The Originals

Season 1 Episode 5

Sinners and Saints

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2013 on The CW
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Sinners and Saints

Klaus is angry with Sophie when his unborn baby gets in danger. Elijah and Rebekah learn something about Sophie's past. Marcel asks Klaus to with him to the bayou, while Rebekah, Hayley and Sophie have plans of their own. Daniella has an unexpected ally to whom she reveals disturbing information about the witches.


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  • In this episode the whole storyline is turned on it's head!

    In this episode the whole storyline is turned on it's head! The bad guys are not so bad, the good guys are wicked and the orginals have been misled. Awesome! I love it!!
  • In response to dimakosrou

    To answer some of your questions:

    1. Davina's shoes, she accepted Elijah's offer cuz while she has to wait for timer(which we know won't happen, but she doesn't) and still she accepted cuz while she still has to wait, in the mean time she has all this power of the other 3 dead witches which she cannot handle as Elijah said and we witnessed. She said she loses control and blacks out and hurts people, and if the grimoire can help her control her power if just so she won't hurt anyone even if it's a short time(It was not made clear how long it will be or how many episodes it will be til time's up.

    2. The Priest, well we still don't know much about him. he says he is the leader of or at least has heavy influence of what I assume to be a council of the human faction of NO. And it is the council and a select group that know about the vampires and witches, much like Mystic Falls, and they are the ones who "look the other way" continued we don't know what he knew about the ritual, and as to why kill Sophie's sister well even though he helped Sophie stop the ritual based on info from her he still didn't know what to expect, and once he found out the truth from Davina, that is when he enacted the no magic rule, she violated it, and killed her.

    3. Really? the violin? not that it matters but he was in a whole attic full of stuff with a powerful witch,

    4. The curse on Sean, the witches powers were waning, not gone all together, and it didn't seem like it took alot of effort to do it. more nutrtitious to vampires? no, an already powerful witch who gained the power of the three dead powerful witches along with all the extra power that came with it, made her strong enough that she would wip the floor with Bonnie on a normal day, and that blood with perhaps a little somethin somethin added to it was like Sookie Stackhouses blood on "True Blood" vampire crack.

    6. We still weren't informed of how the whole "A Pregnant werewolf walks into a bar and is figured out" YET. But it's really not that complicated, as I said the witches powers are waning, not gone. First they could obviously tell she was a werewolf, whether it was by chance or manipulation I'm betting that on a normal day a witch could tell a woman is pregnant, but this is an unprecedenant event, something tells me that would stand out. And your last question "Was it from the witch drama queen again, and why believe that vision and not others?" didn't hayley ask that very same question?moreless
  • The One Where It Gets Complicated

    Imo, it's almost impossible to peg any one character as the villain now. Also, it's difficult to decide what is wrong and what is right. Can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Past is being revealed, future is promised...


    The episode was actually the apocalypse for the Originals plot for this season. We get to know who, why and how every character is acting the way they act. The events revealed to us are authentic, intriguing and satisfying. My rating could have been 9. BUT, despite this episode could be the best till yet, some major incosistent elements drag down my rating. Explaining:

    1) Be in Davina's shoes for a moment. Why accept Elijah's offer for access to Esther's grimoires in an attempt to control your magic when all you have to do is wait up until the magic timer for the ritual reaches its end, taking away all your power? Most importantly, why betray the one who literally saved your life (Marcel)? And for what? A slight chance to find a way to control your magic which will fade away soon enough?

    2) What I thought with Marcel's kingdom is that he and his minions compelled every local "to look the other way". But it seems the locals are not compelled at all. They have a deal made by the town's priest in exchange for protection!!!?? How the priest represents every single local and why the locals accepted this offer? In a town where vampires "got out of the coffin" in public demanding to look away when they kill and feed in exchange for... not harming YOU (!!!!) is an outraging audacity and most humans would have fled or they would try to fight back strategically like the residents of Mystic Falls! We are not talking about "ordinary crime", this is supernatural apocalypse! You can not compare it with the deals the gangsters and mafias make (mostly in the movies) with the residents of "their" town in exchange for no crime against them or/and a thriving local economy, like THE ORIGINALS poorly try to. It's extremely unrealistic and delivers a huge negative impact on the show.


    1) What exactly the priest knew about the ritual?

    2) Why Marcel killed Sophie's sister when he seems to have helped Sophie when he stopped the ritual?

    3) How Elijah was able to fix a broken violin with no tools and new pieces of wood and strings?!

    4) How the witches were able to put a curse on that boy when they were so weak that didn't fight the vampires when Marcel interrupted the ritual?

    5) Are witches more nutritious to vampires? One drop of Davina's blood revived Elijah and that demonstrated her power once again.

    6) We still weren't informed as to how Sophie learned that the girl who walked in the bar was Klaus' one-night-stand and pregnant with his child. One of the visions of the " Witch Drama Queen" again? And why believe that vision and not the others?moreless
  • Witches, Harvests, and Family

    Okay, last time I started to like Cami more because she got a more compelling story and we saw more of the range of the actress. Now the same is true for Davina, Sophie, and a little surprisingly, Marcel [I sense a trend]. So first of all THANK YOU Originals, for definitely cementing my love of this show.

    This week was fantastic because although there was really only a little bit of plot development [the return of a character to the scene, stirring up maybe intrigue between Marcel and Rebekah (?), Davina's allegiance a little more unattainable] there was a substantial enough of backstory to the New Orleans natives and their motives.

    Marcel is now far more complex and finally a sympathetic villain, which makes for far more interesting story-telling. Davina showed more of her human side this week, which we saw glimpses of last week. Sophie's motivations were suddenly much more sensical and also complicated. And all of the actions by all of these characters over the season so far suddenly makes more sense.

    So there was loads of flashbacks and talking, but it was needed, and great. I personally loved the detail of the mythology of the witches and how their powers work. So far, this seems to be a step up from the vague explanations given in TVD. Also, laughs of the episode: Marcel finding out about Cami's family, Klaus and Rebekah being snobs about the bar, and the slap. Just because.

    This episode definitely set out the witches, vampires, and Originals as being separate groups with very different motivations and goals, this show is suddenly even more political, and I love it. Definitely can't wait for next week.moreless
Malaya Rivera Drew

Malaya Rivera Drew

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Karen Kaia Livers


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Matt Kabus

Sean O'Connell

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Todd Stashwick

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Shannon Eubanks

Bastianna Natale

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Yasmine Al-Bustami

Yasmine Al-Bustami

Monique Deveraux

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    • Elijah: My siblings and I are the first vampires in history, the Originals. Three hundred years ago, we helped to build the city of New Orleans. We were happy here. A family. Recently, a coven of witches lured my brother back, using his unborn child as leverage. I tried to help him, but he betrayed me to his enemy, the vampire Marcel. Since then, I've been held prisoner by a powerful witch. My brother seeks to manipulate others to procure my release. But I have my own plan. If this witch proves to be an enemy, I will stop her by whatever means necessary.

    • Sophie: interrupting the Harvest preliminary ritual What are you doing?
      Bastianna: I am saving the community you renounced.

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