The Originals

Season 1 Episode 12

Dance Back From the Grave

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2014 on The CW
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Dance Back From the Grave

Papa Tunde returns to New Orleans, with flashbacks to his last confrontation with the Originals.

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  • Blast from the past!

    Klaus faces an enemy he killed over 70 years ago. Cami was a little annoying, when Marcus recounted how Klaus killed Papa in the 1930's she exclaimed 'OMG, that's horrible!' Was she not listening to Marcus when he said that prior to Klaus killing him, Papa slaughtered humans, vampires and witches alike and that no one was safe.

    Rebeccah's taking the whole revenge thing too far, Apart from the odd temper tantrum, Klaus is behaving pretty well, just the fact that he didn't dagger her the last time she betrayed him, should prove to her he's changing. She should pick her allys better, In farness, there was nothing her vamp friend could do when she was attacked by Papa, but to flee back to the others and then behave like nothing's happened, without telling anyone she's in danger is unforgivable, I can't believe she didn't stake him for that!moreless
  • Characters getting a bit carried away and treated unfairly

    Why does everyone have a problem with Klaus? I hate the way they make him out to be the bad guy at times when his intentions are usually in the best interest of himself and his family. Sure he's a little extreme at times but I think he get's some unfair treatment.

    Still believe that Rebekah is dumb and should run away or something. Maybe take a break from the family feud.

    What gives Camille so much power? She starting to get to me. She's acting as if she can't she die after-all she's just human and because she's knows things about Klaus she has power over him.

    As for Marcel, wasn't it said that Davina would've died any ways? So why is he still being such a bitch about it. For a bunch of dead people (vampires) they sure have a way of displaying a large amount of and all these things. Sure their "humanity is on" but damn do they have to be so dramatic?

    There are a few discrepancies but overall it was a great episode. Looking forward to the next one.moreless
  • Vervain bit

    Just because she has vervain in her system, doesn't mean anything for Marcel. As seen in the beginning of the series, he dips vervain laced tobacco. As per canon in TVD, if you take vervain daily or work up an immunity to it, it doesn't harm you as much physically. Vervain, regardless of the amount, will allow her to avoid compulsion but it WILL NOT harm a vampire drinking from her if said vampire has built up a tolerance to vervain. It probably wasn't the most pleasant tasting meal for Marcel but seeing as he was nearly dead, I doubt he minded.moreless
  • Some convenient writing, another forced Haylijah nonsense but with an interesting villain, "Dance Back From the Grave" is interesting but not thrilling...

    I noticed that many refer to Cami feeding Marcel as a logical error, I believe that vervain is rather difficult to find, I think Cami just says that she is on it to avoid the vampires compelling her. After all, she is a psychologist... But I do share your concerns for her psychological status, after all we saw her offering herself to Marcel when 5 min ago she was scared and furious with him.

    Now, for the episode, Papa Tunde was an interesting villain but the entering scene with him was so corny, I thought it was theatrical in the bad way. Charlatan is exactly the word I would have used, for once I will agree with Klaus.

    "Killing" Rebekah to draw power from her was a brilliant idea and I liked it. It's also a relief that this show's main characters can not die and the writers can put them in danger and "kill" them once in a while without a problem. But the fact that Elijah found her and a way to break the circle while Cami had enough time to call Klaus before Tunde kills Marcel and then played around with Klaus for enough time to give Elijah the time to remove Rebekah was that damn convenient writing I hate with the TVD franchise. I would much prefer Klaus to be "killed" to draw power from his as well and (why not?) kill Marcel and then Elijah would revive Rebekah and Klaus later, when Tunde was sure that he is unstoppable. Now that would be much more interesting and with a surprising loss. But since it's too early to tell if TO will stick with it.

    Finally we learn through flashbacks what Rebekah knows for Marcel that would make Klaus furious. It was devastating but also frustrating. Everything in TVD world is spinning around love. I just don't buy it...

    Whenever Elijah is meeting with Hayley I want to fast-forward, they are so boring and forced! I was clapping when Rebekah finally counterattacked his hypocrisy. And to think that before Hayley, Elijah was my favorite. And now the hybrid freak Hayley bears is also a witch? Why? I also don't understand why Tunde just sacrificed himself at the end. Is he sure that Celeste will avenge him? And why some power from some killed vampires can deliver things "worse than death, even to an Original"? Rebekah's power was removed and if I remember correctly 100 vampires just scratched Klaus... I guess I will have to wait to vote it down if it turns out to be a logic hole... And Celeste's motives are blurry. What is she trying to do? Gain back the quarter from the vampires? I guess so.moreless
  • this is my answer to the question below

    because the baby is the only living descendant of esther, the most powerful witch(?). when they buried esther they did some sort of ritual. i think that made the baby an official "french quarter witch". the document elijah showed i think that was also an official document that their estate belongs to their only "living" family, the baby.

    u cannot be half vamp half witch.. but i think u can be half-werewolf half witch because both are alive in a sense.moreless

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