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technical problems viewing episodes

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    [1]Sep 28, 2009
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    I have sometimes been unable to watch an episode all the way through, because it stalls out on my computer. Usually, when I go back to view it in a day or so, the problem clears up. I can now see the whole episode. In one case, however, this has not happened; a second time around reveals the same problem. In the episode called "The Inheritors (pt. 2)", the film cuts out after about 42 minutes of the 51 minutes (or so). This is irritating because it was a very gripping episode, and it was at the pivotal part. Just when I was wondering if the 'Men In Hats' would be able to stop the 'Aliens With Two Brains', and save the children, the show goes 'Poof'! Can I reclaim this episode from The Outer Limits? Thanks.
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