The Originals

Season 1 Episode 21

The Battle of New Orleans

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 06, 2014 on The CW

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  • Action packed episode

    Action packed episode that had all the excitement of a finale! I've no idea how they're going to top this for the real finale.
  • gang wars

    The situation in the French quarter at the moment seems a lot like a gang warfare to me. Rival gangs who fight for leadership, kill a lot of people in the process and shift allegiances all the time.

    I didn't expect to feel sorry for Klaus, but his helplessness when he was drained of his power at a time when Haley needs him most, was quite heartbreaking.

    He isn't as good a strategist as he thinks he is, as all of his plans just fell apart and bit him in the ass.

    And why do they always have to rip pages out of the grimoire, wouldn't the spell work if they just copy it or make a photo of the page?

    I am still not convinced about the bayou werewolves. I just don't have a feeling that I know them at all. The few minutes with the surprising new werewolves were much better than all the scenes with the bayou werewolves before.

    I hope they are setting Cami up for a bigger role in the next season with her discovery of her uncle's secret room. She seemed quite peripheral in this season and didn't quite fulfill her potential.

    It seems that the scenes with Davina and Michael are more of a set up for the next season ( of course Davina will be misguided enough to bring him back from the dead). It would help the show if all the vampire infighting would stop and we would get an external enemy like Michael, because the show sometimes feels like a yo yo with people going back and forth with their allies all the time.

    Best episode ever!!
  • Klaus will rise

    this was by far an epic episode, thank goodness it wasn't the finale. New Orleans has really gotten beyond interesting, can't wait for Michael to return though.
  • Wow great episode

    Love it
  • Indeed!

    Wow! OK, I knew there was going to be a interesting episode but.... Wow! I certainly wasn't ready for the way this unfolded!!

    I have been wondering when Genevieve would turn on Klaus and how that would unfold. No disappointment here! It almost makes one feel a bit sorry for our dear Klaus.... but.. maybe not. I do, however, feel a lot of empathy, sympathy and/or some amount of pity for our sweet Hayley! When Elijah calmed her fears with that beautiful kiss, I was hoping he'd be able to save her from the witches. I still maintain high hopes for that happening in the next episode! C'mon, writers... Elijah and Hayley.... it's a no-brainer! OK. So I live vicariously through Hayley every time she has a encounter with Elijah.. what red-blooded woman doesn't (pun intended)?!!?

    As for Klaus and Marcel... one of them definitely has to go! There's been enough back-and-forth with these two; from a touching father/son exchange to a epic battle, then back to father/son... then another battle... etc. etc.... OK. Enough already! I'ma thinkin' one or the other will lose, big time, in the next episode.

    All in all, I'd guess that we're headed for one helluva cliff-hanger in the season finale. Just don't kill off, or in any way, get rid of Elijah. He's definitely the main reason I watch!! :)
  • damn good

    this is the best episode

    klaus should tear those witch bitches in to pieces
  • Turning Of The Tide!

    Wow this was a awesome penultimate episode!

    To see both Francesca and Genevieve's schemes come to light was equally a stunning move strategically and horrific for our dear Hayley and Klaus,

    I never thought I would feel as sorry for Klaus as I did in this episode he was really put through the wringer, and I really hope he can recover!

    I also felt really horrible for Hayley just when it seems that her and Elijah will be happy a massive curveball in the form of Genevieve and her coven came, the ending with both Hayley and Klaus in such pain and turmoil was equally compelling and unbearably terrifying!

    I loved Davina and Josh's moments in this episode they brought the only levity!

    I cannot wait for next week's finale I do hope everything turns out okay for Hayley!