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Season 1 Episode 15

Le Grand Guignol

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 2014 on The CW
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Klaus shares his disturbing memories with Camille while Hayley is trying to have Sabine break the curse she placed on her family. Elijah will make an unexpected alliance to ruin Celeste's plan moments before a recovered Klaus attempts to exact the ultimate revenge on his own sister.


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  • Great episode

    We got to see exactly why Michael was so scary all those years ago, and we also get some insight into why Klaus is the way he is. Great episode, spoiled only by the return of Cami
  • The price of immortality

    It was probably smart to put Cami in charge of keeping an eye on Klaus, but Klaus was not kept down very long and he used most of the episode to fill Cami in on his family history. Mikael abused Klaus as a child, beating him for stealing a blade that Rebekah stole and terrorizing him because he was not his child. Mikael loved his own children and was a little less harsh on them at least he didn't really try to kill them.

    According to Mikael, Klaus was starved for any scrap of approval and love from Mikael, no wonder Klaus is so screwed up. I wonder why, if Mikael never loved Klaus and knew he wasn't his child, why did he make him a vampire all those years ago?

    Klaus also knows his siblings well after a thousand years he knows how they think and anticipated their every move, well maybe not Elijah stabbing him.

    Celeste was also outsmarted by Elijah, who trapped Celeste back in her own body and chose his family again over her. And Elijah again being the noble one willing to give up Haley so she could break the curse on her pack.moreless
  • I Will Miss Bastianna.

    As much as i loved the Flashbacks of 1919 and the return of Mikael, at least we had the chance to see what Mikael had done in the past. How Mikael hated his bastard son Klaus, which we knew from TVD, but to this extent (i had no idea). With the same breathe Mikael said he loved Elijah and then said he loved Rebekah, did he love any of his children. The triangle between Celeste, Hayley and Elijah, i have to say Celeste planned everything beautifully down to the last letter, what she said to Elijah about Hayley (which i hope does come true). Because the last thing i want is Hayley and Elijah together, unfortunately Celeste committing suicide only to go back into her own body and then have Elijah kill her, i didn't like (i wanted her to stay around for awhile). Now we have Davina back, but will she be the same with all her powers that she had before (who's to know) the only powerful witch we have left is Genevieve. Now Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah are trapped in the cemetery together. Fantastic Episode.moreless
  • Unstoppable Revenge!

    Wow I loved this episode, it was so great to see more of the flashbacks from 1919 to see the parallel between the sibling's relationship during that time and the present was very engrossing!

    I also adored seeing Cami back in the swing of things her and Klaus's interactions were and are always intriguing!

    Hayley was also incredibly calculating in this episode I love seeing that side of her!

    I am so psyched for next week to see more of this Klaus's revenge storylinemoreless
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Shannon Kane

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