The Originals

Season 1 Episode 20

A Closer Walk With Thee

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2014 on The CW
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  • Fathers

    The theme of this episode was mostly about fathers ( and father figures). We have Father Kieran's funeral ( will miss him, he really was a strong character) , flashbacks to Marcel's childhood where we see his biological father and how badly he treats him and his "adoption" by his new "father" Klaus and Klaus thinking about his unborn daughter and how he wants a better father to her and break the cycle of bad parenting, which makes me really feel for Klaus. I think he is a really complex character, the most interesting in the series, as he has so many facets to him. You hate him for something he does in one scene and feel for him in the next scene.

    But best of all is the return of Michael ( they actually could explain this with a plot development in the Vampire diaries). Where you can hate or kind of feel for Klaus, you can only hate Michael. He is the real bad guy here. He is obsessive in his hatred for Klaus and you wonder what kind of person Klaus would have become with a better father.

    I am still not convinced about the werewolf storyline. It feels kind of flat. They just seem to be hanging out in the bayou. Some flashbacks to the time where they were cursed and Haley lost her parents would have brought some depth to them.

    I am also not sure if the writers actually had a plan at the beginning of the season, where they want the story to go. Especially the witch part seems to begin a story, then kill some witches in that storyline off, begin a new story, kill them off again etc. The only constant is Davina, who became less interesting as soon as she became just another witch without awesome powers.

    I also hope that they won't kill off Haley's baby as soon as it is born. It would be a bit annoying to build a series on the concept of a miracle baby, just to have it killed as soon as it is born.moreless
  • Another amazing episode

    Another amazing episode, only let down by too much Cami. (any Cami is too much, but this was overload) So much happened this week with Father K's funeral, the death and revival of Hayley and the return of Mikael. I loved how the other side storyline is arching over from The Vampire diaries and Bonnie got a mention too! We had flash backs to how and why Marcus was turned and we discover that Genevieve isn't ALL evil - she does have a conscience. My only nit pick is why do they insist on using soft focus and makeup to make the actors look younger in flashback scenes? They did it with Klaus tonight and they did it with Damon in TVD. The whole point of these shows is that they don't age and would have looked the same because, well y'know, they're vampires?moreless
  • Good episode

    This show and the Dairies partner great together
  • A Funeral Party

    To see Father' Kieran's funeral was both a joyous and sad experience and I loved how it brought a temporary truce between the factions!

    I cannot wait to see what the secret language of Cami's has to do with what was or wasn't in that box!

    I also enjoyed seeing Mikael back and I hope he stays around he was pretty great in the Vampire Diaries!

    To have Klaus give Hayley that surprise in the compound was utterly touching.

    I also adored what transpired between Hayley and Elijah, I hope that it progresses throughout the rest of this 1st Season & beyond!

    What Mikael proposed to Davina was both equally terrifying and exciting!

    I am super psyched to see how the rest of this season plays out!moreless

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