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this show is fantastic

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    i am a gigantic vampire diaries fan, and all along have only ever wanted more elijah and rebekah. this is a wonderfully well written and acted television show, though some of the discrepancies bother me (such as Marcelle drinking Cami's blood after it was well established she'd started taking vervaine)

    I love the concept of the current day to flash backs scenes, but before I'd ever watched the first episode I had been hoping for more past. I figured the show would take place in the fourteen hundreds, or some such time. But i suppose that does allow for next season and future seasons to draw back on the previous seven hundred years they were alive (the show starts with the birth of new orleans, kind of, in the 1700s, so we have plenty of drama occuring well before then, too )

    anyways, what a great show. I miss Devina Can't wait to watch episode thirteen when I get home tonight!

    also, I shall indeed carry on season 4 of tvd after i'm done the episode tonight (i saw up to ep4 so far)

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    Exactly how gigantic are you?
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