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Season 5 : Episode 5

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  • Always and Forever
    Episode 1

    Klaus Mikaelson, the original vampire-werewolf hybrid, returns to his past in New Orleans and meets with his former protege, Marcel, a charismatic vampire with control over the city's inhabitants. Elijah follow him and learns that werewolf Hayley is in the hands of a powerful witch, Sophie Deveraux. Elijah finds that Hayley is pregnant and feels that the Original family may have been given a second chance at humanity. Klaus is more interested in Marcel who has control over the city's supernatural inhabitants. Klaus decides that he wants his city back.

  • House of the Rising Son

    Rebekah arrives to New Orleans after Elijah's persistence, where Hayley has news for her. She asks for Sophie's assistance, because she believes that Klaus has dangerous plans. Hayley takes matters into her own hands but things get out of control. Klaus wants to learn Marcel's weapon, so he moves on with his plan. In the same time, Marcel reminds Rebekah of the sorrows Klaus has brought in her life and get's Davina's help in his plan.

  • Tangled Up in Blue
    Tangled Up in Blue
    Episode 3

    After finding out information about Marcel from a person of his inner circle, Klaus and Rebekah try to bring him down from within with Sophie's assistance despite Elijah's concerns. Rebekah invites Cami to Marcel's vampire party which upsets him. Hayley learns from Sabine that the supernatural world in New Orleans are not welcoming to the birth of a hybrid baby.

  • Girl in New Orleans

    Davina convinces Marcel to let her go to the Dauphine Street Music Festival, but he has Cami keeping an eye on her. Hayley visits a doctor in the bayou and she is shocked by what she discovers. Cami reveals information about her past and Rebekah wants to find out more about a meeting that involved Elijah.

  • Sinners and Saints
    Sinners and Saints
    Episode 5

    Klaus is angry with Sophie when his unborn baby gets in danger. Elijah and Rebekah learn something about Sophie's past. Marcel asks Klaus to with him to the bayou, while Rebekah, Hayley and Sophie have plans of their own. Daniella has an unexpected ally to whom she reveals disturbing information about the witches.

  • Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

    Klaus takes extreme measures to protect Hayley and their child. Cami has problems dealing with her past, so she turns to Father Kieran for assistance. Marcel does not know who to trust, so he visits an old friend to get advice and Davina gradually learns how to deal with her magic.

  • Bloodletting
    Episode 7

    After some surprising news Hayley is worried about herself and her baby. As the tension between them grows, Klaus and Elijah ask from Sabine to find Hayley. Klaus has a dangerous meeting at the bayou. At the same time Davina makes a surprising connection and Marcel makes an offer to Rebekah.

  • 11/26/13

    Rebekah has a difficult decision to make and she addresses Father Kieran for help. Elijah and Klaus quarrel and Elijah needs to face the consequences of that. Hayley supports him, but she is distracted by someone who can can give her information about her past. Cami tries to depict a message. Marcel finds information about Klaus that upset him.

  • 12/3/13

    Marcel is surprised when Klaus reveals him things about his past. Cami tries to understand what some messages she found mean and she finds out information about Klaus' past. The human factions decide to take action which lead to violence. Hayley learns of a plan to harm the werewolves in the bayou, so she asks for Elijah's and Rebekah's assistance. They run into Eve, another werewolf, who shares shocking information.

  • The Casket Girls
    Episode 10

    Camille gets her memories back thanks to Davina. Sophie asks Hayley for help to find Celeste's grave. Davina confronts Klaus, Elijah and Marcel about their betrayel.

  • 1/21/14

    Davina loses control her powers and becomes violently ill and sends shockwaves, winds and rainstorms through the French Quarter. Elijah approaches the Sophie for answers and is informed that the Harvest Festival needs to be completed to save Davina. Hayle angers Elijah when she comes clean to about her role in Sophie's plan to complete the Harvest by consecrating Celeste dubois’s remains. Meanwhile Marcel takes Davina into hiding to prevent the Harvest ritual from being completed.

  • 1/28/14

    Papa Tunde returns to New Orleans, with flashbacks to his last confrontation with the Originals.

  • Crescent City
    Episode 13

    Sophie is shocked by the resurrection of Monique Devereux at the cemetery. Father Kieran finds himself in a great deal of trouble after being marked by a Witch from his past at the re-opening of St. Anne’s Church. Diego contacts Klaus after finding Papa Tunde’s sacrificed body at the Cauldron. It is clear that the Witches have declared war on the Original Vampires.

    Worried about Hayley’s safety, Elijah instructs Rebekah to take Hayley to the plantation house. With the full moon looming, Hayley lets Rebekah in on her plan to throw a party for her werewolf clan at the plantation house, but things take a dangerous turn when uninvited guests arrive.

    Marcel approaches Sophie and Monique with a plan to resurrect the remaining witches sacrificed from the Harvest. Meanwhile, Camille is conflicted when she makes a difficult decision involving the safety of Father Kieran, and Elijah finds himself facing his own dilemma when he has to choose between Hayley and his siblings.

    Finally, Klaus takes drastic measures to find the resurrected Witches resulting in dangerous repercussions that affect everyone involved.

  • 2/25/14

    Rebekah struggles with memories of her past while Klaus is informed of the reason his father appeared in N.Orleans back at 1919. Elijah will have to figure out a riddle to accomplish his goal and later choose between letting Klaus exact his revenge or save his sister from the hybrid's wrath.

  • Le Grand Guignol
    Episode 15

    Klaus shares his disturbing memories with Camille while Hayley is trying to have Sabine break the curse she placed on her family. Elijah will make an unexpected alliance to ruin Celeste's plan moments before a recovered Klaus attempts to exact the ultimate revenge on his own sister.

  • 3/11/14

    In the attempt to protect his sister from Klaus' wrath, Elijah reveals him a devastating rushed decision Rebekah once made as Marcel faces a dilemma which includes Davina's fate.

  • 3/18/14

    Elijah undertakes Klaus' royal responsibilities and attempts to restore peace in the kingdom as the latter tries to distract himself. Hayley finds that Sabine was honest while a desperate and confused Marcel prepares to plot against the new powers that be.

  • The Big Uneasy
    Episode 18
    Genevieve asks Elijah to allow her coven to publicly celebrate a traditional feast day, where members of the community offer the witches gifts in return for blessings. Meanwhile, Elijah makes plans to restore his home to its former glory; and Klaus sends Cary, a werewolf from his own line, to find a missing piece of family history.moreless
  • An Unblinking Death
    Episode 19
    Cami's good intentions lead Kieran to a violent episode. Meanwhile, Elijah and Klaus disagree over how to handle the Crescent Wolves. Elijah travels to the bayou and witnesses a horrific explosion that only adds to the hatred among the communities. Later, Hayley learns a surprising piece of her family history from Marcel.moreless
  • 4/29/14

    Klaus' troubling dreams of Mikael turn out to be harbingers of a more serious threat to him, Hayley, and their unborn child. Camille mourns the death of her uncle while trying to discover more about her family's legacy. Davina's magical education leads her to a startling discovery.

  • 5/6/14

    While the alliance between the witch faction and a forgotten and incognito clan is being revealed, the Originals are too preoccupied with Marcel's rebellion, which is to give to the witches the distraction they need to capture and prepare the sacrifice their ancestors demand. In the meantime, Klaus will regret the donation he made to Genevieve in the most horrific way and Davina will cross the desperate line to save Josh's life.

  • 5/13/14
    Season 1 ends with Hayley trying to protect her unborn baby from the witches. Meanwhile, Francesca meets with Oliver and Jackson to determine the future of the werewolves in New Orleans; and Davina and Cami join forces to take down Klaus, who is forced to make a heartbreaking decision.