The Outer Limits - Original

Season 1 Episode 23

Second Chance

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 1964 on ABC

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  • Amusement park Space-ride turns into the Real thing.

    The very first time I saw this episode in the 1960s I felt, at first, puzzled at how a visually-grotesque space-alien could walk among humans withOut causing any panic. Then when I saw the episode again twenty years later,I realized the explanation and how clever the alien was, that is, the Real alien had POSED as a performer playing the role of an alien! So of course that goes along with the fact that the amusement park's space-ride was also a Real spaceship.
    But other than that cleverness, the storyline disappoints somewhat, as far as the individual characterizations of the abducted passengers. Especially with the cantankerous Mr. Beasley, how can his cynicism get a second chance by travelling to an asteroid? The ONLY character who has both a valid motivation and justification to travel to that asteroid is Dave Crowell in that he has both the scientific expertise as well as a disgust at the way the establishment treats that expertise. And I suppose the stewardess Mara Matthews is validly motivated too, as the story seems to hint that her relationship with Crowell will hopefully make up for her previous love-affair which had ended painfully.
    So the basic theme of "Second Chance" is regrettably flawed. But it's still one of my favorite episodes because of the dignified treatment that Mr. Oakland gives to the role of the alien Empyrian, and also due to the well-executed special effects for the Space-ship. The Space-ship's take-off and flight has Nothing fancy but its plainness surprisingly serves to make it look majestic. The same for the space-ship's Inside as its somewhat claustrophobic setting accentuates the tension among the abducted passengers.