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Monday 8:00 PM on The CW Premiered Oct 03, 2013 Returning October 6, 2014


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  • Call me naive...

    But I was expecting the Buffy-Angel relation when I heard of a Vampire Diaries spin-off. It's just a piece of crap spitting out an even worse piece of crap.
  • Brilliant Cast and Amazing Show

    I love that the anchor point of this show is family unlike the The Vampire Diaries which has its basis on the love triangle between Stefan,Damon and show is very mature and the actors especially Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies are incredibly talented
  • Amazing show!!!

    I love this show, the baby was adorable and the finale was lovely. However maybe they could add a tiny bit more love, maybe not as much as tvd but I think Elijah and Hayley should actually be a couple. Plus why is season 2 of this and season 6 of tvd coming in October, it'ages away yet)-:
  • This show is PERFECTION! I want More!!!

    I LOVE this show. Family over everything, always and forever. I'm sick and tired of romance ruining a great story esp when it comes to horror/supernatural shows/movies. Vampire Diaries love triangle with Nina and the brothers is overrated and boring just stop it. FINALLY we get to see a show focused on family instead of love and women jumping from one bed to another after one date! I CAN'T WAIT FIR SEASON 2!
  • Class

    Kinda backwards but didn't watch vampire diaries till after I watched Originals first so didn't know it was spin-off after catching up with both got say Originals season 1 was class can't wait for season 2
  • The Originals did it Best!

    Did i cry This was an emotional and stunningly directed episode. Hayley, Klaus, Elijah deserve a standing ovation for their performances. Rebekah getting out of her car had me in tears already. Klaus's promise to his little girl (Hope Mikaelson) just priceless. We are set up for a fantastic and drama filled second season. New witch (Daniel Sharman) coming to town, (miss Bad-ass Witch) and of cause the ever "not so loving" Mikaelson parents. Would have like to see Kol possibility making an appearance but that will probably not happen. All in all it was an Epic Finale to season one of The Originals.
  • From the cradle to the grace

    OMG!!!! This episode had me crying it was so good please keep writing and please don't be so long coming back love this show!!!!!!
  • Love, love, love this episode

    Just finished watching Episode 22 A New Hope---got a little teary-eyed at the end. Well done, and looking forward to seeing what happens next!
  • Strangely makes you side for the Michealsons...

    Thank God that wasn't the season finale, I really thought it was for a moment. What a brilliant episode, twists and turns at every corner, bring on more!
  • now that was fun

    the story took a nice thrilling turn, cant wait to see what the Mikaelsons will do now
  • superb !!!!!!!!!!

    klaus is getting much more interesting here

    nice story plz continue it we love this
  • more originals

    fine watching what more can u ask for and may the contiue to produce waiting for season two
  • Good Supernatural Suspense

    keeps you at the edge of your seat
  • Best vampire story since Anne Rice...

    In this day and age, where all sorts of supernatural beings are so popular in fiction, let's face it, we've kinda lost our common sense and accepts anything supernatural, no matter how many times the story has been told before or how bad it's told. The sense of originality has been lost along the way, there hasn't really been an original vampire/immortal being story since Anne Rice's 'Interview with the vampire' - until now. With 'The Originals' some of that much missed originality seems to have returned, as it should, with a title like that.

    'The Originals' is a story about the oldest and first vampires. The last two/three siblings, out of a group of six, which has lived for a thousand years, they're still learning about life and struggling, healing from old wounds. They're trying to find their place and make peace in the a town which they've helped build, centuries prior, and has just returned after nearly two centuries, a town they call home. With them, they have their struggles, both with them selves, their past and each other. But as the other supernatural beings in the town (vampires, witches and werewolves) aren't too happy to share and wars develop out of hate, revenge and jealousy. Schemes and plots are planned in the darkness and brings our original vampires both pain, frustration and sorrow.

    The protagonists in this story are antagonists from 'The Vampire Diaries', which means that our protagonists in this story can't always be considered "good", they tent to do and handle things in a questionable way, to which they would come out as "the bad guy", but even so, you can't help but love them, as you get to know them and learn of the things they had to live through. The main characters have depth, goals and as the show goes on, there's character development every now and then, keeping the character and plot interesting.

    In the three main roles, we have: Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Claire Holt playing the three original siblings and they do an amazing job! They've brought the characters to life in a way, that you feel the characters through the screen. You root for-, cry- and grin/smirk with- and get angry/ frustrated with them.... It can't really be described, it needs to be experienced...

    The show is a spin-off from 'The Vampire Diaries' and I guess you can watch this show separately, but I do recommend to watch at least season 2,3 and 4 of TVD, since a lot of important things and character development, happens to 'The Originals' characters in those seasons, which gives a deeper understanding of them from things in their past and relationships. And although the plot in TVD can seem tedious and something you've seen before, the originals characters and story lines, makes it worth watching!

    Summing up; being a person who enjoys supernatural and original fiction, I find this show so refreshing!! For once, difficult/forbidden love isn't the theme, actually there's barely any romance - yet! The focus lies with family bonds, past vs. present, fighting your demons and finding your role, a place where you are needed, where you belong; finally being free after a thousand years of running and hiding. The supernatural beings are "believable", meaning they stick to the myth. Expect with the garlic and holy water, which has been replaced by a herbal called vervain and the sunlight problem is fixed with a magic ring, which is brought along from TVD. The originals aren't bound by the sun though and only a stake made of special wood, through the heart can kill them, but being an original vampire ought to have it's perks... :P

    So, if you like supernatural fiction and originality, this show is DEFIANTLY worth watching!
  • claroline fun

    i hope caroline come to the originals <3
  • Great show !!!

    this show is awesome i love how its like a continuation to vampire diaries originals made vampire diaries live them all funny,scary,witty
  • Awesome Show!

    Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan are amazing! Great actors! Real actors! Actually the whole cast is pretty good.

    It's a beautifully done show! Hope it lasts at least 10 seasons!

    Love, love, love it!
  • a very good begining

    i thought this show would be like trying to get juice from a dry orange, but they got really good ideas. lets wish the producers keep it like this and dont make the show more long than it should really be. (like tvd on my opinion)
  • the originals love this show

    I Watched The first episode of couple days ago i reckon it is a better show on the top good to see a spin off of the vampire diaries love both shows I would have to say the originals has to be my most favourite show For this year so keep up the good work Thanks for two awesome tv shows
  • love this show

    love the originals ,,, best show ever on tv
  • 2nd best

    I like it but ever since this show was made, they have been up against The Vampire Diaries and they are saying that they are better and TVD is lacking something but The Originals has been on for five minutes and TVD has been on for years, I think someone needs to remind them that they were on TVD aswell so they can't actually say anything bad about TVD.
  • Original Family

    LOVE IT! This show is quickly surpassing The Vampire Diaries. The cast is strong (and hot!!) the story-lines are better and it has a more adult feel. In my opinion the best new show this year.
  • 2 words...

    freaking awesome !

    i must admit, i'm a guy who hates vampire stories, probably because of the cheesy twilight stuff

    but this show really rocks

    perfect story, not even a single bad episode so far

    perfect cast

    to me, best new show this year
  • This show is one of the best on TV

    Probably one of the best vampire series to ever grace the tv screen. Klaus makes this series what it is and Elijah, Rebecca and Marcel up the ante even more. Great acting from these guys and gal and they keep it interesting. You never know exactly what they'll do. Will they place nice or rip your heart out. I can honestly say I don't give a damn about Devina or Cammie.
  • Claus

    This show is incredible. Way better than the vampire diaries to me. At least there is a balance between the vampire stories and the love stories. I would wish Claus would end up with the human Camel. I wonder what up-springs would come out from that.
  • Great job!

    I love the story, and I love the originals family. We have fight for power and fight to keep family together, some romance but not too much. also we have Vampires vs vampires, witches vs vampires, in the same time and all together it makes this show really great to watch.

    Also, I love Elijah voice and Elijah character. He is a #1 star in this show.

    All the boring stuff from VD stays in VD world (mostly drama around love triangle), everything good from that show has been moved here. I love it!
  • The originals

    Its the best spin off ever!! I love the originals <3
  • nos omnia perdita aliam

    We all lose someone. Not very profound, but true. Who hasn't lost someone. Not much of a clue really.
  • Huh, Who'da Thunk?

    Much better than I thought it would be. Hopefully, they'll have some crossover or character visits ie, Buffy/Angel, but only time will tell. Enjoying it MUCH more than TVD as of late. TVD seems to have run it's course, and just isn't compelling anymore.
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree that The Originals is the best spinoff ever! I love this show, each episode gets even better!!!!!
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