The Originals

Season 1 Episode 3

Tangled Up in Blue

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2013 on The CW
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Tangled Up in Blue

After finding out information about Marcel from a person of his inner circle, Klaus and Rebekah try to bring him down from within with Sophie's assistance despite Elijah's concerns. Rebekah invites Cami to Marcel's vampire party which upsets him. Hayley learns from Sabine that the supernatural world in New Orleans are not welcoming to the birth of a hybrid baby.


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  • This show just keeps getting better and better.

    This show just keeps getting better and better. Love the cunningness of Klaus!
  • I want a peak into Elijah's Diary too

    I'm just gonna quietly sit here and say this is my favourite show currently airing. Last week's episode may have been watched by me about 2 1/2 times. The main reasons I love it so much are based around the three main characters and their complex relationships, I was an iffy TVD watcher, still am really, but the sense of 'shared history' that the Mikaelsons give off is awesome and intriguing. The fact that we have a show dedicated to them makes me so freaking happy, I'm kinda blind to the weaknesses.


    Of those which have aired, this was probably my least favourite episode, mainly as I started to feel the weight of the exposition-y lines. Some of them were awful. Generally I am oblivious to the writing of shows, but this is getting to the point that even I am picking up on them.

    This episode was a little low on the doing stuff scale, but I think it was trying to establish a general atmosphere: Klaus and Rebekah working together, albeit in a very cautious and grudging way; the threat that is Davina (we needed to see that Marcel was at least a little wary of his not-so-secret weapon); and the fact that nobody should be expecting Hayley's pregnancy to be easy/normal.

    I liked the schemes. I love how the writers are more than willing to show that Rebekah and Klaus in particular are not good guys and that Rebekah knows she shouldn't be trusting Klaus as fas as she can throw him. I'm not too chuffed about the love triangle with Cami.

    And good lord do I want Elijah back. So bad. I was hoping through the last few moments of the episode that he would just walk in. Still hoping that that will happen at the start of the next episode. They could do it if they play it off as Marcel letting go despite Davina, which makes a rift between the two, which is patched over quickly but remembered for further tension later. This is weak, because learning how to kill an Original will be high on Marcel's priority list, but goshdamn it, we need Elijah. Although I will be happy for a while with more of his diaries.... does that sound too stalker-ish?moreless
  • The Originals.

    So Klaus and Rebekah come up with this brilliant plan to rescue Elijah and it seemed to work, Marcel was willing to give Elijah back to Klaus for saving him. In amidst of all the betrayal that was going on within Marcel's own family, for Klaus killing Katie. But right at the end when Marcel went back to see Davina and told her what he was going to do, Davina said NO, not unless she knows how to kill The Originals. So for Sabine telling Hayley whether she was going to have a boy or girl and apparently the baby is a girl and Klaus seems to be happy. But all is not what it seems, I have no idea what kind of spell Sabine was doing and at the end even Hayley was looking up the translation of what language Sabine was using and she never found an answer. Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up CW Network.moreless
  • The War Has Begun!

    Whew this show is great!

    I adored this episode, having Elijah being there in 'spirit' as Hayley read his diaries was a nice touch I miss Elijah desperately and I hope he is revived soon!

    Seeing Klaus & Rebekah be in 'war mode' was very cool.

    I also adored Klaus & Marcel's interactions they were very tense.

    I can't wait to find out what exactly is going on with Hayley and this hybrid baby and I hope we see the hybrid baby soon!

    I am also excited to see and find out more about Davina!

    Bring on next week!moreless

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