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After watching "Crescent City" I had a thought sparked by the introduction of Crescent wolfboy Jackson. Could be a thread carried over to next season so here goes.

What if after Hayley's figured it out and solved the Case of the Crescent Curse, the wolfpack returns to New Orleans. This way we'd have a new faction looking to, as one might, control the town and try to dethrone Klaus/Marcel/Sophie (LOL) whoever is running the joint atm.

Now if this actually transpires, not only would we have new power in play but power that technically belongs half to Hayley herself. A Team Crescent emergence would challenge Hayley and would make an interesting arc for her character. Her loyalty to Team Originals will questioned by her family directly. Her sisterhood with Rebekah; her budding friendship(?) with Klaus; perhaps her love for Elijah as well if Jackson ends up being that guy. Which I doubt because, come on, Elijah.

Also, if I am right in assuming two things, 1, Hayley will give birth by the season finale, and 2, the child will grow up relatively faster, it could lead to something crazy. Since Hayley is Crescent royalty, her child could be a huge person of interest in the fight for New Orleans. A little monster born of both Team Crescent AND Team Originals. I feel that these arcs would be a fresh way to garner interest for the kid's character, not to mention give Hayley a ton to deal with after her pregnancy.

If the stories with the witches (which I might add, are going great btw) are more or less resolved within this season, Team Crescent could be a decent direction to go. And if the next season really does delve deep into wolf lore on the show, Klaus' werewolf origins might not be too far off come Season 2 or 3.

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