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  • SHARON!!! Reality TV at its Best

    This is the show which was one of the greatest reality shows, is what started the trend of celebrities having their lives and family's taped. Its safe to say this is the best and most entertaining and it ended without being dragged on and no ruined. Theirs no doubt when you watch it, this isnt the Cosby's, more like a live version of the Simpson's, but way worse. Even though you cant understand Ozzy half the time he is the most entertaining brain dead alcoholic you will ever see. For those of you who don't know who Ozzy is he was the original lead singer of Black Sabbath and had a very successful solo career after wards. Gene Simmons wish's his show was as good. But Gene Simmons has nothing on Ozzy when it comes to is music and Family.
  • So funny

    The osbornes where so funny when they where on t.v .it was really interesting just to see how they are when they're at home and watching all the aguments Ozzy is just the funniest person and kellys tantrums where just classic to watch it was really cool..I was sad to see the serries end I would love for it to come back on..
  • "Ahead of it's time" comes from the shows' place in televisions' early days of reality TV,

    No one can deny that this show is funny. Some feel the shows' comedic value come from Ozzy himself, what with his burnt-out mannerisms. Some stand by the family's love-able disfunctionalism. Whatever you draw from "The Osbournes" you cannot deny that this show was a pioneer for reality shows that are popular today. Not only that, but the entire thing was original. It could also be classified as a unique rendition of the "Brady Bunch", or "Leave It to Beaver" (both of which it usually compared to) with a realistic twist. "The Osbournes" is one of the best TV shows in history, reality-esque and otherwise. With a good rock/jazz soundtrack, a fascinating family, and great DVD's to boot, it's hard to go wrong.
  • Everyone watched this show it seemed like, especially season 1 & 2.

    I like season 1 & 2 the best, it was a different ways of seeing Ozzy. It was weird a first to see him as a husband and a father, when we are used to seeing him on stage, but I think people got used to it fast. It got a little old the last season, when they had the staged thing with the dog, and then lines, it made you wonder if it was all fake. I hope not because season allowed you to see Ozzy\'s life in a different way, and I think it caused alot of people to love Sharon Osbourne.
  • This one's gone to the dogs. Woof-woof!

    Among the reality shows featuring celebrities, this one's the most interesting to see during a late night when its only competition was against infomercials. Ozzy is portrayed as a mumbling dad much like that Hanna-Barbera cartoon papa bear (sorry the name escapes me). He shares a few insights for someone who's lived a rock star life. But Sharon Osbourne probably profited the most from the TV series. While not the perfect mom, she got to show her personality and carried many episodes. The kids are alright, and have their own quirky personality. Overall that works well with the MTV styled reality presentation.

    My favorite episodes involve the pets. Whenever I see them dealing with and cleaning up after their numerous canines, I can relate with Ozzy, having to pick up after Angus and Kitty. When everyone else bores me, they'll throw in a doggy and I'll be a happy camper.

    I'll admit I stopped watching around Season Two, since these kind of shows are self-contained and only good in small doses. There are some uncensored versions on DVD, but the regular bleeping in the standard version does add entertainment value.
  • This is the one that started it all

    I've been an Ozzy fan and grew up on his music since I was 12 years old, so when "The Osbournes" hit the air, I was a quick fan of the show and watched it earnestly every week. This program showed another side of Ozzy that wasn't seen before...he went from Heavy Metal's Prince of Darkness to a lovable Dad. Sharon was only known as Ozzy's manager, but this show gave us a clearer perception that she's a very tough businesswoman and the driving force behind the entire family. The kids are spoiled, but it's clear that underneath that brattiness Kelly and Jack adore their parents. In the first season, the show was innocent and fresh, but with every season that followed, it lost it's original luster that won viewers over. The family was clearly jaded and the show finally came to a much needed end.

    The first "Osbourne" season was an overnight success and the birth of celebrity reality shows followed, but none could match up to “The Osbournes.”
  • interesting view of life

    The Osbournes was a wild and crazy, yet short lived, reality show that took you inside the home of Ozzy and his family. In between the ''beeping'' wild fights between Kelly and Jack broke out, Ozzy gibberishly yelling for Sharon, and average chaos pursued. The Osbournes was a breakout show for MTV. Much different than other reality shows at the time. I enjoyed watching every episode that aired, and of course laughed at all the wacky moments that were guaranteed to happen. I mean come on! It's Ozzy Osbourne. There were of course touching moments during Kelly's rehab, and of course when Sharon had cancer. All in all, The Osbournes was a reality show that took you away from..well..reality.
  • I miss this show.

    (And Im watching season 1 on DVD as I speak). This honestly was a funny show, and in a way reminded me about how my family is. Ozzy and Sharon cracked me up the most in this show, and Kelly and Jack were the annoying parts of the show. Ozzy and Sharon seemed so genuine to me, and I think thats what made the show so great.
  • "The Osbournes" is the only family sitcom I've ever watched. It's just so good.

    Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, Jack and all those animals. They make such a wonderfully funny combination. I've seen some episodes more tahn once, but I still watch them, because they are soooo funny.
    We've seen amny things through this show(like Sharon beating her cancer). Yep, it's gotta be one of MTV's finest.
  • For reality television this is one show I couldn't miss!

    The Osbournes was a show that really surprised me. I wan't sure exactly what to expect ... now I can't miss a episode!
    I think it gave a good personal view of what Ozzy is really like. I love how devoted to his family he is.
    I think Sharon is a very strong woman, one who I admire greatly.
    The best thing about the show was the unpredictability, you never knew what to expect next!
  • Reality TV at its best!

    The Osbournes are the original. I find "The Osbournes" here to be one of the fewest shows on MTV that is quite entertaining. I liked the whole concept of having cameras around the Osbournes. It is fun to see Ozzy and his family at home. It gives the viewers a sense of closeness and inclusion to their family. The whole family is interesting to watch. It is good to let time fly. Any fan of Ozzy can enjoy this show. It is a trendsetter because it caused many other reality tv shows to branch out of this one by having other celebrities.
  • The osbourns was a welcome addition to the reality tv fad for me. I expected it to be totally lame and scripted and it may be. All I know is I enjoy Americas most notable and loved disfunctional family. Jack grew up into a dork

    The osbourns was a welcome addition to the reality tv fad for me. I expected it to be totally lame and scripted and it may be. All I know is I enjoy Americas most notable and loved disfunctional family. Jack grew up into a dork but well roundend one, lil kelly besides that singing fiasco is dealing with her famous montage just fine. Sharon is the only one that gets on my nerves. She\'s clearly a shill in it for the publicity and all she got for it was a terrible talk show. Oh well even though I don\'t watch them anymore I still have fond memories of when I did.
  • OMG, I could not understand a word Ozzy was saying but still, it's Ozzy!!

    Besides hardly understanding Ozzy (had to turn on captions), it was pretty funny to see how they lived (with their many many pets). Call me crazy but Jack's kind of cute in his own way. I loved watching them have a feud with their next door neighbors (who were blaring awful music). They threw old food next door. Ha. Ozzy seems to be a good father figure, and is truely concerned for the well being of his kids. Though, too little too late for them. Sharon is so crazy, you have to love her. She seems very down to earth, and very honest. And losing all that weight, and overcoming cancer. That's amazing! What a strong determined woman. Well, she'd have to be to be married to Ozzy!
  • Boring, stupid and a waste of time

    Ozzy Osbourne is a living legend, being one of the 4 founding members of the ground-breaking band Black Sabbath, the true creators of Heavy Metal. After being expelled from the band for excessive substance abuse, he went on to form a very productive solo career, and is one of the forefathers of Heavy Metal. This show is a disgrace to this musical idol. It is a reality show, which shows the life of Ozzy, his wife Sharon and their two kids, Jack and Kelly. In the first season, the focus was on many jokes, the swearing and Ozzy's speech problems due to his drug abuse. By this time, you could tell he was dominated by his money-hungry wife, who was willing to embarrass her husband to no extent in order to get more money from the show, and his two spoiled kids, who are simple rich brats who are extremely disgraceful to the man that gave them that life.

    By Season 2, this get extremely out of proportion, and Ozzy's only purpose on the show is to be the laughingstock of the family, while he is pushed over by Sharon and his kids. The fact is that the show is just another pathetic piece of scripted reality trash, and disgraces the man who, together with Iommi, Butler and Ward created Heavy Metal. It also shows how disgraceful and fame-hungry some people will go, such as Sharon, Jack and Kelly. Hopefully someday Ozzy's name can be cleaned off from this embarrassment and the show should be avoided, for simply being pop culture trite.
  • Best Celebrity reality show ever!

    I have been watching the Osbournes even before I knew who Ozzy was. Originally I watched it since I was bored and love goth/ punk people (I don't know why) but discovered that this was as the family would say the "****" the cursing I will admit sometimes I thought the censors were letting there kids play with the button but overall its like everyother family... at least the ones I know. There is cursing, violence, crack heads, and kids being kids. Far better than bradys, way better than patridge, and don't you dare compare it to any other one of those shows this is in a league of its own and will stay the for years to come.
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