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Season 2 Finale, "Ashes To Ashes" Reactionary Review
Jul 02, 2015
Happy Endings....Kinda.....Sorta
*My thoughts throughout the episode:

Dang, so this bitch just gone "end Freya's life"? I mean I don't give a f*ck about her either but still......that's cold.

Klaus stabbed himself. Wow. I'm sure we were all expecting something like that was the reason he wanted to link with her but still, that was impressive. Nobody can say Klaus isn't trying to protect his daughter.

So Davina only gets ONE chance to resurrect someone? Dang.

So Esther is the witch she loved most, we all knew it was between Esther and Dahlia herself. But I'm pretty pissed that Klaus wants to take away Kol's chance at resurrection. It's for a good reason but I want Daniel Sharman back got dammit!

The dagger is melting = everybody standing around looking stupid and acting like they don't understand what's happening. Can y ...Read more
Season 2 Episode 21, "Fire With Fire" Review
Jul 02, 2015
Klaus Stomped A Hole In Everybody's Ass and They All Deserved It
*Before we begin, lemme start by saying Rebekah, Elijah, Haley, and Jackson are all f*cking idiots. I wish I could say I was sorry for all of the pain they each suffered tonight They all deserved every bit of pain they got cuz they're all f*cking stupid.

Let's start with Rebekah and Elijah's stupidity. They've known Klaus for a thousand years. They've seen him defeat enemy after enemy and come up with brilliant plan after brilliant plan, always being steps ahead of his target because he's excellent at deducing weaknesses. That's not to say he's never lost but he's definitely won more often than not as a result of his strategic thinking. With all that they've seen him do to them and everyone else, when he said he had a plan why would they ignore the genius they ...Read more
mark your calendars
Jun 24, 2015
The CW Announces Fall Premiere Dates for The Flash, Jane the Virgin, iZombie, and More
The Flash kicks off scripted programming in early October.
old blood
May 12, 2015
The Originals Season 2 Finale Review: The Best Punchline Is No Punchline
After a satisfying yet exhausting finale, The Originals is the rare great show we're relieved to stop watching for a while.
old blood
May 05, 2015
The Originals "Fire with Fire" Review: Tales From a Scorched Earth
Klaus teamed up with his worst enemy in "Fire With Fire." Can his siblings possibly survive?
old blood
Apr 28, 2015
The Originals "City Beneath the Sea" Review: Deal With the She-Devil
Klaus was sucked into his aunt's flashback world, and Hayley took her baby to a funeral!
old blood
Apr 21, 2015
The Originals “When the Levee Breaks” Review: Heart Burn
The battle against Dahlia claimed another life. And it was DEVASTATING.
old blood
Apr 14, 2015
The Originals “Night Has a Thousand Eyes” Review: Un-Awful Entry
The much-feared Dahlia finally arrived in New Orleans and she was as terrifying as we suspected.
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The Originals is a spin-off series originating from The Vampire Diaries. A thousand years ago the Original Vampire family swore to each other that family is power and they pledged to remain together forever. Centuries have passed and the family bonds are broken. Klaus Mikaelson heads to the French Quarter of New Orleans, a city his family helped build. His former protégé, Marcel, is now in control. Elijah follows Klaus to New Orleans where they discover werewolf Haley and a powerful witch named Sophie. Klaus has no intention of answering to his now powerful protégé and is determined to reclaim the city and the power along with reuniting his family. While waiting for Rebekah to join them, Klaus, Elijah and the witches form an uneasy alliance to make sure THE ORIGINALS once again rule New Orleans.

Watch Full Episode Here »» The OriginalsSeason 2, Episode 10

Watch Full Episode Here »» The OriginalsSeason 2, Episode 10