The Outer Limits - Original

Season 1 Episode 16

Controlled Experiment

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 1964 on ABC



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    • Control Voice: (opening narration) Who has not seen the dark corners of great cities, whose small and shabby creatures wander without purpose in the secret corners of the night? Without purpose? There are those whose purpose reaches far beyond our wildest dreams.

    • Control Voice: (closing narration) Who knows? Perhaps the alteration of one small event may someday bring about the end of the world. But that someday is a long way off, and until then there is a good life to be lived in the here and now.

    • [trying a to decipher dollar bill]
      Phobos: Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordu Seclorum...what does that mean?
      Diemos: It's a dead language. Latin. They use it to impress each other.
      Phobos: What's this bird holding the vegetation?
      Diemos: Nesting materials. Symbol of the home.
      Phobos: And this brick pyramid?
      Diemos: Also symbol of the home.
      Phobos: But it's got one eye looking out of it.
      Diemos: Symbol of the home owner.
      Phobos: Who's the old lady?
      Diemos: It's an old man.
      Phobos: What does it all mean?
      Diemos: Who knows?

  • Notes

    • This episode was the least expensive to produce in the series, costing only $100,000.

    • Actor Robert Fortier, an accomplished mime, actually did many of the scenes of his character standing still or "walking backwards" rather than rely on special effects.

    • This episode was deliberately written to pad out the season with an extra low-budget episode. To succeed, Leslie Stevens used the gimmick of the Martians "watching" the murder repeatedly, and at different scenes, to reuse the footage and keep actual shooting time down to a minimum.

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