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The Othersiders

Cartoon Network (ended 2009)



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The Othersiders
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This reality series focuses on a group of five teens who investigate locations that have experienced reportedly paranormal activity. Riley, the lead investigator, heads up the Othersiders. In charge of all of the electrical equipment is Zack, the youngest in the group. KC has the task of managing which locations to choose. Helping her with this task is Jackie, the main researcher on the team. After their investigations, Sam puts all of their findings on their official website. Broadcast History: "The Othersiders" premiered June 17, 2009 at 8:00pm (ET) as part of Cartoon Network's new live-action block CN Real. After struggling to maintain decent ratings, the series moved to a new timeslot of 9:00pm (ET) on July 15, 2009. The series was removed from the block on August 26, 2009 to make room for two new CN Real shows. Then, the series returned on October 7, 2009 as part of Cartoon Network's "Scare-O-Vision" Halloween block. New episodes currently air Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:30pm (ET).moreless
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  • Teens Would Say, "Oh My Gosh"

    I have fond memories of watching this TV show when it aired on TV, 4.5 years ago. Sadly, it hasn't aired since then and you won't be able to find much on the internet about that show. Most of the reviews you do find of that show are bad reviews. But, you don't have to agree with everybody else's reviews. There seemed to be a lot of people that liked it on Facebook when it aired, and I knew people that liked it. A lot of people were just annoyed of a live-action TV show airing on cartoon network.

    To describe the TV show and what I liked about it, it is not a TV show you'd have to watch multiple episodes to get the plot and know the characters. You'd only need to watch one episode to get the whole program, because basically each episode was the same. It would always start out at The Othersiders headquarters inside somebody's garage where the 5 members would be joking around, and they'd decide which place to of all the options they had. The oldest member, Riley would drive them to that location, it would then immediately skip to night, The Othersiders would set up base camp and cameras, to catch evidence. They would wander around and use equipment like thermal cameras to try to catch evidence. We would see some scary paranormal things happen, a lot of times it would switch to commercials during a scary moment leaving us in suspense. After they thought they got enough evidence, they'd leave and we'd see them the next day going over all their evidence, and each deciding individually whether they think the place is haunted or not.

    The reasons I loved this show, well for one the teens on the show were definitely good role models. There were 5 of them, Riley, Jackie, KC, Sam, and Zack. They all got along really well and would be joking around when they weren't investigating. They would not say curse words, when most people we would sit with that same age would use them regularly. They would even say, "Oh My They were basically all really friendly, especially Sam Hirsch who seemed to be the most liked member. He was always smiling, and speaking positively and had such a warm personality, seeming more mature than I was at age 14. Another reason I liked the show, well the show would show the characters walking in the dark with a green light, and whispering giving you that chilling feeling. I like imagining myself in creepy places walking slowly unsure of what's going to happen. It also was cool how we'd see real paranormal activity while they were there, ghostly figures. I personally, think all the places they visited were haunted, because most of their evidence they caught looked real to me and they'd probably see more if they were there longer.

    So in all, I like the show despite the negative reviews. I bought all the episodes on Itunes, and it gives you the creeping feeling while watching it. Fortunately, the teens were pleasant people making a spooky show a happy show. It's my life, so I can have different interests from other people, as you can too. Life doesn't always go the way we want, it's too bad it didn't last very long or got good reviews. I would have loved to see what would have happened if this show was very popular. I'd also love to meet or at least hear a message from the characters on this show, as you hardly ever saw anybody else but the main characters and they made it look like they were the only ones in the haunted houses, while there must have been crew members with them. Sorry, for this long review and if there's anyway I could e-mail one of the characters just to ask questions, I'd love it.moreless
  • Im gonna kinda let this show slide because...

    Is this a good show??? No, not really :P. But I must give it credit where it's due, the show can be entertaining for people i'd say probably 13 and under. For me, it got me interested in other paranormal shows involving investigations that are frankly a lot better. Now I still segments at times from this show to be honest, but overall, its just so obvious how fake this show is. Along with that, these kids are the biggest amateurs ever, from their decisions during the investigations, to the fact they let a 13 year take charge of all of their tech equipment (Seriously???). This is just a very low quality show, that I'm frankly suprised got a second season. Along with that, this has had barely a reason to be on CARTOON Network, since its obviously live action. Then again, makes sense since all the actors seem so animated/ 2 dimensional. still may be me being a little too nice about this show, so basically, just call it a rip off of Ghost Hunters, that really doesn't deserve to exist.moreless
  • Really? What happened to TV?

    There are many points on how suckish this is. First of all, these kids seem to have no experience, thery throw in fancy little words to try to sound smart. I bet they just won some stupid contest. Second, this is CARTOONnetwork, keyword cartoon. Let's stick with the immature animated shows with perverted/corny jokes. Watch something like Ghost Adventures where they are actually searching for answers, not trying to create fake evidence for ratings and for 3, 4, 18, or how many the freak kids there are to get time out of school. Third, they label this as suspense. Yep, while I watch this I shiver with anticipation *note the sarcasm*. This is just another show that proves TV has gone down the drain with the rest of social media. Like Niki Minaj. Whole nother topic there. RANT OVER!moreless

    its so cool
  • This show is so bad,ghost are scared of this show

    Cartoon Network once again fails at impressing us by making this garabage on it's network. The Othersiders is about a group of teenagers who investigate ghost sightings at places. So before you know it,this is a rip-off of Ghost Hunters,except this time,these idiots don't think every thing they see or hear are ghosts. Now,it's bad enough that they put another live action show on Cartoon Network,I can't believe I used to like this garbage. I was an idiot at that time,now ignore that review. Everything is fake about this show. These kids are probably actors who are paid to be scared,the ghost are just special effects and stuff like that. One time,there was a chair in the place they were in,then it wasn't there. Maybe because a person moved it,not a ghost. Thank god,this got cancelled after 4 months. Wow,4 months? This show must suck. It deserves not to come back. It deserves to be forgot about,so the ghosts will rest in peace.moreless

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