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  • Teens Would Say, "Oh My Gosh"

    I have fond memories of watching this TV show when it aired on TV, 4.5 years ago. Sadly, it hasn't aired since then and you won't be able to find much on the internet about that show. Most of the reviews you do find of that show are bad reviews. But, you don't have to agree with everybody else's reviews. There seemed to be a lot of people that liked it on Facebook when it aired, and I knew people that liked it. A lot of people were just annoyed of a live-action TV show airing on cartoon network.

    To describe the TV show and what I liked about it, it is not a TV show you'd have to watch multiple episodes to get the plot and know the characters. You'd only need to watch one episode to get the whole program, because basically each episode was the same. It would always start out at The Othersiders headquarters inside somebody's garage where the 5 members would be joking around, and they'd decide which place to of all the options they had. The oldest member, Riley would drive them to that location, it would then immediately skip to night, The Othersiders would set up base camp and cameras, to catch evidence. They would wander around and use equipment like thermal cameras to try to catch evidence. We would see some scary paranormal things happen, a lot of times it would switch to commercials during a scary moment leaving us in suspense. After they thought they got enough evidence, they'd leave and we'd see them the next day going over all their evidence, and each deciding individually whether they think the place is haunted or not.

    The reasons I loved this show, well for one the teens on the show were definitely good role models. There were 5 of them, Riley, Jackie, KC, Sam, and Zack. They all got along really well and would be joking around when they weren't investigating. They would not say curse words, when most people we would sit with that same age would use them regularly. They would even say, "Oh My They were basically all really friendly, especially Sam Hirsch who seemed to be the most liked member. He was always smiling, and speaking positively and had such a warm personality, seeming more mature than I was at age 14. Another reason I liked the show, well the show would show the characters walking in the dark with a green light, and whispering giving you that chilling feeling. I like imagining myself in creepy places walking slowly unsure of what's going to happen. It also was cool how we'd see real paranormal activity while they were there, ghostly figures. I personally, think all the places they visited were haunted, because most of their evidence they caught looked real to me and they'd probably see more if they were there longer.

    So in all, I like the show despite the negative reviews. I bought all the episodes on Itunes, and it gives you the creeping feeling while watching it. Fortunately, the teens were pleasant people making a spooky show a happy show. It's my life, so I can have different interests from other people, as you can too. Life doesn't always go the way we want, it's too bad it didn't last very long or got good reviews. I would have loved to see what would have happened if this show was very popular. I'd also love to meet or at least hear a message from the characters on this show, as you hardly ever saw anybody else but the main characters and they made it look like they were the only ones in the haunted houses, while there must have been crew members with them. Sorry, for this long review and if there's anyway I could e-mail one of the characters just to ask questions, I'd love it.
  • Im gonna kinda let this show slide because...

    Is this a good show??? No, not really :P. But I must give it credit where it's due, the show can be entertaining for people i'd say probably 13 and under. For me, it got me interested in other paranormal shows involving investigations that are frankly a lot better. Now I still segments at times from this show to be honest, but overall, its just so obvious how fake this show is. Along with that, these kids are the biggest amateurs ever, from their decisions during the investigations, to the fact they let a 13 year take charge of all of their tech equipment (Seriously???). This is just a very low quality show, that I'm frankly suprised got a second season. Along with that, this has had barely a reason to be on CARTOON Network, since its obviously live action. Then again, makes sense since all the actors seem so animated/ 2 dimensional. still may be me being a little too nice about this show, so basically, just call it a rip off of Ghost Hunters, that really doesn't deserve to exist.
  • Really? What happened to TV?

    There are many points on how suckish this is. First of all, these kids seem to have no experience, thery throw in fancy little words to try to sound smart. I bet they just won some stupid contest. Second, this is CARTOONnetwork, keyword cartoon. Let's stick with the immature animated shows with perverted/corny jokes. Watch something like Ghost Adventures where they are actually searching for answers, not trying to create fake evidence for ratings and for 3, 4, 18, or how many the freak kids there are to get time out of school. Third, they label this as suspense. Yep, while I watch this I shiver with anticipation *note the sarcasm*. This is just another show that proves TV has gone down the drain with the rest of social media. Like Niki Minaj. Whole nother topic there. RANT OVER!

    its so cool
  • This show is so bad,ghost are scared of this show

    Cartoon Network once again fails at impressing us by making this garabage on it's network. The Othersiders is about a group of teenagers who investigate ghost sightings at places. So before you know it,this is a rip-off of Ghost Hunters,except this time,these idiots don't think every thing they see or hear are ghosts. Now,it's bad enough that they put another live action show on Cartoon Network,I can't believe I used to like this garbage. I was an idiot at that time,now ignore that review. Everything is fake about this show. These kids are probably actors who are paid to be scared,the ghost are just special effects and stuff like that. One time,there was a chair in the place they were in,then it wasn't there. Maybe because a person moved it,not a ghost. Thank god,this got cancelled after 4 months. Wow,4 months? This show must suck. It deserves not to come back. It deserves to be forgot about,so the ghosts will rest in peace.
  • The Other side of CN.

    What is this a Reality show on CARTOON NETWORK. Isn't there a show like this on HBO. Teens hunt ghosts just to prove if theres ghosts there. The ones that say there arent ghost there all the time are obviously dumb. They say there not ghost there what the! there are written reports by professionals they just want to say no once in a while. I mean this show is pointless theres obviously going to be something strange there its a written report! Waste of time! Writers who bring this stuff to CN have mental issues. Make another CARTOON! Please!
  • You can't be serious

    I never really did get into the Ghost Hunters show, but the episodes I did see were pretty entertaining. Then CN thinks that this is what kids want to see on their network, and made this abomination called The Othersiders. It's basically the same as Ghost Hunters but instead it's a group of kids that go around so called haunted places and investigate the paranormal. Now I want to say that I like ghosts, and believe they are real, and in this show nothing, and I mean nothing on this show is real. Every "ghost fact" or "ghost sound" is fake. Even the cast don't act scared. I swear at one point a teen was smiling when they heard a noise, and they were supposed to be scared, and I am bet that they were payed to act scared. Whether that is the truth or not these teens are terrible actors, and are wooden. Everything about this show is a complete waste of time, and I am glad it's gone off the air. If this show comes back as a ghost onto my TV, I will call an exorcist and have this show removed from my television. If you missed this show, then be thankful, for you have been spared the horror of this show.
  • I love this show.

    I saw it yesterday and it was pretty tight.It doesn't seem very creepy and all that,but I totally loved it.I loved how it had green color when they go into something dark and creepy.That's how it makes it even creepier.That makes Cartoon Network a good idea to make this show.But they canceled all of the good ones and they made a very better show and it's very better than Survive This.They made a very better show and I hope that Brainrush is going to be a bigger and better show.I love this show and it's better than any terrible show.
  • Five friends explore supposedly "haunted areas" of the world, or other areas, and do research on it, collect evidence, and go over evidence later at The Othersiders HQ to determine if a p[lace is haunted or not.

    I like this show. If others don't like it, then fine. i watched this a few times and it sorta grew on me. So it is probably my most favorite CN real show. In fact, I like them all. The upcoming show Slamball doesn't look very appealing though. Although I don't see the point of the show. All I know is that tyhere are 5 kids and they go ghosthunting. I can't wait for the newest episode of The Othersiders, which is Moray Mansion, because ghosts have always appealed to me and i think that this is a fascinatign show. It gives a glimpse to kids into the life of the paranormal.
  • Do not let CN Real fool you! These are all live-action shows with absolutely no animation whatsoever! They do not belong on Cartoon Network!

    Are you kidding me? This show is a complete rip-off of Ghost Hunters only with Teenagers! Ghost Hunters is way better than this crud, not to mention more original! With all of this new live-action crap, that show no cartoons, Cartoon Network is now airing on their tv channel, they are digging their own grave. These four new pieces of live-action crap are the final nail in the coffin for Cartoon Network. What with all the crap Cartoon Network is airing now, I think the channel is already dead, because whenever I watch it, it sure does feel like I'm looking at a hideous mishapen bloody dead corpse! The Othersiders just show teenagers doing lame stunts and going to haunted places, just to see if they stumble across any clues or haunting events. like Paranormal acitivty, objects being moved, cold spiritual touches and presences. Yeah... one problem, this show has been done already! Go watch Ghost Hunters instead. It is more original and more worthwhile.
  • How dare they... how dare CN make this piece of bull!! not impressed!

    Cartoon Network's reality shows are the worst programming since "Out of Jimmy's Head" and this is my least favorite of the CN Real shows.

    This is a COMPLETE carbon copy of Ghost hunters and this completely a pointless show. it is a "Kid" version of ghost hunters and it really, is just plain lame and it makes me infuriated to watch this piece of (Censored). Why did cartoon network make this instead of cartooninstituite?

    This is why Cartoon network is getting all time-low ratings and this show really makes me really angry to watch. and I'm glad this show ended, since it is a waste of money. I hope cN reshapes in the future so they dont fail! Im done.
  • Cheap knock off of Ghost Hunters...

    Nobody needs to know much about this how to hate it. For one, it was taken off the air in 1-2 months, making it obvisous it was a complete fail.

    Second, the "ghost facts" and places they explore in this show are completley fake. Damn, do they think we're stupid?

    And it is over-the-top boirng just watching the crap. Not to mention they try to make it scary by putting a green light effect in when they're exploring the "ghost" houses.

    Cartoon Network made a huge mistake putting this trash on the air. Be smart, and stay away from this crap. You'll probablly be fine with that since the fact they show it maybe every 1-2 weeks.
  • Waste of Money! and time..

    Instead of wasting millions on this crap, you could be feeding starving Children in Africa, and Asia. How could CN make such a lame show...they are wasting all their time. The show is just a cheap knock-off of Ghost Hunters. I would rather be watching Ghost Hunters rather...than this bull sh!t. I mean CN what are you doing. Leave the reality sh!t to FOX and stop digging your grave cartoon network...I mean that grave is pretty deep but Canadian shows are helping cartoon network be at the top again. Its just bad acting isn't it..this Isn;t even reality, its staged. They even tell you its staged when the show starts a big black screen thing shows it.
  • Okay, the worst CN Real Show

    Well, let's get this straight this show sucks lemons. Okay, its the worst CN Real show. Some of the CN Real shows are good to me and some just suck lemons. It sucks. I think its fake. I mean come on, I haven't watched it but c'mon we all know it sucks. And probalbly is fake. Just a horrible show. It sucks. Shhh. Don't tell anyone I'm giving it a bad rating. It sucks lemons. BTW, you rather watch DBD. Well, wouldn't you? Othersiders sucks! SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. 1 out of 10. 1 out of 100. That's right, lame show!
  • Oh. Dear. Lord. this is pitiful.

    I wish Cartoon Network would have thought this out more. People, think with me. Teenagers like:
    2.a sense of importance, and
    3.drama (mostly in teenage girls, don't you dare deny it)
    4. to be right, despite all logic

    So, have you considered these kids only joined this "legitamate" investigation for, ummm, attention!? Thus, i think this was f.u.b.a.r. from the start. Furthermore, have you noticed that every little noise is an immense clue to this team? White noise becomes a little girl's speech, and a flicker of light becomes a moving figure!

    I won't deny the existence of sprits, but i can recognize bullcrap when i see it! Cartoon Network, pull the plug on this before it kills you!
  • apparently they never seem to learn from their mistakes. kids don't watch reality crap. we do not come to a cartoon channel to watch reality garbage. it will end up cancelled just like out of jimmys crappy head.

    No wonder they have a new executive every year. Cuz each one they hire is even worse than the last one. I give this show 4 eps and then it will be cancelled since kids don't watch reality crap. and this is an obvious knockoff of ghost hunters and all those other fake shows. seriously could cartoonless network make an even bigger fool of themselves? the only thing i could think of is insulting their fanbase like scifi did saying the people who watch the channel live in their basements and are geeks and then changing their name to SYFY DX. they are so full of fail.
  • Let me get this straight.

    First we had Out of Jimmy's head, which was terrible and it didn't belong on Cartoonetwork for live action, and now we have this?!?! Why is live action coming to Cartoonetwork, the plot looks dumb too and I don't even understand what's going on! I know I'm writing about this before it airs since I didn't even try it yet, but seriously we can't have live action on a channel for cartoons! The network would disagree with me but it just doesn't seem right to me. This also sounds a bit like a Goosebumps ripoff. I'll see what happens when it comes on, and I'll try it, but I rated this a 1 because it doesn't make sense to me that they put live action on a cartoon channel. 1/10
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