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AIRED ON 5/11/2015

Season 2 : Episode 22

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The Originals is a spin-off series originating from The Vampire Diaries. A thousand years ago the Original Vampire family swore to each other that family is power and they pledged to remain together forever. Centuries have passed and the family bonds are broken. Klaus Mikaelson heads to the French Quarter of New Orleans, a city his family helped build. His former protégé, Marcel, is now in control. Elijah follows Klaus to New Orleans where they discover werewolf Haley and a powerful witch named Sophie. Klaus has no intention of answering to his now powerful protégé and is determined to reclaim the city and the power along with reuniting his family. While waiting for Rebekah to join them, Klaus, Elijah and the witches form an uneasy alliance to make sure THE ORIGINALS once again rule New Orleans.


Watch Full Episode Here »» The OriginalsSeason 2, Episode 10

Watch Full Episode Here »» The OriginalsSeason 2, Episode 10

Claire Holt

Claire Holt

Rebekah Mikaelson

Daniel Gillies

Daniel Gillies

Elijah Mikaelson

Joseph Morgan

Joseph Morgan

Klaus Mikaelson

Phoebe Tonkin

Phoebe Tonkin

Hayley Marshall

Leah Pipes

Leah Pipes

Camille O'Connell

Danielle Pineda

Danielle Pineda

Sophie Deveraux

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  • Klaus Mikaelson#1

    i watch this show just bcz of this an extraordinary
  • Klaus Mikaelson

    This show is amazing. I think what makes it so special is Klaus because there are slight moments when you think he is going to become good and loving, and boom he does something and all you can do is smile and say, That's the Klaus I know. The plots have been outstanding so far. I think the Originals should take a page out TVD most recent season though and somehow find a way to make Klaus even stronger by giving him witch powers making I say it a "tribred" wolf, vampire, and witch. Thus making him even more immortal than he is now. Cause let's be the real, the witches are still the most powerful and makes them a worthy adversary, but their tactics are just boring.moreless
  • Klaus

    EVERYBODY WHO AGAINST KLAUS IS THE ENEMY! I'm upset with Elijah such a disappointment he had me fooled that's what I get tho KLAUS be righttt even when he seem so wrong they gonna get Hope taken with they STUPID ASSES!!! I legit cried I love Klaus. Ugh his siblings suck right now ahhhh lmfao when Fraya turn out to be everything Klaus said she is. Daliah wanted everybody against Klaus so did Fraya shocking.....moreless
  • Amazing Show

    Its An amazing serious even better than TVD

  • So tired of all the whining!

    I liked it so much better when Klaus was a threat and not a whiny child having tantrums. I mean I like the show and watch it faithfully every week, but it seems to have gotten so far off the mark from what TVD had built this original family up to be and I am disappointed.

    It's sad that I was kinda glad Klaus got staked tonight. Maybe the writers will make him be more bad ass when the dagger is removed from his chest.

    I really hope the writers step it up soon. Kinda hope Caroline will show up all emotions off and crazy to spritz things up in Klaus' world :)moreless

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