The Outer Limits - Original

Season 1 Episode 29

A Feasibility Study

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 1964 on ABC



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    • Control Voice: (opening narration) The planet Luminos: a minor planet, sultry and simmering, incapacitated. Earth scientists have concluded that there could be no life on Luminos, that it is too close to its own sun, that its inhabitants would be victimized by their own blinding atmosphere. But there is life on Luminos, life that should resemble ours, but doesn't, desperate life suffering a great and terrible need. The Luminoids have begun to search the universe in an effort to gratify that need. They seek a planet on which life is healthy, vibrant, strong, and mobile. They need such people: to do their work, to labor and slave for them, to manufacture their splendored dreams. The Luminoids need slaves and they have chosen the planet off which their slaves will be abducted. Not to many at first... a neighborhood full perhaps... a neighborhood like mine, or yours. Those who will be abducted sleep in dreamy ignorance, unaware that they are about to become the subjects of a grotesque and sophisticated experiment a Feasibility Study.

    • Ralph: No wonder you're so insecure. Pretzels for breakfast?

    • Ralph: I wish you'd stop saying "Really, Ralph". It sounds like calling me "mealy-mouthed".

    • Ralph: You've been married how long, now?
      Simon: We've been married a year and a week. Long enough to find out we made an honest mistake.
      Ralph: That's the worst kind.

    • Authority: Luminoid children at birth are as yours: sweet golden nuggets in the palm of Fate's hand.

    • Simon: Maybe that's what the soul is. Choice.

    • Control Voice: (closing narration) "Do not enter upon or cross this area. Do not touch or remove possibly radioactive dirt or rocks. If you have any knowledge concerning this disappearance, please contact your nearest police department." It could have happened to any neighborhood. Had those who lived in this one been less human, less brave, it would have happened to all the neighborhoods of the Earth. Feasibility study ended. Abduction of human race: infeasible.

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