's about our citizen's that need and deserve the help. What was the new's fox reported about you can recieve $6,450 tax free monthly if you take in an illeagal in California and all you have to do is take four wk. ends training and pass a background chk. Tell me if you see anything fair and balanced about this.
  • Not the worst show on Fox

    I'm quite the liberal, but I really don't mind Bill-O nearly as much as the rest of his joke of a network. I'm not going to review his positions, I'll review his show. He has some good guests, he certainly speaks his mind, (usually being dead wrong,) but he doesn't sound like he's talking from a script. he really is speaking from the heart. That heart just happens to be of an old Irish racist that's damning of the unfortunate, but true to himself in the end. As painful as it is for me to say this, his shows are waaaaaaay more entertaining than all the shows on MSNBC. In the end it's on a "news network and is entertainment supposed to trump being informational? for that I go with a 4.5
  • Sniptious

    A word my Grandfather (Theron Harless who is past away )often used for a Snappy dressed person. This is from the hills of West other meanings ;chiefly dial: attractive, smart, fine. The O'reilly Factor is a "must watch" nightly. Keep up the Great work!
  • That guy was a idiot!!!

    The guy you on on talking about military funerals is a IDIOT, you wanna save money tel the commander and chief to stop air force one for personal trip for his daughters. They have been on vac 3 times so far this year and used air force one. Do you have any idea the money involved in flying a freakin air plane?? Just saying why take away from people who fought and deserve a honorable funeral, when there is more non sense money being used........ Think about that you idiot
  • What the heck is hokering?

    Hokering is using scornful, derisive, vitriolic comments. ( I hope!) Martha Large Asheville, NC Love the show, Bill! Never miss it since there is always DVR!!
  • budget

    85 billion in debt i lost my house because i was behind 2 payments why? and if im not mistaken alot of the debt was due from the the Presidents before him so i really think romni or any other president in office now would be taking the heat from you and every other human. So my thing to you and everyone else who has something to say until you can run that office shut your mouth and concentrate on the cardashiens.
  • Follow-up on your fair and Balance

    My now wife was in the same boat. When she watched CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and PBS, she felt that she was getting ALL the news. I had noticed her watching more and more FOX News in the morning as we readied ourself for WORK. Her comment was, "I don't hear the other networks discussing some of these issues". She is right, the above networks are TOO liberal to cover the TRUE issues.
  • So not fair not surprised

    The minute i write on oreilly,s face book and put my views and speak my mind I get spammed is it because I'm democrat and u don't want to hear what the winning party has to say u get to say all ur hog wash how's that fair and balanced
  • Fair and Balanced

    I Started Watching Him When I Started Watching CNN,MSNBC,The Networks and PBS objectively and Thinking for myself.( Which,I realise you're NOT supposed to do!!)I Realised Just how Neo-Stalinistic they are.O'Reilly and The rest of FOX is the only place to find all points of View.That's Why The Left HATES them.The ONLY Place that's Fair and Balanced!
  • The O'Reilly Factor Sucks

    This man is an absolute ass hat. I'm sure he might have things to say that I can agree with but his ignorance doesn't allow me to watch for that one in a million statement. I can honestly say that I would rather watch this man at the top of a cliff and take a dive. Now here's Sting.. what?, FUCK IT WE'LL DO IT LIVE!
  • To: this dude needs to wake up and What's the point

    Gentlemen, If I may, I have to disagree with you both. Sometimes I don't agree with Mr. O'reilly and get extremely flustered with his take on the news, yet he does much better than the commentators on the other channels (ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC). Obviously you haven't studied and conducted any research. Your both are just blabbering to think your important. You both need to "WAKE UP!"
  • The O'Reilly Factor

    The O'Reilly Factor is a show on the Fox News Channel . about Bill O'Reilly putting no spin in news. O'Reilly along with guest dissect the news of the day. The show segments are also interesting. They include Pinheads and Patriots Talking Points Memos among others in the show.. One thing he is fair to everybody who appears on his show. He tell the truth and put no spin into it witch is the right thing to do. Over all The O'Reilly Factor is a good show with interesting guest who fill it out the end or re view .
  • Bill O'Reilly is looking out for us. I may not always agree with his opinion, but at least he provides all of the facts and the reasons for his opinions.

    I love the "no spin zone". The Factor is a program that can be trusted to provide the correct information so that I can decide where I stand on that issue. I have learned that most of the information that comes from the "Left" is nothing more than insults and name calling. It is not a very intelligent dialogue and is definately not informative. If it were not for the Factor and Fox Cable news, I would not know the truth of the issues that directly affect my life, my physical security, my financial security. I don't want to hear name calling. I want to know the facts of the issues at hand.
  • A very good show to watch. Sometimes better than network TV.

    Ok despite those of you that don't like O'reilly. He is down the middle on the Issues. He is neather to the right or left on any issue. I loved how he called out Washington's Governor. On holiday displays at the capitol. I started watching him after 9/11. I have watched him on and off for the past 7 years. I loved how he went after Barney Frank D-Ma. He was only one of a few that actually asked Predident Elect Barrack Obama any hard questions. CNN and MSNBC should just put up a blank screen every night at 8:00pm. If he wasn't doing a good job. People wouldn't watch his show.
  • this dude needs to wake up

    I HATE FOX NEWS. I hate everything about it and dislike everyone wh works for them. But of all the things I hate about Fox news, it's Bill O'Reilly. I ate stupid punks like him who think they're right about whatever they say. The only credit I give him is the fact that after Obama finally agreed to go on his show, he at least gives Obama a fighting chance on this biased network. I'm glad Nas & Ludacris protested, cause now they know that we're not playing around with them anymore, and that we're not afraid to take action against them.
  • What's the point?

    This show is a complete waste of time for many reasons. I do not understand why people think that Bill O'Reilly is smart. He thinks he is, but the thing is, he is just blind with being smug. That doesn't require a talent. What he is good at is fooling people, like the extreme right-wing. Every time I see him on television, I always have to laugh in a way. I guess if you are a blind right-wing conservative with no sense of concern for reality, you will like this show. For the rest of the world, we all live in the year 2009. Thank you.
  • Takes undeserved heat, for many things, that his harshest critics are guilty of themselves. A classic example of an American who rose from the ashes, to achieve the American dream.

    Bill O'Reilly is a man who comes off as an idiot, or a genius depending on who you're talking to. He is highly intelligent, with a Conservative bias that is obvious, however if you care to watch in further, you see that he makes informed decisions, based on what he truly believes in. Thus, he is often referred to as a Conservative, because of his Catholic upbringing, which has indeed shaped some of opinions.

    However, he has some Democrat views, and is one of George Bush's most honest critics. About Bush he said, "I believe Bush is looking out for us, or tries to. But trying, and doing, are two different things." Things like this, prove that he is not a Republican pawn, but an informed citizen, who others should heed example of. If everyone put as much thought into their careers, views, and lifestyle that Bill does, then we would have a much more informed world. And that does not mean taking everything he says as gospel. I don't agree with him on his position on Abortion (I'm pro-choice).

    Now, to the show. I'll admit that Bill O'Reilly often comes off an rude, and obnoxious. However, he gives the people equal time to prove him wrong, and his guests interrupt him, as much as he interrupts them. I think his show is one of the most informed shows, and there is a reason that is #1 in all of cable news programs. So there.
  • At one time I had a dislike for Bill O'Reilly. One of us changed after he became a Culture Warrior. He is factual in his reports. Gives an opportunity for a response from both sides of the story and follows up on incomplete stories.

    The only problem that I have with The Factor; Bill may have one to many issues on each show. I'd rather he spent more time with 2 or 3 guests and have more time for commentaries. Of course as with other talk shows; commercials pay the bills and they always interrupt at crucial discussions. I still place The Factor #1 in my book.
  • Despite many personal views that I disagree with him on, I think Bill O'Reilly does a great job with The O'Reilly Factor.

    Despite many personal views that I disagree with him on, I think Bill O'Reilly does a great job with The O'Reilly Factor. He appears to be able to take command of his show, which is something you can't say for many other news anchors. When a guest is being ridiculous, he will not just sit there and let them get away with it. I like that O'Reilly is a wordsmith and attempts to broaden the vocabulary of his audience, because I, too, have a love for vocabulary and wish more people would share that interest. As for his personal views, O'Reilly seems to be a right-wing thinker, but is at least reasonable and willing to respect the views of most others. He usually has a balanced assortment of guests and I think his show is a tribute to how far non-network news has come.
  • What can be said that hasn't already been said about this guy?

    Theres something about this show that keeps me tuning in and it most certainly isnt because I agree with O'Reilly. Its probably because I enjoy him annoying me!

    There is something to be said at what Bill considers Prime-Time news and the reckoning that serious issues and more importanly the depth he chooses to gointo can be covered in the very shirt amount of time that is normally alloted. Its doesnt help the matter than a good chunk of that time is wasted on promoting the guests' new products (eg books), small talk, bad jokes, and the quite often discussion about whos not getting chance to talk.

    What Bill is good at it being no-nonsense, even if he is as bias as a bowls ball: Sorry Bill but you can't claim otherwise when you constantly guide your discussion on your own outlook on life. I suppose its fine to do that, but it's misleading to do it under 'NO spin' and 'fair and balanced' banners.

    Bill is also good at picking up on subjects that the bulk of the media ignore, theres many time he does make you wonder, why noone else is talking about the stuff he is. HOwever on the otherside of this is the lingering convieniance that he's crusading based on his own ideology, and is he making an issue out of something because it befitts him?

    Bill journalism can be summed up as the following: Sensational, scandalous, fun, unprofesional, personal, emotional, anecdotal, speculative, tabloid, genuine, serious, well ment and close-minded. The most important of those being Well-ment and fun. It too shouldnt be forgot that his show ultimatly is unprofesional tabloid journalism. Dont take him seriously, and dont trust his every word. Treat him as food for thought and something to sink your teeth into!
  • A show that was fun to watch in the early 2000s but now it's more like a show about how everyone is wrong and he is right.

    I first started to watch this show in 2000 and it really took off around 2002. At first he seem like a guy that was fair with people about the issues and the problems in the country. But now it seem like if you don't follow his moral, then it's okay for the government to take your rights away to make himself happy.

    He is for The 10 commandments to been shown on courts when the first committee and the bill of rights does not let it. Gay marriage he is against when it does not effect straight marriage people. A lot stuff can be said about this show but it's not fair and balance because nothing can be fair and balance.

    If you enough watching rich people debate on issues about the rest of the country then this is the show to watch for. But for me it's show that if you like a topic that they will talk about then tune to it when it comes on. But if there is no issues you would like them to talk then watch something else. It's just going to tick you off if your not a right winger.
  • Bill O'Reilly's no spin attitude towards bloviationg guests makes this show fun and informative to watch.

    Every weeknight I make sure not to miss the Factor. O'Reilly claims he is looking out for us, and he puts his money where his mouth is. When other shows are leading with political or celebrity news (Jackson verdict), O'Reilly leads with much more important stuff (Lunsford, Holloway cases.) When a guests appears on the show, Bill expects them to answer his questions without adding spin. If the guests starts dodging questions or give vague answers, Bill will ask them to answer the question again and repeated infractions will force Bill to get short tempered. A lot of left and right extremists call him mean and biased but if you watch it from a moderate perpective you will see he is watching out for the folks by cutting through the political crap. I hope his number one cable news ranking continues and proves the elite media needs to change.
  • This show is one of the worst political shows out there. Bill O'Reilly has a right wing agenda, and Faux News itself is owned by one of the most devious, elitist, right-wing man - Rupert Murdoch. Bill has lied on numerous occasions (check the transcript

    This show is a sham and gives a black eye to actual journalism. Bill O'Reilly is like a lot of Republicans in office (I don't consider most of them Republicans) in that he only listens to things that back up his side and dismiss opposing facts. If you pay attention to his show, you will notice that he is always nicer to guests he agrees with and often cuts the time from those who oppose him. He is famous for always telling guests to shut up (guess you have to when you can't hold up your own positions like he often can't). He even told a family member of a 9/11 victim to shut up in a very mean way! How crude.

    Bill often fires up the culture wars, often focusing more on, in my opinion the least important issues, and playing on people's emotions to turn them against Democrats and all liberals for that matter. For example Bill has said on numerous occasions that he strongly supports the environment and strong regulation on it, but where was his segments on how Bush had waged war on the environment by relaxing standards and other things that hurt the environment? He claims to fight for the working class but you never see segments about the growing gaps between the wealthy and poor and problems with our economy. Most of his shows focus on the worst situation possible in social issues and portraying them as what all liberals support. Obviously untrue, but it works apparently or else Bush wouldn't have as much support as he does.
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