The Others

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2000 on NBC
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College student Marian moves into the dormitory room where a young woman recently died and senses an alarming supernatural force as she reluctantly turns to the Others—a small but diverse group of people dedicated to analyzing their extrasensory abilities—who urge her to embrace her "fearsome talent." But she soon discovers that whatever gift of insight she possesses is both a blessing and a curse that puts her life in danger, forcing her to appeal to a famed medium, an empathic medical intern and a New Age "sensitive" among the Others.moreless

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  • A great first episode that pulls you in to the strange world of "The Others".

    "The Others" pilot episode is like many traditional "pilot" episodes that does what it feels it needs to do to get the audience interested in the rest of the show. It has the standard character introductions, background stories, and overall plot explanations to get the audience aquainted with the characters and their world. Usually I hate these kind of episodes because they typically never get into the "meat" of the show because they're too busy explaining everything, but this one is different. It manages to explain everything sufficiently without over-explaining (thus boring) the audience and still leaves room for a story that sets up some future episode's storylines. It also leaves plenty of character development and backstory to be used in later episodes to keep the audience intrigued about who these characters are and what caused them to become the people they are now.

    Marian Kitt, as a potential new member of the group, is used as a window for the audience to look through to be introduced to the world of "The Others". As the other characters are explaining things to Marian the audience learns what the need to know to understand what's going on. There is still much Marian doesn't know at the end of the first episode which sets up the rest of the series as Marian understands more about her newfound powers and her new friends.

    Even though this episode uses a lot of the standard "pilot" episode audience grabbers and story explanations is still manages to be very entertaining and intriguing, and gains interest from the audience to see more episodes.moreless
  • Wow, what a show.

    This was such a great show. I loved the pilot episode. I was immediately hooked by the unique prime time drama/sci-fi program.

    I fell in love with all the characters, especially Marian and Mark.

    The first show introduced everybody:

    Marian who terrified of her emerging powers, and skeptical of the whole group. Mark, as the empath doctor, too affected by everyone\'s emotions to handle a relationship. Elmer, the leader of The Others, respectful of his gifts. Miles, the only \'normal\' one, college professor so eager to show the world the truth. \'Satori\' aka Ellen, former girlfriend of Mark, who \'sells\' her gifts as a psychic, the only one to make money of her powers. Albert, the blind alcoholic. And the lovable but crazy Warren.

    Who wouldn\'t love this cast.

    I love the way they handled the supernatural in this show. It was dramatic, they didn\'t make it the joke they did in Buffy (though that did lead to BtVS success). It was dark, it was dramatic, it dared to be psychological and make you think.

    How refreshing to watch a program that actually challenged your perception of the world.

  • Refreshing and addicting.

    I really had a blast watching the pilot episode for "The Others". It's a great introduction for a supernatural series, and it seemed to unique and cool for something that originally aired on NBC...especially when you think of their newest hit show about psychics - "Medium", which is basically just a crime show with a woman who has weird dreams.

    "The Others", on the other hand, was fun and wasn't worried about trying to make the psychic stuff seem as realistic as they could. But that's no surprise, with the shows links to "The X-Files".

    I didn't think the episode was perfect - some of the cast members aren't the best candidates for the part and some of the lines that try to be funny fall a little flat...but despite that it's an overall great episode - very enjoyable. It's a shame this was canceled so early.moreless

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