The Osbournes

MTV - Music Television (ended 2005)


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  • This one's gone to the dogs. Woof-woof!

    Among the reality shows featuring celebrities, this one's the most interesting to see during a late night when its only competition was against infomercials. Ozzy is portrayed as a mumbling dad much like that Hanna-Barbera cartoon papa bear (sorry the name escapes me). He shares a few insights for someone who's lived a rock star life. But Sharon Osbourne probably profited the most from the TV series. While not the perfect mom, she got to show her personality and carried many episodes. The kids are alright, and have their own quirky personality. Overall that works well with the MTV styled reality presentation.

    My favorite episodes involve the pets. Whenever I see them dealing with and cleaning up after their numerous canines, I can relate with Ozzy, having to pick up after Angus and Kitty. When everyone else bores me, they'll throw in a doggy and I'll be a happy camper.

    I'll admit I stopped watching around Season Two, since these kind of shows are self-contained and only good in small doses. There are some uncensored versions on DVD, but the regular bleeping in the standard version does add entertainment value.
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