The Originals

Season 1 Episode 4

Girl in New Orleans

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2013 on The CW

Episode Recap


The episode begins with a Klaus voice over: over the course of my life I've encountered no shortage of those who would presume to speak of good and evil, such terms mean nothing, people do what is in their best interest regardless of who gets hurt, is it evil to take what one wants, to satisfy hunger even if doing so will cause another suffering, what some would call evil I believe to be an appropriate response to a harsh and unfair world. The voice over blends into Klaus speaking with Cami at his house. He recaps why he is in New Orleans, initially speaking in vague terms about those who plot against him and wanting to protect one pregnant girl (Hayley) and free another (Davina). He asks Cami if that is evil. She doesn't believe in evil as a diagnosis and instead offers the audience the clinical psychology version of Klaus' issues (if he weren't a 1,000-year-old vampire who has learned through experience and IS in fact fighting against those who plot to destroy him): I think you have unstable personal relationships, stress-related paranoia, chronic anger issues, fear of abandonment. Klaus tells Cami that he likes talking to her and offers her a job as the stenographer for his memoirs. He then admits that it will give them time to discuss her personal relationship with Marcel. Klaus then goes full in on his plans for her and what is really going on. She is central to his plan because Marcel wants her, he will trust her, which serves him…and then Klaus REALLY goes full in with Cami, he divulges that he is on one side, Marcel is on the other along with his army of vampires. At the word vampires Cami loses it and Klaus quickly compels her to be calm. Klaus wants to know more about Marcel and we cut to the Title sequence.


Back at Davina's cozy attic flat, Marcel compares Elijah to a cockroach because he and Davina can't figure out how to kill him. Marcel gives up and is ready to give Elijah back to Klaus since Klaus saved his life from Thierry's witch girlfriend in the previous episode. Davina is stubborn and wants to keep trying to kill Elijah. She abruptly changes the subject when Marcel isn't seeing things her way to a festival happening in the Quarter that night. She wants to go and Marcel initially refuses, to keep her safe. She acts like a normal 16-year-old with crazy magical powers and tells Marcel that he sometimes loses sight of what she can do; she can boil someone's blood by just focusing and then proceeds to make good on her threat by making Marcel's blood boil. He gives into a compromise, Davina can go as long as she is accompanied by his female friend. Davina agrees with a huge 12-year-old grin.


Klaus catches up with Cami at Rousseau's, she asks him why when she sees him now and no one else is around she suddenly remembers that he just told her he is a vampire, but the second he walks away she just thinks of him as a hot rich guy with a lot of cash to burn. He explains it is the compulsion and she proceeds to ask him a ton of questions like she is a psych grad student and Klaus is her learned professor (or possibly like she is a psychologist diligently trying to get into the mind of a serial killer). Is it hypnosis? Are my neurons being shut down somehow? Klaus wants to know what information she has on Marcel. She tells him that Marcel is bringing a girl he is mentoring who is having a hard time and rebelling against authority, with Cami's psych degree Marcel thought she could help the girl. She tells Klaus that she refused and Klaus insists that she change her answer to yes. Cami realizes that he is going to force her to say yes and asks why he is even bothering with politeness. Klaus explains that he actually likes her and believes under different circumstances they could have been friends, but since his brother is being held captive he doesn't have a choice, and then he compels her.


Meanwhile at Casa Mikaelson, Hayley is being advised by the witch Agnes to seek some prenatal hybrid miracle baby care from a doctor who lives in a mystical bayou. Rebekah reminds her that many women would kill to have a baby and that it is surprising she isn't taking better care of hers. Hayley agrees to go see the doctor with Agnes. Klaus walks in and asks Rebekah if she is still looking for the location of Davina's attic using the Internet and the vague details she remembers about the actual room, like the shutters behind Elijah's coffin, which apparently weren't wiped from her memory. Rebekah rebuffs Klaus' jeers by restating her resolve to find Elijah even if she has to search every attic in New Orleans. Klaus reveals his current strategy to Rebekah, he suspects that Marcel's delay in returning Elijah is due to Davina's insubordination and that their relationship may be strained, thus the witch might be open to a new alliance.


That night at the festival, Davina hangs out with Cami and Cami immediately asks Davina about the hot guy playing the fiddle that Davina is clearly enthralled by. She admits that his name is Tim, a boy she's known since she was ten; she had to leave school abruptly and never got to say goodbye, she knew that he would be playing at the festival so she had a plan to talk to him that night. At the same time, Agnes drives Hayley to baby bayou doctor. Once Hayley leaves the car, we hear Agnes call someone: send the men now and tell them to do it quickly.


After hearing a bit of gossip from one of Marcel's vampires, Rebekah narrows her search of the attic to the French Quarter. She spent the day looking for the shutters she remembers until her search brings her to a church. She engages in a conversation with a priest, Father Kieran, and asks him about the church's attic. Rebekah looks around and notices the blood on the walls and Kieran tells her that the church used to be the heart of the neighborhood, but has been abandoned since the night of the massacre. On that night, a seminary student killed nine other students and himself in the church. She persists in asking about the attic and compels him to tell her where it is. She follows his directions and discovers Davina's attic. Rebekah is prevented from entering, but sees Elijah's open coffin, and then…Elijah opens his eyes while still being daggered. He busts out his, new to us, Spock-like mind melding powers although this time from across the room, and mentally takes Rebekah back to a memory only the two of them share to make sure it is really Rebekah and not one of Davina's tricks. Although Elijah has taken Rebekah back to a memory, they speak in the present. She asks him how he is awake and he explains that Davina removed the dagger as she was unaware that doing so even once would negate its power. Beks is like let's get the H* out of here, but Elijah has a plan and isn't ready to leave. He is intrigued by Davina because she is curious and willful; he will soon be able to speak to her and may be able to stop the war between the vampires and the witches before it begins, thereby negating the threat to Hayley's life. After explaining, Elijah asks Beks to look after Hayley because she is part of their family and makes her swear to do so.


Rejoining Hayley and baby bayou doctor, the ultrasound proves the baby has a strong heart beat. Hayley responds like a bad ass mother: I knew it, she's a tough one like her mom. She sits up and we see part of the birthmark on her shoulder exposed, the doctor notices it and comments on its level of uniqueness. She receives a text from Beks wondering where she is, Hayley texts back and then we hear a wolf howl. Hayley goes to the window to see a car arrive, her instincts kick into high gear as the doctor comes back in the room and tries to give her a shot for her high blood pressure. She sees the men enter the house/office and proceeds to head butt the doctor and stab her in the neck with the needle. She escapes out the window and the group of burly men with crossbows pursue her.


Klaus catches up with Tim outside the venue and compels him to send a message to Davina. Klaus gives Tim's note to Cami who gives it to Davina and helps her escape out the back so that Marcel's minions won't see. Cami and Davina show up at the massacre church where Tim is waiting. The two of them engage in some teen-angst-long-lost-friends camaraderie. Tim tells her she looks great and she giggles. She admits that while she was away she missed him and missed hearing him play his violin. He comments on the great acoustics of the church and begins to play a slow, sweet, melancholy tune. While he plays Cami and Klaus sit in the church entry. Cami asks Klaus if in his life he has ever seen anything as pointlessly brutal as the church massacre. Klaus has seen many awful things and believes the world is an awful place, best met on its own terms. Cami thinks that the world isn't awful, people aren't awful they want to be good, something makes them bad, breaks them down. She exclaims that there are always symptoms before someone experiences a psychotic break, except in the case of the massacre. She reveals to Klaus that the murderous seminary student responsible for the killings was a man named Sean, her twin brother. Cami makes herself vulnerable to Klaus by telling him that she can't sleep and is consumed by the fact that she couldn't help him and worries about the possibility of his demons becoming hers one day. Klaus compels her to leave and enjoy the music.


Outside Father Kieran approaches Marcel, tells him about Rebekah's visit to the church and her attempted compulsion of him that didn't work because he takes vervain. Apparently, Kieran has been away and doesn't approve of what Marcel has been doing in his church. Marcel threatens him and reminds him that the city thrives because of him and his people.


Klaus crashes Tim and Davina's bloody-church-massacre-romantic-teen-angst-violin party by making a beeline towards Tim, compelling him to go sit down and count to 100,000. He gets down to it with Davina by making his proposal and pointing out that Marcel keeps her prisoner and allows her to waste away in an attic. Klaus would keep her safe without locking her away, which apparently Marcel can't do. AND if he can't protect her what about those she cares about (as he walks pointedly towards Tim)? Davina makes it clear that if anyone tries to harm the people she cares about she will kill them. Klaus points out that maybe she doesn't need Marcel, he just tricks her to do his bidding while she rots in an attic and Tim moves on with his life. This pisses her off and she starts to make Klaus' blood boil, he grabs Tim by the neck and threatens to take his life. Davina yells, stomps her feet, and then starts to break and re-break Klaus' bones. He points out that innocent people have a way of ending-up dead when anyone engages him in a fight, it's her choice swear allegiance to him or Tim bites the dust. This is when she gets SUPER pissed and extends both her arms straight in front of her towards Klaus and screams like a banshee, wind happens, the church windows are blown out, and everyone is thrown backwards.


Hayley runs into the woods, you know the mystical kind, where there's always a bit of fog hovering above the ground and rays of bright moonlight spill across portions of the forest floor cleverly illuminating the necessary action. She is tactful, hiding behind trees and coming up behind each burly man one by one taking them out by using some of Chun-Li's (of Street Fighter fame) and Lara Croft's moves. She takes down the final man, when another big man appears above her, she appears to be cornered until CRACK! Beks shows up to save the day by snapping the man's neck. They hear more men coming, Beks tells Hayley to run when she is hit in the chest with wooden arrows. Hayley hears the hit and turns to scream at Rebekah when she too is shot in the shoulder and goes down. Beks wakes and pulls the arrows out of her heart to find herself surrounded by more burly men lying dead all around her and no Hayley. She calls Klaus who puts the rest of his plan into action immediately so he can get to the ladies.


Davina finds Tim lying on the ground (after Klaus flings him off the balcony) and believing that her banshee tantrum caused his nearly fatal fall, she is beside herself. Enter Klaus to the rescue, he can heal him if she asks him. She asks him and Klaus responds: for you Davina, with pleasure. He feeds him his blood, compels him to forget everything including his reunion with Davina, she protests and Klaus explains that if he remembers finding her again then others could be alerted to his existence as her weakness and use his life against her, like he just did, again. Klaus tells her she owes him a favor.


Klaus joins Rebekah at the bayou doctor's office where they try to piece together who took Hayley when they hear a wolf in the woods. They exit the house and see Hayley dazed, covered in blood walking towards them. Klaus examines her and asks her how she healed so quickly. Beks surmises that the baby's vampire blood, Klaus' blood, saved her. They ask her who killed all those men, Hayley thinks it was the wolf trying to protect her. Klaus is pissed because the witches were supposed to protect her and now he was going to rip them to shreds. Hayley tells him it wasn't Sophie it was Agnes. Rebekah tells them she found Elijah and that he has a plan, he only asked that they take care of Hayley. Hayley moves to stand when she nearly faints, Klaus catches her: I've got you love, I've got you.


Klaus shows up outside Cami's door/window all Eric/Sookie like. Cami invites him in and then starts to put certain things together. She starts to believe that her brother wasn't crazy and that perhaps he was compelled by a vampire. She starts to lose it because it is her entire reason for being in New Orleans, Klaus is concerned that the search will consume her and she won't be what he needs her to be. She backs away from him because she knows he is going to make her forget about pursuing her brother's justice, she begs him not to take it away from her, Klaus tells her the quest will consume her and make her miserable. He compels her to move on and think of what happened to her brother as a tragedy, he is at peace, and that Klaus himself will find out what happened and make sure that whoever harmed Sean will suffer. He then leaves her with one final compulsion, whilst his eyes well-up with emotion: tonight you will sleep and you will dream of a world far better than this one, a world where there is no evil, no demons, and all people desire only to be good.


The episode concludes with Elijah leaving his coffin to appear before Davina: it's time we had a talk.