The Others

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2000 on NBC
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As an unsure Marian considers withdrawing from the Others, she moves into a new apartment that harbors a vague yet sinister force hiding in the wallpaper intent on scaring her enough to ignore her supernatural gift, but she is more concerned to learn that some of the Others appear to be stalking her. Meanwhile, Mark is tormented by the responsibility of his empathic abilities and can find relief only in the arms of Satori, but they are prevented from becoming physically intimate because proximity causes their environment to explode.moreless

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  • the best horror show ever

    this is by far the best show i ever seen in my life

    it was so deep and complicated for many people thats why i think it didnt last longer

    hey why we dont tell those guys to bring the show back lets do this !!

    the things i like of the show

    good characters

    deep story

    very scary !!
  • Evil Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    This was the first episode I saw and it remains one of the best produced. Though the idea of "demonic wallpaper" sounds like something you would find on a bad fantasy show, its execution is well done and there's an intriguing mystery to it all.

    Luciferous has Marian moving into a new apartment. Elmer believes it houses a terrifying evil; something Marian is quick to dismiss. But, as more and more bizarre things occur in her new home, Marian eventually discovers that she isn't living alone...

    The sinister aspects of the apartment are excellent and the special effects as we see the creatures moving around in the wallpaper are well shot. Julianne Nicholson is superb throughout as she also worries about Warren and Albert, who she accuses of stalking her.

    My one complaint is that this episode has way too much Marian whilst Satori, Miles and Mark are shafted into the background. Despite that, Luciferous is a scary and unsettling hour and it's a shame that the evil remaining in the apartment at the end was never followed up on before the cancellation of the series.moreless
Paul Schackman

Paul Schackman


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Al Leong

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Barbara Kerr Condon

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Both Marian and Mark are right-handed.

    • Marian's tube of toothpaste has significantly more paste in it when she comes back from class than when she left earlier that day, even taking into account the paste that had been squeezed out of the tube by the demon.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (Elmer is watching "Wheel of Fortune" and the lights keep turning off)
      Elmer (to unseen spirits): I'm watching Pat Sajak!
      (the TV shuts itself off)
      Elmer: Whatever it is you want, can it wait twenty minutes?

    • Satori: What happened?
      Mark: Is that a psychic reading or is it just obvious? (pause) Sorry. Just because I reject my abilities I shouldn't minimalize your beliefs.
      Satori: "Beliefs"?

    • (The Others are at Elmer's house watching "Wheel of Fortune")
      Warren: Buy a vowel! Buy a vowel!
      Elmer: That's a nice dress Vanna's got on...
      Mark: Can we please just start this meeting?!
      Satori: He's gonna ask for the letter "T".
      Contestant: "T"!
      Pat Sajak: There are two "T"s!
      Warren: Good call, Satori!
      Miles: I got it! It's "Tzontemoc"! Tzontemoc...the, uh, Aztec skeleton god of the dead.
      Albert: They're looking for a phrase, not a name! (mocking) Tzontemoc...
      Satori: And rarely is it a phrase from ancient Mexican mythology, Miles.
      Miles: Guess I'm not so familiar with this show...

    • (Mark has just found out that The Others have been following Marian around)
      Mark: Ellen, did you know there were doing this to her?
      Satori: Mark, we're not doing anything to her...
      Mark: Oh, my God!
      (Mark storms out)

    • Mark: Who told you where I was?
      Satori: People pay me $60 and hour for that...

    • (Satori and Mark have just tried to touch again only to have every glass in the room tremble)
      Mark: Maybe if we left it alone it would leave us alone.
      Satori: No, I don't want to leave it alone. I want to understand it as much as I can.

    • Mark: I'm having to live a double life here. Doctors here laugh at patients who take ecchinachae. What would they do if they found out I was making diagnosis based on a psychic connection I feel with my patients?

    • (Warren is in the hospital after Marian hit him over the head with a vase)
      Mark: I'm gonna keep him here over night for observation.
      Albert: That's okay. Warren's used to spending time in hospitals.
      Warren: Not this you have any of those straws that bend?

    • (Warren had broken into Marian's apartment)
      Marian: Why were you there?
      Mark: Tell her, Warren. I wanna know, too.
      Warren (looking at Satori and Albert): I'm not supposed to say...
      Mark: What did you see that made you run into Marian's apartment?
      Albert (mocking): My name's Friday, I carry a badge.

    • Elmer (to Marian): You've had a look at the Other Side, now the Other Side's having a look at you.

    • Elmer: Ghosts are stupid--they don't even know they're dead.

    • Marian (to Satori): You tell me; you're the psychic!

    • Albert: Hey, Warren, did you notice that nothing broke when Mark touched Marian?
      Satori: Yeah? What's going to break when I touch you?
      Albert: Ha, ha, nice try!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Logically this should be the second episode, since Marian does not yet fully trust the Others. There's an unpleasant undercurrent to the theme of a young woman terrorized in her bedroom, yet some of it is done with inventive subtlety, particularly the unexpected shot of the face in the wallpaper turning to watch Marian go by. I'm puzzled by the oddly explicit note of Christian myth: why does the demon have to be Lucifer holding out a wallpaper apple? Nothing else in the series suggests any particular religious system.