The Osbournes - Season 1

MTV - Music Television (ended 2005)


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  • Dinner with Ozzy
    Dinner with Ozzy
    Episode 10
    Ozzy sits down to a multi-course meal in the dining room and reflects on his life. He says that he doesn't know the definition of a "normal" family, as he is so used to his lifestyle that he doesn't know anything else. He explains that he always encourages honesty because he had to endure so much secrecy growing up. However, his blue collar background also instilled him with an appreciation for hard work, so he tries to do enough of his own chores as he can. He discusses Sharon and the kids, and his battle with dyslexia and ADD. Ozzy is thrilled when he is presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and receives praise from the mayor of Hollywood. The episode concludes with a montage of season highlights.moreless
  • A Very Ozzy Christmas
    As Christmas approaches, Sharon goes on a shopping spree in New York while on tour with Ozzy and Jack. They learn that Michael, their security guard, has been arrested for robbing the house behind theirs. Michael denies any wrongdoing and insists that it was all a misunderstanding. He says he is filing a suit for wrongful arrest. The family, including Ozzy's eldest son Louis, gathers for the holidays. Christmas dinner features a number of arguments, but also several bright spots. Ozzy is very excited about the gravy he helped prepare. Jack receives a knife as a gift, but his parents want to take it away because they fear he will get into trouble with the law.moreless
  • No Vagrancy
    No Vagrancy
    Episode 8
    Jack invites his friend Jason Dill, a professional skateboarder, to stay at the house after he is kicked out of the home of yet another of his friends. Ozzy and Sharon are more than a little put off by the fact that Jack just lets Dill come over without telling them, let alone asking for permission. Dill is obnoxious and slovenly, and creeps out Ozzy and others with his habit of always scratching his head. Dill also smokes and drinks a lot, and Sharon is annoyed to find a bottle of Jack Daniels with his belongings. She decides that she is going to go to the bathroom in the bottle, but Kelly pleads with her not to do this. Dill accidentally starts a fire in the kitchen, doing damage to a pan and the stovetop. Jack is irritated by the fact that Dill is the only one who doesn't seem to be helping clean up the mess, although Dill points out that he would only make things worse. Ozzy and Sharon finally persuade Jack to ask Dill to leave the house. Jack is upset when Sharon and Ozzy give away Lola because she keeps leaving horrific messes around the house. Jack tries to make arrangements to spend time with the dog on weekends, but Ozzy finally agrees to let Lola come back to the house, provided that Jack looks after her.moreless
  • On the Road Again
    On the Road Again
    Episode 7
  • Get Stuffed
    Get Stuffed
    Episode 7
    Ozzy mixes alcohol with the pain medication for his foot injury and winds up stoned. He tries to take Lola for a walk, but Sharon sends Jack to retrieve him. The Osbournes suffer through a miserable Thanksgiving. Ozzy works on the video for his song "Dreamer," and adamantly refuses to wear a bat coat. Kelly grows frustrated when the media continually mentions Jack's work with Epic Records, as she feels they are implying that she isn't doing anything with her life. She angrily insists that she actually discovered the band that Jack is helping, and that he hasn't given her any credit. She turns to Ozzy for sympathy, but he isn't quite sure what he wants her to say. Ozzy grows fed up with the family and insists on returning to the tour alone. Sharon, Jack and Kelly decide to surprise him in Chicago for his birthday. They hide from him until his birthday because they fear he would become angry if he saw them before his birthday dinner. When the event finally arrives, Ozzy is surprised and pleased to see his family.moreless
  • Trouble in Paradise
    Kelly suffers a broken foot when she trips over a curb. At the same time, Ozzy suffers a leg injury during his tour. The kids stay at home, where Jack constantly clashes with the nanny, Melinda. He worries her by staying out at clubs all night and resisting her when she tries to get him to go to school. Ozzy calls Jack and tries to convince him to apologize to Melinda. Ozzy aggravates his injury while jumping around onstage, and X-rays reveal a hairline fracture. He must take a few weeks off from the tour. He and Sharon return home and continue to have problems with the kids. Kelly upsets Sharon by showing her a fake ID. Jack and Kelly invite friends over to party all hours of the night, keeping their parents from sleeping. Ozzy and Sharon decide to lay down the law in a family meeting. The kids explain that is difficult to be expected to stick to a routine because they have spent most of their lives on tour. Kelly also notes that Ozzy's notoriety makes her the subject of rumors at school, making it hard for her to get along with others. Sharon and Ozzy understand, but still insist that the kids need to moderate their behavior. Ozzy tries to convince Jack to give up his drug use, reminding him of all the problems drugs and alcohol created in Ozzy's life. Jack feels that everyone is ganging up on him, and storms off in anger. Kelly assures Sharon that she will change her ways, but Sharon and Ozzy continue to worry about Jack.moreless
  • Break a Leg
    Break a Leg
    Episode 6
  • Tour of Duty
    Tour of Duty
    Episode 5
    Ozzy works with a personal trainer and attends rehearsals in preparation for an upcoming tour. He also records a series of silly videos that feature him in drag (including a spoof of the "Lady Marmalade" video) to be displayed on the giant screen during the shows. Sharon and Kelly upset Ozzy with their tendency to go on shopping sprees. They try to pull the wool over Ozzy's eyes, lying about what they have purchased and just how much they have spent. Kelly takes Ozzy's credit card without permission and manages to lose it. Sharon covers for her until she is able to find it in her truck. Sharon, Kelly and some of the dogs accompany Ozzy on the tour, while Jack stays home and tries to get his own record label started. Ozzy is appalled to discover some of the garish special effects to be used in conjunction with the shows, especially a bubble machine. He repeatedly complains about this to Sharon. Sharon tries to keep the tour itinerary hidden from Ozzy. He is mortified by the fact that he must perform for several consecutive days, as he fears he will lose his voice. He insists that he will not go along with this, but Sharon ultimately wins the argument.moreless
  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?
    Aimee (Ozzy and Sharon's eldest daughter) schedules Kelly for a gynecologist's appointment without her consent. A panicked Ozzy fears that this means Kelly is sexually active, and refuses to listen to her claims to the contrary. The Osbournes' neighbors continually irritate them by blasting loud music outdoors in the middle of the night. Sharon confronts them, and tries to invite them over for tea to talk about the situation. They do not show up. On another night, the neighbors gather outside singing folk songs. Jack tries to counteract them by playing Norwegian death metal, and goes over to argue with them. Sharon winds up throwing a ham and bagels over the fence, prompting the neighbors to call the police. The cops arrive and tell Sharon to call them instead of getting into a confrontation. Ozzy finally becomes fed up with the late night parties. Despite Sharon's pleas, he goes next door and throws a log through the window.moreless
  • Live and Let Die
    Live and Let Die
    Episode 4
  • Like Father, Like Daughter
  • For the Record
    For the Record
    Episode 3
    Ozzy makes the rounds to promote the release of his new album, Down to Earth. He reluctantly takes a limousine (which he hates) to Tower Records for an in-store appearance. Kelly attends the event and is surprised when several fans recognize her. Ozzy and Sharon are later guests on Loveline. Jack listens to the show and is horrified when his parents discuss their sex life. Jack goes away on a camping trip with his school while Ozzy, Sharon and Kelly are in New York. Ozzy appears on Late Night With Conan O'Brien and MTV's TRL, where Kelly joins him for a promo. Jack hates the camp, and gets in trouble for throwing rocks at other campers and arguing with the counselors. Sharon tries to help Kelly's best friend, Robert, shop for a gift for her 17th birthday. The family throws a big party in Kelly's honor. She goes out with her friends after the party and winds up getting a tattoo, which she unsuccessfully tries to hide from Sharon.moreless
  • Bark at the Moon
    Bark at the Moon
    Episode 2
    The Osbournes' pets begin to drive Ozzy crazy, as they monopolize the house and go to the bathroom all over the floors and carpets. He believes that the situation could be brought under control if someone would simply remember to let the dogs outside to do their business, but they seem to be completely untrained. The worst offender is Jack's dog Lola, who tears up a couch cushion and leaves the most unpleasant deposits of any of the animals. Sharon finally brings in a pet therapist to deal with the situation, much to Ozzy's dismay. The woman, Tamar, offers some advice and tries to work with the animals, but it really doesn't make any difference. Lola goes to the bathroom on the floor seconds after Tamar has praised her. Ozzy and Sharon consider getting rid of Lola, but cannot bring themselves to do this because she is so lovable. Although Sharon promises Ozzy that they will not get any more pets, Kelly brings a second cat home from the pet store. Meanwhile, Kelly gets a ticket for running a stop sign, and fears that the judge will try to make "an example" of her in traffic court.moreless
  • There Goes the Neighborhood
    Ozzy Osbourne moves into a multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion with his wife/manager, Sharon; and their teenage children, Jack and Kelly. Ozzy grows increasingly frustrated by his inability to operate the family's new satellite television system. Kelly takes Jack to task for his habit of using his name to get into clubs. The two constantly argue, sometimes coming to blows. Ozzy reveals Kelly's tendency to have tempter tantrums, which he calls "wobblers." Sharon explains that Jack is a nice guy, but has trouble fitting in with his schoolmates. Sharon convinces a reluctant Ozzy to perform on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. He later watches the broadcast (with Mike, the security guard who watches over the house), and feels that he gave a good performance.moreless
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