The Originals

Season 1 Episode 11

Après Moi, Le Déluge

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2014 on The CW
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Après Moi, Le Déluge

Davina loses control her powers and becomes violently ill and sends shockwaves, winds and rainstorms through the French Quarter. Elijah approaches the Sophie for answers and is informed that the Harvest Festival needs to be completed to save Davina. Hayle angers Elijah when she comes clean to about her role in Sophie's plan to complete the Harvest by consecrating Celeste dubois’s remains. Meanwhile Marcel takes Davina into hiding to prevent the Harvest ritual from being completed.


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  • BRILLIANT edge of the seat episode

    @ejemima re Roots of origin: In the Vampire Diaries, when they found the cave drawings mapping the history of the originals they said they were Vikings. Hope that helps.

    This was a BRILLIANT edge of the seat episode. This series just keeps getting better and better each week.
  • Roots of origin

    Question: Is Esther (Which is my name too! :P) Mikaelson, by any chance from Scandinavia (Denmark/ Norway or Sweden)?

    Elijah introduces the phenomenon of witches in the intro and says: "Where my mother is from, they call them 'hekse'"

    Which is 'witch' in my language! 0_0

    I was a little excited, to say the least, plus :) and well, it matches their family name 'Mikaelson' or 'Son of Michael', which is pretty common, where I'm from:) It matches the vikings and medieval plague they supposedly escaped from, although the plague wasn't until the mid 13th century? So either, the writers have their European history mixed up (which wouldn't surprise me, a lot of Americans are really bad at European history and geographic, no insult intended, but I'm speaking from experience) or I totally missed something? Could Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah have roots in my country?! That would be pretty awesome!

    Loved all of them working together to stop doomsday, good to see they're able to cooperate when it's needed :) And Gloria being Celeste, say whaat! 0_0moreless
  • Why Kill Davina?

    This episode was really good until Davina was had so much potential and so much to especially liked her scenes with her new friend don't get how she dies and yet Camille with barely any potential is still walking the better come up with a plot to bring Davina back.
  • While full of feelings and a cliffhanger, "Apres Moi, Le Deluge" is damaged by writing instability and character losses full of potential...


    While the episode had powerful feelings and a surprising cliffhanger, it was ruined by Marcel's pendulum decisions (changing every 10 mins), the disturbing filming sequence, the unbearable and forced Elijah+Hayley disastrous chemistry, the possibility they are bringing back Celeste to create yet another love triangle for Elijah, the fact that the show have us believe that Celeste, a mighty powerful witch was killed by humans and the loss of two great potential characters (Davina and Esther).

    Davina had great potential and Esther could be resurrected at the final season of TO to kill her children at last, terminating the series and along with them all the characters on TVD finale episode. That would be a most tragic way to end the franchise and quite fitting if I may add.

    Klaus confronting his progeny was a huge waste of potential, I was expecting a much more "vampiric" confront or at least a more profound dialogue...

    Sabine seems to be possessed by Celeste for 1 year now, yet she didn't know where her own body was buried and had Sophie bribe Hayley to find out. Now while Sabine/Celeste must have told to Sophie about Celeste (unless Sophie figured out about Celeste and her connection with Elijah in 2 hours after giving up and making out with men), Sabine seems clueless, despite she was preparing a voodoo to rechannel the harvest energy. Either Celeste is possessing Sabine occasionally or she is an illogical error herself.

    I, myself, found it the 2nd weakest episode of TO if you exclude the great cliffhanger. As for Celeste, I will be splitting fire if such a powerful witch was truly killed by humans...moreless
  • Beautiful episode!

    This episode was the best one so far. Klaus and Marcel's hug was the best part for me. All the emotion and Klaus understand Marcel's pain and confessing that he went through the same thing when he though he lost

    Then the small Hayley/Klaus moment. These two are really great whenever they get a small scene together. They don't get many in fact they barely interact, but I like the interaction between them. He saw she was upset and in his own tried to make her feel better. Me suspects Klaus is starting to care for Hayley.

    Davina/Marcel, Marcel's protectiveness over Davina and his heartbreak and sorrow over her death was heartbreaking. Davina's last words to him were touching and you could tell that their bond was strong. Her death was tragic.

    Elijah/Hayley I don't know why, but I'm really tired of these two. Every episode it's the same thing with them. The longing looks, the lustful stares, the almost getting very forced now. The writers need to tone it down. Let them develop their relationship a bit more. I still feel like they were really rushed.

    Klaus Overall was great this episode. He showed he had a heart. I love him even more now.moreless

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