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    [1]Feb 4, 2014
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    Who is everyone shipping for??

    I'm thinking Hayley/Elijah & Klaus/Cami

    What about everyone else?

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    [2]Feb 5, 2014
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    For me, falling in love with the woman who carries the baby of your brother is so un-Elijah style and most (including me) find this couple so forced and unnecessary. Elijah is the pillar of the Original family. Mature, independent. Fell in love only twice in his millennium existence (Kathrine, Celeste). Having him fall in love with just a random girl he didn't know before, never had time to develop anything is just so unrealistic and unfitting. Klaus should stay away from any love interest. Love will hinder his badassness and while I don't like his attitude I prefer him ruthless. Rebekah in her prolonged life found only one capable to love her even despite the fact she almost killed him (Matt). She should stay with him. But the writers disagree, in episode 13 they spawned a werewolf bodybuilder at cutting period and threw him on Rebekah to play for a while. Classic CW... Personally, I would like the show to focus on a compelling and original/authentic plot, not on romance. I want what we were promised. A more mature show...

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    [3]Feb 7, 2014
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    elijah deserves to be happy, if he finds his happiness in hailey then so be it, they both deserve to be happy. i don't particularly like the idea of rebekah and marcelle, but if they make each other happy then so be it, as well.

    klaus and cami i do very much enjoy looking forward to, klaus will likely never be happy, but when he cares for her he is a better person, and hurts elijah and rebekah less.

    that being said, claire holt i want to be my giiirlfrieend

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    [4]Feb 28, 2014
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    Actually, Haylijah have a great deal of fans.

    As for Klaus/Cami, I don't really see the chemistry there but that's just me.
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    [5]Mar 11, 2014
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    Well, honestly, I'd love if the show remained away from romance for a while. As one of the others viewers already said, we were promised a more mature show and make it all about romance will make too "teenage" for me. I loved TVD for its mythology, not love triangle and romantic stuff (that's why I loved so much when the Original Family came along, lots of mythology and less romance).

    I believe Klaus has a long way to go before being truly prepared to love someone the right way. If he got into a relationship right now, it doesn't matte with whom, he would end up treating the girl like he does with his family, controlling, paranoid and so afraid of being abandoned he would sufocate the girl and take away her free will (old habits die hard, you know). I don't even know how they're going to do about the baby because, in my point of view, Klaus would treat the baby like he treats his family: like property. He would never admitt that his daughter could ever leave him (even after she grows up) and he would hunt down her boyfriends (like he did with Rebekah). No one would never be able to stop him from doing so (Hayley, as a werewolf, wouldn't stand a chance defending her daughter's interests). The girl's only hope is Uncle Elijah...

    Elijah and Hayley creeps me out a bit, I mean, the girl is pregnant with Klaus's child and she's going to hang out with his brother? Couldn't Elijah find a less complicated woman to be with? Anyway, I think he's too busy looking out for the baby and for his brother's interests to have the time or the will to find romance.

    Rebekah is one I wish could find some romance, especially because she's been wanting someone that truly loves her fos so long. Marcell doesn't convince me at all, he doesn't love her a bit in my opinion. He never tried to find her ou contact her after they fleed from New Orleans. Once they got back, Marcell would pick his men, Davina or anything else over Rebekah any time of the day. Rebekah should just let him go and find someone new (or not, if they could get someone from TVD). I think Matt would be nice to her but since he doens't want more supernatural trouble, it would only work if he got accidentally turned (he'd a vampire, he couldn't escape the supernatural not even if he wanted).

    So, I don't think there's much room for romance right now (and I'm glad for that). Never really dig the baby plot but between baby crap (which was badly explained if I might add) and romance bull, I'd go baby everytime!

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