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As we've seen in The Vampire Diaries, witches play a crucial part in the outcome of vampire battles. It is the witches that are the primary focus of this episode, heck it even starts with Elijah talking about their intertwined fates.

Speaking of the fates of vampires and witches Davina and Marcel are still going through a rough patch. Let's just say that serving her breakfast on a platter is far from enough to appease a broken heart. Still racked with grief over the death of her friend Tim she lashes out at Marcel. While in the throws of her temper tantrum (complete with flying objects, including Marcel) Davina starts vomiting up dirt. Now I don't know about anybody else, but this is the first time that I've seen a witch on a show vomit up dirt, and not just a handful or so, oh no, I'm mean heaps of it. As if that wasn't enough, earthquakes a plenty follow and they can be felt all over the French Quarter.

But enough about vampires and witches, well for now anyway, and let's focus on werewolves and vampires! Here we have wolfgirl Hayley who, by the way, constantly looks constipated (apparently guilt can do that to you) who decides to confess her part in Sophie digging up Celeste's bones. Needless to say Elijah was none too happy about that, chided her, and left her in his dust (go Elijah!).

Now, back to witches. Sophie, the thorn in everyone's side, wants to become a new elder hence the disrespectful exhume of Celeste's bones. If grave robbing is what she needs to bring her niece back, then a grave robbing is what she'll do.

Now, I don't believe that I'm the only one who's thought of this so I'll ask; did anyone else think of Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender (A.T.L.A) with this episode? With all of that ancestral power coursing through Davina's veins she has now become a master of the four elements: earth, air, water and fire (okay the order is a little bit different from A.T.L.A but you get the gist of it). The only downside to all of this power it seems is her demise and, consequently everyone else's in the French quarter now that she can't control it anymore.

Moving on to an Original (finally) we have Rebecca, who in her continuous quest to thwart her brother's bromance with Marcel and their rule over the town recruits yet another in her army femme fatale. In keeping up with the theme of this episode, her new recruit is Sophie. Considering all of the catastrophic events that have been associated with Sophie I do not know if this was the wisest decision, I can't imagine this duo working out.

Speaking of duo's, Marcel lives a little déjà vu when he rescues Davina from his Original's family. Coming to her rescue yet again he breaks his own law, and it's a biggie, he kills two vampires and goes into hiding.

Another witch-vampire relationship, which in some ways is the focus of this episode; Celeste and Elijah is brought back into the conversation. Rightly so, Elijah has his moment where he pines over her to, surprisingly enough, Sabine. He really knows how to wear his heart on his sleeve. While failing to pin down Davina with a locator spell Sabine explained her difficulty in tracking her down by uttering the best line I've ever heard in a vampire show "...she hemorrhaging magic". Seriously I never thought that I would hear something like that.

Let's fast forward a little bit here and get to the good parts. Sophie tries to consecrate Celeste's bones only to find out that someone else has done so already! This leaves us with a burning question; who could have consecrated her body, when, why and where are they?

In an attempt to finish the harvest Elijah comes up with the ingenious plan of using his mother's bones to replace Celeste's. Ooh Elijah you can be so bad some times. While Elijah lets his siblings in on his mad plan we discover that, like usual, Klaus has been lugging his dead family around; in this instance his mother and like usual his hording ways come in handy.

Getting back to Rebecca she put her little alliance to good use. Garnering information from Marcel's tortured friend, she finds Davina and Marcel and tried to sweet talk some sense into them. By this time Davina has already passed over two out of the four elements and is now on number three, and right on cue she vomits up a bucket full of water. So not a good sign.

Let it rain baby, let it rain. My hats off to the director for the rain scene, this was a good use of pathetic fallacy and foreshadowing. Rebecca's smooth talking paid off. Davina and Marcel make up in the rain while hiding from the world and Davina comes to terms with her fate and decides to complete the harvest. With a blazing path of fire him Davina and Marcel make it to the graveyard. At long last Davina has come full circle. Sophie slits her throat ending the torrential rains and blazing fiery path and Davina's life.

Unfortunately for Davina and Sophie the four who were chosen did not revive, thus ending her time on this show. I gotta say, I saw that coming. Poor Marcel. Devastated at Davina's death Marcel has something of a meltdown, and keeping up an odd persona change for this episode, Klaus shows that he has a heart in this episode. He actually showed pity on Marcel and issued out some fatherly advise. He seems to be full of it in this episode issuing it out freely along with some kindness: first Hayley, then Marcel and then eventually Rebecca.

Before I wrap up this bible long review let me just say that the Elijah/Hayley non-relationship is getting old. I mean really, really old. I was rooting for them before but now they're just getting on my nerves. If they're not going to be together the least that they can do is stop flirting and bickering like an old married couple. Now that that's off my chest let us continue.

On to the most important part of this episode, Rebecca posed a good question; if Sophie didn't become an elder and the power wasn't restored to the earth then where did it all go? And here is where we get some of a previous question resolved, who consecrated Celeste's remains? As it turns out it, it was Sabine and now she's got all the power. I don't know about anyone who's reading this but I for one am glad for a new villain and I can't wait to see what she'll do.

If you've got a comment, write it below, I'd love to read it.
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Mar 12, 2014
I agree with you on the Elijah and Hayley thing he either needs to make a move or step aside for wolf boy.
Jan 23, 2014
From the look of the trailer for next week Sabine is going to bring all hell to New Orleans and klaus she looks like she is going to be a big bad and actually get shit done. When I saw that Davina was coughing up dirt then water I was half expecting and waiting for her to cough up fire like a dragon but what did happen was pretty cool any way, however I did tear up abit during that whole scene.
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