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Remember when an Originals spin-off was just an idea we all tweeted about and wished for on Tumblr? It's finally a reality, and we're a little more than six weeks out from the series premiere.

So wake up from your summer TV slumber. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Remove that stake from your chest. I don't even know why you put it there.

Still waiting.

There we go. Now, let's talk The Originals. What are you most looking forward to? Personally, I'm going to have to go with Daniel Gillies' hair.


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AIRED ON 6/23/2017

Season 4 : Episode 13

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Dec 31, 2013
I want to see Klaus and Marcel be badass together. I got a bit of my wish in the midseason finale, and it was awesome. I want to see more of that. Marcel is Klaus adopted son. I want them to start acting like it. Marcel is so proud of who he is and he's been accrediting all of it to Klaus in so many ways. He wants Klaus to be proud of him too. I don't see why ppl don't get that.
Nov 03, 2013
I'm a sucker for Elijah. :)
Oct 11, 2013
I want to see the Mikalson family work together and put Marcill in his place.
Sep 04, 2013
I am SUPER excited about full-time Elijah. I was always wanting him back on TVD for guest stints, and of course I would have loved for him to come on as a full-time cast member, but I never really expected that to happen. So that's definitely one reason I'm really excited for the Originals.

I'm also excited as having Klaus as a protagonist - I think it would've been hard to ever fully explore him as a character on TVD; he would always have been "villain" status. I felt like, in S4, they wanted to explore him more, and were having trouble doing it. On his own show, in his own venue, they can do that.

I'm also excited about New Orleans as the setting; I know that's kind of a nerdy thing to be excited about, but I think it's the perfect backdrop for this show.
Aug 29, 2013
Smart meaningful Witches, Elijah, and also a little more of Klaus doesn't harm anyone(who isn't against him - obviously -)
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