The Others

Season 1 Episode 8

Don't Dream It's Over

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mark is working his standard grave yard shift at the hospital and feeling quite overwhelmed by the number of patients constantly being brought in to the E.R. He overhears another doctor mention a new patient that was just brought in because he fell 50 feet off of an radio tower while trying to talk to God. Mark realizes that there is only one person who that can be, and he rushes off. Sure enough, Warren is on the gurney, and Mark chides him for not being more careful. After Warren is out of surgery Mark finds Marian in the waiting room. Mark assures her that he won't let anything bad happen to Warren and that he's going to be just fine. Marian seems relieved to hear this, and Mark offers to buy her dinner sometime soon. Back at home, Mark is exhausted from his shift at the E.R. and falls asleep in front of the TV. He has a dream of a woman wearing period clothing from the late 1800s. He wakes with a start when his alarm clock goes off. Back at the hospital, Satori is signing Warren's cast. Warren tells everyone that he was only on the radio tower because it was the highest place he could find. Mark told him not to be reckless, because he could have died, and Warren responds, "Only my body." Later that night Mark has once again fallen asleep in front of the TV. This time his dreams progresses farther and he finds himself walking down a hallway and through a door marked 13. Inside is the woman from his other dream, and she smiles at him and asks why is there a hole around his heart. From her accent, Mark can tell that they are in London, but he is awakened before he can answer her question. At the hospital the next day Mark is examining Warren's wounds. Satori remarks that Mark seems to be distracted and Warren teases that he must have a new girlfriend. Mark gets angry and stalks off, leaving Satori feeling hurt that Warren's joke might be true. Mark's dream that night is a little longer and he finds out that the woman's name is Mary. She says that she's been waiting for him, and Mark says that he wants to get to know her. But his dream is interrupted by Satori knocking on his front door. She starts to ask him if he's okay because of the way he was acting at the hospital. He won't answer her to her satisfaction, so she asks is he does have a new girlfriend, and his silence leads her to believe that he does. She asks if it's anyone that she knows, thinking that it's Marian, but Mark tells her that it's actually a woman from his dreams. He tells her that he feels connected to this woman in a way that he's never felt before, and Satori gets angry that the only person he wants to open up to is an imaginary woman from his dreams. Mark says that she's real and that he wants to find her, but Satori warns against falling in love with some dream woman and she leaves. Later, Elmer stops by to visit Mark after hearing about what happened. Mark is offended that Satori told Elmer about his dreams, but Elmer insists that she only told him because she's worried and wants to help. Elmer warns that Mark shouldn't get too involved in this dream because nothing good will come of it, but Mark petulantly says that it's his dream and he'll do what he wants! Elmer reminds him that he has not one, but two women fighting over him in real life and that he should focus on that and not a potentially imaginary woman. Mark says that Marian is a college student and too young for him, and that he and Satori can't get close without something blowing up, so that won't work, either. Elmer realizes that Mark's mind is made up, but still offers to help him when he's ready. Mark is asleep again, and this time gets to tell Mary that his name is Mark. She responds that her name is really Mary Jane. Then Mary Jane wakes up and wonders who Mark is and where he might be. Mark goes to Marian's apartment to ask her to channel Mary Jane so he can find out more about her, but Marian is too upset to help him, since she thought he had come over to discuss where they were going to have their dinner. Mark, ignorant of Marian's feelings (which is weird, considering how he's an empath), tells her that he doesn't have time for that now that he's found his soul mate--even if she is just in his dreams. Marian, scorned, says she will think about helping him, though she's not sure it's even within her power. Mark has another dream about Mary Jane, but Mary Jane wakes up first and goes about her day while Mark watches her. We realize that she can only see and interact with Mark when she is asleep. At that night's Others meeting they decide to channel Mary Jane. Mark and Marian hold hands as they both fall into a trance, and Albert takes Mark's other hand so he can "see" what he's seeing and narrate for everyone else. Before anything can be accomplished, Warren knocks over a lamp, breaking the trance that Marian and Mark are in. Mark gets angry at everyone and storms out. Mark has another dream where he's telling Mary Jane about how he's from the future. He describes all of the machines in his life as boxes and how he feels he's constantly trapped in a box. Miles does some research about Mary Jane and finds that she died on November 8, 1888. She was the last victim of Jack the Ripper. He reluctantly tells Mark his discovery and Mark is adamant about warning Mary Jane. Elmer explains that what's past is past--there's no changing it, but Mark won't hear it. He goes into another trance with Marian so he can save Mary Jane, but it's too late. He gets there in time to see Jack the Ripper kill her. Elmer realizes what is going on and tries to wake Marian before she dies from the shock of Mary Jane's spirit getting killed. They manage to wake her at the last minute, and Mark wakes up, completely mournful that he couldn't save the woman he loved. Satori assures him that he'll see her again on the other side. Mark wonders why Mary Jane came to him if he couldn't save her, and Elmer says that there're many reasons why, but they'll never really know for sure.
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