The Originals

Season 1 Episode 4

Girl in New Orleans

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2013 on The CW

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  • Klaus makes this show

    I'm surprised how much I am enjoying this series. At first, I felt like I could take or leave this series but the last two episodes have got me hooked! I love when Klaus shows a human side, even if it does seem a bit strange that he is so suddenly taken with Cami. It was in the last episode, or the one before,I think, when he said slideshow her mind worked. I didn't really understand that as it didn't deem that he'd seen enough of her / her mind to make that judgment...

    I'm liking Hayley and I'm interested to see where the storyline with her and the baby goes, especially after the end of the last episode, when I got the impression that the witches sensed something's not right. It reminds me a little of Twilight when they were worried that Bella 's baby was going to be evil... I thought this was a really strong episode.
  • Klaus' performance and an intriguing new plot overcome some idiotic scenes that deprived this episode from an excellent rating...


    It is so sad, because this episode had so much potential and Klaus was at his best. But it seems that the writers who write TVD since season 4 are having their fingers on TO sometimes and that means clanky, stupid, convenient writing. Let's see what I mean:

    1) Davina tossed Rebekah out of her attic with telekinesis, which means she has control of her powers. She could tele-move Klaus away from that boy, yet she charged and sent a blast of kinetic energy on them, which could kill her beloved friend. However, it is clear that she is too young and possibly new at this...

    2) Then she ran out of the church and then came back again when Klaus appeared on the 1st floor and tossed the boy with his violin. Why not sense the room if they were still there?

    3) Eariler on this episode she was undaggering and redaggering Elijah... Boy, even the foolest man would me more wise. You have an original vampire staked beside you, you just don't play with the only thing that keeps him in trance, even if you are examining him. She was almost like "Oh, I am so bored, shall I look myself in the mirror or play with the staked Original? But I do love daggering dead flesh!"

    4) Or the way Davina stood up to Marcel... It was clanky, bad, ridiculous...

    5) Or Elijah being so weak that he was unable to move yet he easily entered Rebekah's mind. I thought this requires to touch the one you want to show him something and above all you need energy and most certainly you can not perform it if you can't even move.

    In general, I detected medium doses of that clanky, convenient writing which downgraded TVD the last few seasons. I really hope I won't be seeing something similar in the future, since I have high hopes for this show. I would rate this 6,5 but Klaus' performance was worthy of an Emmy, the new plot about Cami's brother is extra-interesting, the scenes with Cami and Klaus were pure enjoyment and so was the last scene with Davina where she tele-move the wind chimes and she's ready to cry, plus this was the first time the show disappoints me, so I will keep my rate above the green area. Won't be so generous if this "writing" appears again, though...
  • Another amazing episode.

    Another amazing episode. Klaus was well and truly back to his old self when the threw the boy off the balcony and then we heard the bump when he threw his violin after him! Ouch!
  • Elijah is Really Spock 2.0, Klaus is Complicated, Hayley is Really Lara Croft

    Whew! This episode FINALLY got things going. There was much less Marcel hitting his chest like a caveman to make everyone believe that he is the real King of the French Quarter as in previous episodes. His delusions of grandeur whilst being surrounded by the Mikaelson's was starting to get REALLY old. Like a ferocious pit bull up against a grizzly. Yes, the dog is ferocious, no it doesn't have a chance at denting the grizzly. Rebekah putting her mind to something and actually accomplishing what she set out to do (finding Elijah using the Internet and some sass), wonderfully refreshing! I am really into this new, less sulky, Rebekah who takes charge and gets it done. Elijah's general badassery and new Spock-like powers? I mean, come on, YES.

    I've never been a fan of Hayley, I literally can't recall a single second where I cared about her character; I still don't think I care quite yet except for her burgeoning relationship with each of the Mikaelsons, but TONIGHT I was on her side as she out witted, out moved, and generally displayed her own badassery against all those burly men with crossbows.

    I find Klaus' arc really compelling. He really does try with people, but the second that person gets in his way (even indirectly) all bets are off. He wants to be good, but practical life experiences (like running from his father to stay alive for 1,000 years) have taught him to draw a straight line from himself to his objective and if anyone falls on that line ANYONE any previous interactions/humanity shown goes out the window. At this point I don't believe there is anyone he wouldn't betray/kill to get what he wants, except MAYBE for Caroline and maybe the baby (sometime in the future don't think he is there yet).

    LOVED this episode. Finally feeling the potential for awesome Vampire Diaries story pace that always leads us to the next reveal that you didn't see coming.

    Who thinks Elijah will be able to Spock, mind-meld with the miracle fetus soon?
  • I liked it. Sort of.

    This was a step up from last week, but It had a few iffy moments. Mostly because It felt like I was missing an episode at the start. And Cami. But throw in some Hayley or Rebekah being badass and Mikaelson family feels and you can't keep me away.

    Spoilers and stuff. A little. Okay a big one once. But is was unavoidable. Kind of.

    As long as they stop over using the compulsion. It was a tad ridiculous.

    I love that Cami is getting backstory now. I empathised with here in this episode, and for the first time, was intrigued about where her story is going. But lordy do I wish she wasn't in the middle of a bliming love triangle/ whatever it is with Klaus. I think it would have been more natural if he was being a complete plonker to her, then learning more about her, then maybe caring. But him suddenly having a heart seems to be a little forced.

    I'm looking too far into it, Klaus is awesome, and still ruthless. One of my favourite things about him is his little moments of 'humanity' (Cami's diagnosis was fun), but at the moment we have little moments with him and his siblings, Hayley, and the bub. And Cami. Never mind that we still have the assumption that he hasn't completely forgotten Caroline (although that has the immortality thing going for it in terms of no rushing). I feel that at this point in Klaus's story/character development, it isn't plausible for him to be forming a connection with Cami. Which did make me happy that he made her forget all that stuff. Even though I felt crap for her at the time. I dunno. Just thinking out-loud.

    Davina, sigh. Okay I think my main issue with both Davina and Cami, is to me they are just filling in cardboard cut-out roles. The mysterious girl with special super powers and the pure, good-girl who is somewhat unsure about her place in the world but getting swept into the nasty side of it. Because of inevitable attraction or something. This issue doesn't strike me with Hayley as much, even though she is in the only here because she has to be (pregnant/super-baby/loss of free will) character. But to be honest this is probably because I am fully biased to Phoebe Tonkin in everything except that mermaid show. Yes I was happy to see more story about Davina, and more of her being a girl (erm as in emotions, can think for herself, is a person, blah blah blah), but she bugs me for the same reasons Bonnie bugs me in TVD: too much looking intense with wind blowing her hair artfully. And I'm thinking we may see inconsistent powers with her. Still, happy Tim didn't die, but as a proud violin owner, pissed at Klaus.

    Speaking of Hayley... ecstatic that she is showing her awesomeness and she will be more than just the mother of the super-bub. She is still kinda that, but I'm sort of expectant of a scene later on where there is a definite 'she should have died from that' moment and it turns out she is a hybrid. Or a super wolf. That wasn't a full-moon night, right? [speaking of, are they going to address that? She does turn into a wolf every full moon right? She needs somewhere to be safe to do that, and what about the baby to check synopses now. Surely this is in there be]. To be honest, I just don't want her to be worthless once the baby is delivered, in the eyes of Klaus. I don't think it will happen, but it would be easy writing to fall into.... I assume.

    You continue to be brilliant Rebekah Mikaelson.

    Oh Elijah, you have no idea how much you have been missed. Please have most of the next episode talking sense to everyone with one hand in your pocket.

    This is still my absolute favourite currently airing the moment. I loved the episode, but I am worried about what is going to happen to the characterisation of Klaus in a show where he is the main character. I just hope it doesn't happen too quickly.

    Okay, I don't know why I'm writing this. I'm gonna go with getting it out of my system. If there is anyone reading this. You deserve all the hugs. That wasn't meant to be creepy.
  • A New Plan & A New Bond Forming

    Wow this episode was even better than last week's!

    I loved to see a more vulnerable Klaus and learning more about Cami was nice, however I hated how

    Klaus used his compulsion on Cami it was pretty devious!

    I am still super curious to find out more about Davina she seems so awesome

    I really liked Hayley's subplot despite being pregnant that girl can still pack a major wallop, I loved learning a tad more about her and Klaus's offspring, I really hope we see the hybrid baby before this season ends! Also I am extremely curious to see just why that wolf seems to be protecting Hayley?

    Watching Rebekah, Hayley and Klaus starting to really bond was pretty cool.

    Speaking of Rebekah I loved her interactions with Elijah in this episode as well I also really dug his new plan I hope it works!

    Next week looks super cool I am so stoked to have (a major spoiler) back!