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  • Haley

    I'm tired of seeing Haley acting as holy than art in season 4... she has killed plenty the stricts who killed the Guerra wolves for the rings the people she killed when she turned into a hybrid.. season 4 for her has got her acting too innocent and claiming Eliza is so evil .. didn't like the part her telling Eliza to give the knife to hers to give was they change Haley back to where her character fits her best.. bad one!!! And keep Devina out too her as an anchester or have hope put her in her place !!
  • What?!

    The show has always kept me intrigued no doubt. But I've made it to season 3 an wow! What the bleep is going on?! Why did they have to kill Jackson? And I mean come on they're were already supposedly a shortage of cresent wolves but then they slaughtered just about every wolf on the show and then kill their Alpha off!? (does someone not like wolves very much?)Why Jackson though. I'm so disappointed! He was one of the only wholesome, down to earth, genuinely good men on the show! (No offense to the others of course) Jackson deserved to go out at least better than that! I at least hope for the sake of sanity that they write something in to make sure he's not forgotten. Maybe Jackson left a gift with Haley, so to speak, to carry on his lineage. (Maybe Hope will have a little brother? Eh?) Or some how he gets brought back. I mean they do it in this show all the time, why not, right? And Cami! Oh my goodness. Everything is just kind of spinning out so fast. I heard that they kill her off to eventually though. Seems like that's how all shows like to end anymore is just to kill everyone off til there's no one left to make a show with. I really like Cami so I hope they find a way for her to stick around if nothing else. Klaus needs her and they are a fitting match somehow. And of course Davina and Kol! So great for Kol to be showing humanity and actual feeling for once, to know that even he is capable.
  • Love this show, Keep it!

    I love it, keeps me in suspense all the time, I love the characters. I can not wait to see what happens in each episode. One of my favorite shows. Can't wait for season 4 to be on Netflix.
  • Good job

    I loved it!
  • Good job!

    everything is amazing, from the first episode until now, season 4 episode 2. It really is. All of the characters that died, died for a reason. No need to drag something out when their role in the show is over. Every episode is exciting, fresh, very well put together. And I'm not even going to start on the actors. All of them, truly talented. I would like to see more of the Originals all together (fighting Marcel maybe).

    I know this show was a spin-off of the Vampire Diaries. However, this show has nothing to do with the diaries or anything that was happening on that show. I actually thought it wasn't going to last this long but I was so wrong, and I'm glad I was, it is incredible. Sorry Julie Plec.

    If there's anything I would like to see more, probably the fighting, action, I think that is one of the things that makes this show great. Hayley kicks ass, so does Elijah, not to mention Klaus. And if it's possible, show more of Rebekah (I know Claire Holt started doing another show but I hope that doesn't mean she's not going to be on the Originals at all).

    Overall, thank you Julie, great job!
  • wowww keep it up !

    LOVE THIS SHOW AMAZING ! <3 i should give u A+++++ thank u for this amazing journey :D <3 make more eps and seasons
  • Team Klaus-Haley

    I love the show. But there are just too many love triangles/squares in it. every character seems to have a romantic relationship with at least 2 other characters.

    I think the writers should clear their minds and finally decide who is perfect for who.

    the show needs a central/focus love team, much like TVD, and I think it should be Haley & Klaus. A love triangle would be a bit distasteful since they have a child and it has already been done by TVD.

    I would want Klaus and Haley to just hook up and fall in this deep, passionate, dependent relationship in an, us vs the world style. that everyone just has to deal with this scary power couple and others wanting to destroy their relationship to like lessen/divide their power.

    And I think there are just too many strong characters in the story, there should be a defined heroine and hero in the story and everyone else should just fall in supporting roles. so I think getting rid of Cami and Davina and keeping them away is a great move.

    I think this show has a lot of potential, I would hate to see it go because of bad ratings.

    I hope they get the writers get their thing together.
  • Seoson 4 (my thoughts)

    They are not cancelling anything. They just got rid of excess baggage. This show will fast forward 20 years or so. Granted this is my opinion, but Hope will have grown, Haley finally finds some cures and they will dig Klaus out. Got rid of Davina cause she ages. Got rid of the cop cause he ages. Cammie does not age so I do not know why to get rid of her. But in general everything will be alright. Sort of. There is still Marcel to deal with and who know what Vincent will become, but in general an interesting 4th season it shall be.
  • My favorite show

    I love the originals they're always on the move I hope this shows doesn't get cancelled because it would be really devastating
  • Stupidity

    I really think that most of the characters in TO is stupid, sure they have made stupid things and great enemies in the past but all(but Vincent) seem to miss that almost every bad thing that has happened have been the works of the ancectors not the Michaelssons. So I hope this will work, not holding my breath though.
  • No peace for Klaus

    why kill Cami character ?so disappointed.....
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  • why ruin the plot???

    When you watch both the vampire diaries and the originals, they just keep ruining two good shows!! I hope this was a glimps of the future and not what will acutally happen!! I am refering to the scene where the waitress sais klaus has been gone for 3 years.... klaus is the heart of the show... so i hope they are not taking him out of the show!
  • Change the day.

    Plz change the day too friday....
  • Best Show On TV Right Now

    There have been very few TV Series or even movies where I do not pause for a second to critique the acting, the plot, or the choice of actor for a role but The originals straight up hypnotizes me. The direction of the series seems infinite and the writing decisions made have been outstanding. Nothing bothers me more then predictability and a feud between the bloodlines which stems from VPD was a ingenious tangent rather then go with another dead relative !!!!! Thank you for an hour away from reality once a week......
  • Luv Baby Hope

    She is walking now AWWW! Great Show!
  • great show.

    I love this show. More Bloody and mature than vampire Diaries though the writers need to come up with a new threat. Seriously this show has strongest, most cunning, Bad As*** on Tv and they need a better challenge.

    I like Elijah and I just have to say everytime an arrogant A H taunts him that he can't get to them he proves them wrong with class.
  • Love hate relationship

    I absolutely love to hate Klaus.
  • Better Show then Vampire Diaries

    Watching This Show just Bcoz of the Bad Boy Klaus :)
  • Klaus Mikaelson#1

    i watch this show just bcz of this an extraordinary
  • Klaus Mikaelson

    This show is amazing. I think what makes it so special is Klaus because there are slight moments when you think he is going to become good and loving, and boom he does something and all you can do is smile and say, That's the Klaus I know. The plots have been outstanding so far. I think the Originals should take a page out TVD most recent season though and somehow find a way to make Klaus even stronger by giving him witch powers making I say it a "tribred" wolf, vampire, and witch. Thus making him even more immortal than he is now. Cause let's be the real, the witches are still the most powerful and makes them a worthy adversary, but their tactics are just boring.
  • Klaus

    EVERYBODY WHO AGAINST KLAUS IS THE ENEMY! I'm upset with Elijah such a disappointment he had me fooled that's what I get tho KLAUS be righttt even when he seem so wrong they gonna get Hope taken with they STUPID ASSES!!! I legit cried I love Klaus. Ugh his siblings suck right now ahhhh lmfao when Fraya turn out to be everything Klaus said she is. Daliah wanted everybody against Klaus so did Fraya shocking.....
  • Amazing Show

    Its An amazing serious even better than TVD

  • So tired of all the whining!

    I liked it so much better when Klaus was a threat and not a whiny child having tantrums. I mean I like the show and watch it faithfully every week, but it seems to have gotten so far off the mark from what TVD had built this original family up to be and I am disappointed.

    It's sad that I was kinda glad Klaus got staked tonight. Maybe the writers will make him be more bad ass when the dagger is removed from his chest.

    I really hope the writers step it up soon. Kinda hope Caroline will show up all emotions off and crazy to spritz things up in Klaus' world :)
  • Far Superior to The Vampire Diaries

    I've seen a few episodes of TVD but haven't been too impressed by them. The Originals is almost like a completely different show, confined to New Orleans, as it takes the best characters from its parent show and gives them an excellent series, with twists, turns and unpredictable moments happening more than once per episode. It's one of the strongest shows on the CW and each episode just gets better and better.

    You don't have to be familiar with TVD to check this show out as well, as I wasn't when I gave it a go. Addictive, compelling and enthralling, The Originals is well worth a try if you're looking for something different to its parent series.
  • why do they tease us

    i wish they wouldn't tease us by making us wait so long for the originals episodes I get very frustrated and why don't they make more to air the episodes twice a week or something grrrrr
  • I really love this show

    First off you really don't need to have watched the Vampire Dairies to follow this show or really get into it. It may help but not necessary. I love the fact that this show is based out of New Orleans and how it brings the New Orleans culture to life with the vampires, witches, and of course werewolves. Having lived in New Orleans for 4 years believe me they got this spot on especially the cemeteries. The story line and character development is great and it keeps you on your toes and on the edge of your seat. The news development with Klause's and Haley's daughter is awesome can't wait to find out what powers the baby has if she lives. The arrival of Aunt Dahlia is almost here. Wow they really know how to keep the suspense and drama coming in this series. Over all I would recommend this TV series to anyone.
  • Really enjoying this show

    I heard that Klaus was supposed to be taken off the Vampire Diaries at the end of the season that he was introduced, but they decided to keep him on since he was so great. I'm really glad they kept the Original Vampire storyline going in Vampire Diaries, and now this spin off. This show is much darker than Vampire Diaries. There are still some sappy characters, but for the most part it has a very good cast. Klaus and Elijah are great as always. I don't want to spoil it, so I'll just say that most of the additional characters in Season 2 are excellent. Awesome show!
  • The Originals Show. A Very Nice Show.

    This is a show whereby a family swore to each other to remain together forever.

    Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood... it has been over a decade since the last time a vampire movie or tv show wasn't centered around a mild, tedious love story between a girl and a boy (or two, or three, with the only spin being that one of them had fangs!

    The Originals finally did it! They broke the "romance spell" and focused on their identity. Of course there is romance in the air, it would have been a pity not to, with such immortal beauty walking around the New Orleans' surreal scenery, but Klaus and Elijah don't put their casual love inerests before their values - no matter how questionable these might be - nor all the universe conspires in helping them to find true love.

    The plot is fast-paced, with funny witty dialogues, action and sentimental moments, when needed and the characters are strictly structured. Thankfully, they don't have weird behavioral and personality changes, in order to support any given episode.

    And a short tribute to our beloved, invincible hybrid: first time I laid eyes on Klaus I admit I was a little sceptical. I thought "Is this angel face boy, with the blond curls and the baby-blue eyes the main villain, the mere mention of whose name makes everyone quiver?". It didn't take me more than two episodes to realise, however, that Joseph Morgan's Klaus is the best fictional vampire after Gary Oldman's Dracula, and that alone speaks volumes...
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