The Originals

Season 1 Episode 4

Girl in New Orleans

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2013 on The CW

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  • Klaus' performance and an intriguing new plot overcome some idiotic scenes that deprived this episode from an excellent rating...


    It is so sad, because this episode had so much potential and Klaus was at his best. But it seems that the writers who write TVD since season 4 are having their fingers on TO sometimes and that means clanky, stupid, convenient writing. Let's see what I mean:

    1) Davina tossed Rebekah out of her attic with telekinesis, which means she has control of her powers. She could tele-move Klaus away from that boy, yet she charged and sent a blast of kinetic energy on them, which could kill her beloved friend. However, it is clear that she is too young and possibly new at this...

    2) Then she ran out of the church and then came back again when Klaus appeared on the 1st floor and tossed the boy with his violin. Why not sense the room if they were still there?

    3) Eariler on this episode she was undaggering and redaggering Elijah... Boy, even the foolest man would me more wise. You have an original vampire staked beside you, you just don't play with the only thing that keeps him in trance, even if you are examining him. She was almost like "Oh, I am so bored, shall I look myself in the mirror or play with the staked Original? But I do love daggering dead flesh!"

    4) Or the way Davina stood up to Marcel... It was clanky, bad, ridiculous...

    5) Or Elijah being so weak that he was unable to move yet he easily entered Rebekah's mind. I thought this requires to touch the one you want to show him something and above all you need energy and most certainly you can not perform it if you can't even move.

    In general, I detected medium doses of that clanky, convenient writing which downgraded TVD the last few seasons. I really hope I won't be seeing something similar in the future, since I have high hopes for this show. I would rate this 6,5 but Klaus' performance was worthy of an Emmy, the new plot about Cami's brother is extra-interesting, the scenes with Cami and Klaus were pure enjoyment and so was the last scene with Davina where she tele-move the wind chimes and she's ready to cry, plus this was the first time the show disappoints me, so I will keep my rate above the green area. Won't be so generous if this "writing" appears again, though...