The Outer Limits - Original

ABC (ended 1965)





The Outer Limits - Original Fan Reviews (19)

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  • Nice Show.

    If you wanted to know what really good,really spectacular effects along with a good story for maximum effort,then this show set the standard for all science fiction shows as we know it today. And for good reason. For one the stories were based on science fiction subjects ranging for nuclear explosions,aliens and extraterrestials from another world(and some of the most scariest monsters on TV back then!),and creatures from beyond the depths of imagination,and secondly humans who tried to communicate beyond the point of other dimensions and other lifeforms. This show came along with the status of other science fiction shows that domination TV sets throughout the 1960's,with titles like "The Twilight Zone", "Boris Karloff's Thriller","Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea","Lost in Space","Star Trek",and the UFO series "The Invaders". In my opinion about this show it scares the daylights out of me everytime I see it. The new version doesn't have a clue to what the original was like,and to me the original rules. Point Blank. Even though it ran for three seasons on ABC(from 1963-65),and brought some of the most electrifying special effects ever devised for TV(it would have really fantastic if the original series were in color in 65 but the entire series was shown in black and white). I happed to catch one of the episodes recently(the one I saw featured Leonard Nimoy,aka Mr. Spock years later on Star Trek)and blessed the sci-fi channel for bringing them back.
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