The Outer Limits - Original

Season 1 Episode 11

It Crawled Out of the Woodwork

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 1963 on ABC
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A young man and his big brother drive across country to the latter's new job site. At the end of his first week of work, he returns strangely changed. A bathroom accident kills the older brother by shorting out his pacemaker. The fact that big brother had a perfectly healthy heart leads the younger brother and a police detective, Sgt. Sirolio, to dig further. Sirolio finds that Norco hides a secret. They've been experimenting with a dangerous being of pure energy. This was how the older brother was killed prior to being resurrected with the pacemaker implant. Sirolio and a scientist are nearly killed when the creature escapes. Some quick thinking allows them to draw the thing back into "the pit," safe, for now.moreless

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  • The Vacuum Cleaner One!

    AKA The Vacuum Cleaner One. Starts off as a real janitorial horror story, all close-up and sweaty and Gothic. But then it settles down into a groove. It's fun to see Barbara Luna (AKA Kirk's concubine) in a regular role, and Asner is quite cool throughout (and, in a rare onscreen moment for him, becomes dumbstruck). The neutral quality of the "bear" here enables the proceedings to resist the preachiness which is an Outer Limits weakness.moreless
  • Not the greatest episode to watch....

    This is an episode that, for me, seems a bit odd and strange. An energy being is discovered accidentally by an energy complex and is used in a bizarre scheme by the complex manager. He uses the energy being, trapped in some sort of pit, to rule the complex with a tyrannical fist by having the monster kill an employee and bringing him or her back with the aid of a crude pacemaker. The episode plays out with a police detective and a brother of one of the victims trying to figure out the terrible secret at the complex and how to stop it.

    For me, this was a bit of an uneven episode with some awkward dialogue and an ending that was really unsatisfying, to say the least. There are too many unanswered questions for me to bother watching more than once.moreless
Scott Marlowe

Scott Marlowe

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Michael Forest

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Barbara Luna

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    • Control Voice: (closing narration) The Conservation of Energy Law... a principle which states that energy can be changed in form but that it cannot be either created or destroyed. And this is true of all energy... the energy of genius, of madness, of the heart, of the atom. And so it must be lived with. It must be controlled, channeled for good, held isolated from evil, and somehow lived with, peaceably.

    • Control Voice: (opening narration) His name is Warren Edgar Morley. For the past six months, he has guarded this gate from eight in the morning until six at night, at which time he is replaced by another just like himself. These are the last few moments of his life.

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