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Season 2 Episode 9

The Map of Moments

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Rebekah notices an unusual change in Elijah's behavior, and meets Klaus and Haley at a safe house where they are reunited with baby Hope. Meanwhile, Kaleb sheds light on a spell he created in 1914; Cami learns Esther's plan will put her life in danger; and Esther makes an unlikely alliance that could prove to be dangerous for Klaus.
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Dec 10, 2014
Not being a native speaker, I wonder what the part "the brothers that care forgot" means. I have found an explanation of the phrase "New Orleans, the city that care forgot" on the internet. And the phrase seems to mean a city where people are carefree or have lackadaisical attitude. (No offence meant.). But the brothers do not seem carefree, do they? Quite the opposite. Anyone care to explain?

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