The Others

NBC (ended 2000)





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  • Yet another show that never got a chance.

    I was so disappointed when they canceled this show. It had barely begun before they canceled it. Sure it was an odd show, kind of off the path of what was 'normal', but it was still a GREAT show.

    I love the entire premise of people, born with powers that allowed them to see and understand things beyond humanity's narrow perception. Each character had unique skills, and the groups desire to help society with their skills was admirable. Sure, it required stretching your beliefs, but so did the X-Files, or Buffy.

    NBC never gave this show a chance. It's so typical of today's networks to not even give a show a chance to catch on. The biggest hits on TV have always started out small, but grown to have a large devoted following. Seinfeld didn't start out a smash hit, it's following grew slowly, mostly by word-of-mouth.
    Networks need to give shows the opportunity to be hits, it's not just the immediate successes that will last for years.