The Originals

Season 1 Episode 9

Reigning Pain in New Orleans

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 2013 on The CW
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Reigning Pain in New Orleans

Marcel is surprised when Klaus reveals him things about his past. Cami tries to understand what some messages she found mean and she finds out information about Klaus' past. The human factions decide to take action which lead to violence. Hayley learns of a plan to harm the werewolves in the bayou, so she asks for Elijah's and Rebekah's assistance. They run into Eve, another werewolf, who shares shocking information.


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  • Klaus has found out his wolf family are in town

    Another amazing episode. LOVE IT!! Klaus has found out his wolf family are in town. Awesome. (Hope they kill Tyler)
  • Anti-climatic but still a good episode

    It was a good episode. However I feel that they have some really unnecessary plot lines they need to get rid of.

    What exactly is Cami's purpose in this show? I feel she's being so forced into a show where she really doesn't belong. Sorry, but human characters aren't usually very interesting in supernatural shows, and she isn't either. I find myself bored every time she's on screen. She repeats the same thing every singe time, going on about her brother or having a degree in psychology. Cami, no one cares. You aren't important.

    I also fail to see Klaus's infatuation with her. I didn't understand it with Caroline and I don't understand it with Camille either. Their scenes are so repetitive and annoying. Klaus whines about his childhood, then she states the obvious that he's the reason he's unhappy, then she whines about her past, then they cry together, then he compels her to forget everything, then he leaves. The end.

    Also, what the hell! You mean to tell me Klaus will move heaven and earth to make sure some irrelevant bartender with a fake psyche degree stays safe, but he doesn't give a damn what happens to the mother of his child? That's just cold even for Klaus. I'm not saying he has to love Hayley, but jeez her life should matter to him. I felt bad for Hayley after that scene.

    Overall,I'm really trying to care about Cami, but I'm sorry it's just not happening.

    I did enjoy the Davina, Josh, Hayley scenes though.

    Davina: "You're Hayley, Klaus's wife"

    Hayley: " Eww, No, never" LMAO

    For some reason I think the writers are hinting at making something happen between Klaus and Hayley in the far future though. I don't know it just seemed foreshadowing, maybe I'm reading to much into it.

    But best part of the episode for me was Klaus and Marcel. You see these are characters that actually serve a purpose on this show.

    I feel like Hayley/Elijah is very weird honestly, I can't get past the fact that he wants to have sex with a pregnant girl who's carrying his niece, his brothers baby. Thinking of it creeps me out.

    But I did like the last scene between Klaus/Elijah. I hope Elijah backs off Hayley and realizes he needs to fix his relationship with Klaus first.

  • With the show being on the right track to start derailing soon, secondary characters are proved to be show-saviors...


    It is unbelievable how a show that started so great can so quickly get downgraded into a mediocre mess of unrealism (even for a supernatural show) with some awesome moments now and then, all coming from secondary characters.

    1) For the first bullet, it is now more apparent than ever that ALL the protagonists are unsympathetic. No surprise for Klaus and maybe Rebekah but Elijah and Hayley had good elements that the writers should use to counter the lunatic "bastard of a brother" and the spontaneous "Barbie original naive vampie".

    2) When you are dealing with supernatural shows, you must be really careful not to be fooled for the position of the line that separates "realistic situations" and "ridiculously unrealistic situations". Apparently, THE ORIGINALS are stampeding on this line. After the most ridiculous attempt to overpower Klaus (in a way not even a strong human could be overpowered if I may add) on the previous episode, we get to see a failure of a meeting between the town's leaders and the new vampire king Klaus and of course the implications. Bullets came out of nowhere to the vampire bar killing vamps when they could go in the interior/shadowy part of the bar and Klaus should go out there and find out who started shooting. Now, the council wants to have us believe that this was a warning to Klaus without even thinking of the word "retaliation" or "war". Oh my, it seems that not only the New Orleans' vampires are utterly stupid but the humans as well. They should have an operation of complete wipe out or do nothing. Of course, Klaus kills them all and the council doesn't have a safekey for this matter. Ok. yes, I believe it. Who would have thought that you will get killed by a vampire when you are starting to disagree with him? Anyways, I would like to see a real war between humans and the Originals. Bring heavy weaponry against the original bloodsuckers. Let's see their limit which, judging from the lame way Finn and Kol were killed, must be pretty low, despite they can't be killed. Plus I was expecting a diplomatic approach from Klaus from the very beggining. He can't possibly think that the humans will become his subjects as well. Even he is not that delusional.

    3) Elijah is getting boring and repetitive, Rebekah is once again betrayed by her love interest (go find Matt, stupid girl!), Hayley is becoming more and more indifferent and hideous. It's not exactly the lack of character development on behalf of the protagonists, it's their reactions just not fitting for creatures who are supposed to be a millennium old. They should watch the entire world so differently and "deep", but they just act like a malfunctioned (dysfunctional is too light a word to use) family... I like the repetitiveness though, it teaches us that no matter how much lifetime we have we will continue making the same mistakes over and over again in different ways.

    4) Fortunately for this show, the secondary characters (Cami, her uncle, Josh, Davina) are delivering intriguing plots and a splendid performance, things that are to keep me interested as long as the writing doesn't ruin their characters, something that is almost happening with Davina (she is mad Marcel is lying to her but she believes she has the right to lie to him). Cami is my all-time-favorite, I love her interactions, her intelligence, everything. And I really find cute the interactions between Davina and Josh, I seriously root for them, Davina trusts him and Josh is lovable and wants to help her. I really hope they will run away together with Cami.

    5) I don't know what made Elijah believe that Klaus truly cares for the child and bringing the werewolf descendants of Klaus in is convenient writing to the fullest extent, should really be left out.

    6) As it happened for the last couple of episodes, what really keeps me intrigued is the end. Although I do find it awkward that Davina went to Cami for help...

    7) If the show continues this path, it will start derailing soon, which is a real shame if you think that it started great and has so much potential.moreless
  • loved it

    OMG! I loved this episode! I love Cami!! I ship klaus with Cami!!!!
  • A Uneasy Alliance

    Whew this was a awesome mid-season finale!

    I loved Klaus's decimation of the human faction that was pretty great!

    Finding out more about the Bayou Werewolf Clan and their deepening connection to Klaus was a major highlight for me and I hope we see more of that in the new year

    Marcel and Klaus's shaky alliance is so cool to watch they have such a dynamic & complicated relationship

    Watching Cami's arc in this episode was super fascinating she is really a amazing human character I hate how Klaus can't just let her in, I am dying to see her & Klaus get together, as much I love (klaroline aka Klaus & Caroline pairing) The more and more I see of Cami and Klaus's interactions and the way Cami always calls Klaus out on his crap and how she constantly challenges him especially in this episode the more I hope to see them get together soon before the end of this 1st Season

    I also really liked having Davina finally meet Hayley seeing them interact was pretty great.

    I am loving the Josh & Davina friendship more and more and seeing Davina starting to finally fight back is incredibly juicy and entertaining stuff

    Watching the burgeoning relationship between Elijah and Hayley is so awesome

    I cannot wait 4 January 14th to see more episodes this series has totally hooked me!moreless

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