The Outer Limits - Original

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1963 on ABC

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  • "The machines are EVERYWHERE!"

    One of the creepiest OL episodes ever. Way ahead of its time. Done in the trademark OL film noir style and would be far less effective in color. The idea of aliens planting inimical technology reminds me a bit of the Interocitor in This Island Earth (1955). Not to mention the other OL episode, Keeper of the Purple Twilight.

    Today, I wonder what Harold Finch would do if he found his machine surreptitiously viewing and reviewing this episode of the OL. ;)

  • An Interesting Fact

    The OBIT control panel is the same control panel used in the UNCLE headquarters on The Man From UNCLE!

    Controls for "Lamp Test" , "Camera", "Left Monitor", "Center Monitor", and "Right Monitor" are labelled.

    Must be a studio control room video switcher in reality.
  • A Senatorial investigation into O.B.I.T. reveals dark secrets about those who 'watch' over us.

    Brilliant from beginning to end. A cast of veteran character actors makes the most of a subject that is still topical today. Up till now there was not a lot to brag about this new cutting-edge scifi series. O.B.I.T. was one of the first. The familiar strains of music as it played at key moments of the series started with this episode. The camera angles and closeups are memorable, even haunting. Who could have done it better than Jeff Corey? But the episode is dominated by the OBIT machine itself. And it should be. The OBIT screen will stay in one's mind for a long time. The best scene is when the military man testifies that even he watches he can't NOT watch it. Who among us could resist the temptation?
  • An episode that really makes you wonder...

    This episode deals with a subject that is more powerful today than at the time of it's airing: a machine that supposedly track an intended subject's movements and actions. At first, a government commission investigating the base containing the machine runs into a stone wall of silence from many of the workers, who don't even acknowledge the machine's existence. However, when the commission presses on, they manage to discover not only the machine's existence but ultimately the true reason for it being around.

    A fascinating episode on many levels and one installment that is even more interesting today than when it first aired. Without giving too much away, one wonders if the events depicted in this episode occurred in today's society where covert observation can be seen in the home and work place, would officials embrace such a machine? Or would they realize what might ultimately happen too late?

    A really solid episode!
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