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Ripe with female power, The Casket Girls is an episode that moved like a game of chess between the men and the women, with both sides losing some of their pawns. We're introduced to this episode with a past event of Rebecca saving three young women in a carriage from the wickedness of men that they came across during their travels on the road. The empty caskets left by the escapees abandoned carriage were then known as the casket girls.

Fast forward to present day there's a glowing Rebecca relishing the annual celebration of the Casket Girls, the only thing preventing her from reaching cloud nine is the presence of Marcel. As per their regular routine, she and Marcel are on the outs... again. No surprise there, Rebecca knows how to hold a grudge, and who can blame her, it's not everyday a blast from the past who's fire has been rekindled chooses the evil brother who, by the way, tried to dethrone him, over the leading lady. Marcel and Rebecca aren't the only pair who's on rocky ground. The sexual tension and frustration at the impossibility of its release between Elijah and Hayley has the two of them in an emotional tug-of-war. It seems that the only relationship between a man and a woman that's working out right now are between the gay vampire Joshua and the deadly witch Davina. I guess the removal of sexual tension must be the key to civility.

Speaking of Davina and her powerful self, she's introduced to this episode hard at work clearing Klaus' compulsion from Camille's mind. While she was working hard on fixing Camille, the witches were working hard on fixing a position on Davina, much to their detriment. Let's just say that if this episode came with a dictionary it would show Davina's face right next to the word's femme fatale. In the sweep of a hand she had five witches down for the count.

Not to be outdone when it comes to ruthlessness Klaus, the old tried and true villain, was up to his old tricks again: lies, misdirection, threatening the innocent, terrorizing the people who oppose him and last but never least, murder. Yet with all of this scheming and bad behaviour Davina still came out the winner. She put that wicked old Klaus and "noble" Elijah in their place flexing her Herculean witch powers at them without breaking a sweat, and the Original heroine of this episode Rebecca finished things off when a makeshift stake just below Marcel's heart. Considering the current state of affairs with their relationship I was surprised that she didn't aim that stake just a little bit higher, it would have saved her a lot of future misery (just saying).

Finally we see a full fledged alliance being formed by Rebecca and Davina and although it wasn't said outright, Camille as well.

The most interesting thing about this episode has got to be the mistake that dear Hayley made. It seems to me that working with the Deveraux witches is never a good idea, yet in Hayley's desperation to free her family from their curse that's exactly what she did. Helping Sophie to unearth one really pissed off, not to mention powerful witch, is probably one of the dumbest moves of this series. It doesn't take a genius to know that raising the dead is a bad idea and I've got a feeling that as badass as Davina was in this episode, we haven't seen anything yet. With all of this female power exuding from this episode it is unfortunate that there is no clear winner in this battle of the sexes ending in something of a draw. I can't wait to see what will come next and more importantly, who's going to come out on top. Considering the upset of the women, Camille's recollected dirt on Klaus, their newly founded alliance and the soon to be revived super witch Celeste, my money's on them.

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