The Originals

Season 1 Episode 2

House of the Rising Son

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2013 on The CW
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House of the Rising Son

Rebekah arrives to New Orleans after Elijah's persistence, where Hayley has news for her. She asks for Sophie's assistance, because she believes that Klaus has dangerous plans. Hayley takes matters into her own hands but things get out of control. Klaus wants to learn Marcel's weapon, so he moves on with his plan. In the same time, Marcel reminds Rebekah of the sorrows Klaus has brought in her life and get's Davina's help in his plan.


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  • Brilliant episode!!

    Brilliant episode!! So much better than the backdoor pilot, this show is turning out to be everything I hoped it would be. Rebekah's arrival and missing Elijah were the main focal points of this epsode but there was plenty more going on with the Klaus/Marcel/Rebekah history reveal, Klaus' softer side and the introduction of a new big bad power!
  • More Rebekah, Less Witches

    Having re-introduced the spinoff series in spectacular form by reframing the story around Elijah instead of Klaus, the writers managed to give this show a strong start. So it's a little bizarre that the second episode would have exactly zero material with Elijah at all! Klaus and his motivations are as variable as ever, but a good chunk of the episode focused more on Rebekah and Marcel, which was far more preferable.

    Bringing Rebekah into The Originals was never going to be entirely straightforward; after all, she just had a long summer fling with Matt, who helped to reawaken some of her humanity. I suppose that wasn't going to last, though, because she's far too much fun when she lets loose. With the backdoor pilot covering the introduction of Klaus to New Orleans, and the true pilot focusing on Elijah's arrival, it follows that this is essentially Rebekah's entrance episode.

    It's partially an exposition dump, so the episode has a lot to do to find balance. Reframing Rebekah as a kill-first-ask-later character takes a bit of time, and her strained relationship with Klaus gets more exploration than we've ever seen. Naturally, it focuses on Marcel, who also gets something of an origin story. When Klaus says that his family created Marcel, he's not kidding; pretty much every member of the family (at least those on The Originals) had some part in crafting who Marcel has become.

    So far I've focused on the vampires, because frankly, that's the only part of the show that is working right now. All of the witch-related material is leaving me cold. Not just because the witch material in The Vampire Diaries wound up being tied to a character I've grown to dislike (Bonnie), but because characters like Davina just seem like pretty plot devices. Until more is done to explain their role in the story, they are going to feel extraneous. Thankfully, Rebekah and Marcel gave me enough to enjoy to keep this from sliding too far.moreless
  • The Originals.

    This episode was very interesting for me, it showed the back story of Marcel and the Mikaelson family and how they were all those centuries ago with the Governor having made some sort of deal with the family. But also how Klaus was reckless back then and by killing the Governor's son all because Rebekah was in love with him and the fact she wanted to turn him. On the way to the funeral this is where Klaus meets Marcel, who was being beaten as a young teenager and takes him in and raises him like he was family and again Rebekah starts to fall in love with Marcel and Marcel is also in love with Rebekah, but Klaus wont have any part of it so he stakes Rebekah. Fast forward to now and Rebekah with some advice from Hayley pays a visit to Marcel to find out where Elijah is and with some persuasion Marcel agrees. This is where we see Davina and Elijah is there in his coffin, but Rebekah cannot do anything to help Elijah. This young girl Davina has some major power, I don't know what / who she is and even when Rebekah went home to tell Klaus that Marcel and Davina have Elijah, Davina had whipped her memory so they don't even know where Elijah is being kept. I did love that last scene. This Show Is Very Good. Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up.moreless
  • Whatever It Takes

    I loved this 2nd episode!

    It was really awesome to see more flashbacks to get Marcel's history with the Original Family it added so much more depth to all of the characters particularly Marcel!

    I adored Rebekah's entrance into town she is such a badass!

    I loved Hayley's 'bonding' with both Rebekah and Klaus I am super excited to see that Hybrid-baby

    I am also stoked to see more of Davina she seems really intriguing!

    I hope Rebekah and Klaus can save Elijah!

    All in all this 2nd episode was awesome and I cannot wait 4 next week!moreless
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Alexandra Metz


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McCarrie McCausland

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    • Marcel: The city of New Orleans. People of all stripes and flavors from all over the country come here to party on our streets. Some are just looking for fun. Some are looking for something a little darker, more dangerous. So, we invite them into my home and we give it to them. Then, at the stroke of midnight, everything changes, and it's time to feed.

    • Marcel: Why didn't you tell me your sister's back in town?
      Klaus: I thought it'd be more amusing for you to find out for yourself.
      Marcel: Is there anything else that I need to know?
      Klaus: Only that she's grown considerably more insane in the last century.
      Marcel: Or maybe that it was her who killed my guys.
      Klaus: Doubtful. Unless that biker bar is frequented by small-town high school quarterbacks, I can't imagine she'd be interested.

    • Klaus: (voiceover) My siblings and I are the first vampires in all of history. The Original Family. Three centuries ago, we helped build a town called New Orleans. Now a plot by witches has lured me back, hoping that I will defeat a tyrant, a vampire I created. My brother hopes I will find redemption through the power of family, a miracle child, part werewolf, part vampire, a hybrid. My sister is doubtful; she thinks I am beyond redemption. Despite my brother's best efforts, I have a plan of my own. I will take back my home and reclaim what was mine. I will be king.

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