The Outer Limits - Original

Season 1 Episode 20

The Bellero Shield

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 1964 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A scientist captures an alien that can protect itself with an unbreakable shield.

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  • A scientist's laser beam attracts an alien being into his lab. His father, who disapproves of his work and of his wife, but who shares her ambition, is ensnared in her plan to exploit the alien and "The Bellero Shield". Fate has different plans.moreless

    Martin Landau is good as the scientist (though not as sympathetic as "The Man Who Was Never Born"). The father (Neil Hamilton of "Batman" fame) is equally as good in his bombastic manner. The best performance, I think, however, is Sally Kellerman, as the wife. The final scene **spoiler alert** when she is finally freed from the shield, but still believes that she is imprisoned inside, is very poignant. Has she been rewarded for her evil in trying to kill the alien by going mad? The viewer is left to guess. On the negative side, it seemed pretentious at times (the shadows and the wine cellar) and almost comical (the barefoot maid who was always there on call).moreless
  • If this is the one I am thinking of it disturbed me for years.

    in the end of this episode, the alien with the Nehru jacket and large bulbous head has his nerve/vein thingie in his wrist cut, preventing the lead female human character from escaping the invisible shield wall surrounding her. The alien's last living act is to try to put the severed vein/nerve together to release her. He dies and she tries to leave the shield but feels it still around her. She goes ballistic trying to get out. What was so disturbing is the unanswered question of whether the shield is still up or whether she psychologically still holds herself in. As a little kid this freaked me out because either way she had no escape. Depressing.moreless
Martin Landau

Martin Landau

Richard Bellero

Guest Star

Sally Kellerman

Sally Kellerman

Judith Bellero

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John Hoyt

John Hoyt

Bifrost Alien

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    • Mrs. Dame: (Referring to the Bifrost Alien) I expected it to kill me, but it looked into my eyes, and I heard myself say, "Can you help?" And it said, "Can I not?"

    • Bifrost Alien: (Speaking to Judith Bellero) I cannot speak your language. I analyze your eyes. In all the universes, in all the unities beyond the universes, all who have eyes, have eyes that speak, and all speak the same language.

    • Judith Bellero: (Speaking of the Bifrost Alien) Someone spoke of the trembling way: a bridge between earth and heaven. When I grew up, I found it in the mythology book. Scandinavians call it the "Bifrost." I thought of this as our "Bifrost." A trembling way to what for me would be heaven--power, far-flung holdings, undiminishable authority.

    • Richard Bellero, Sr.: (Arguing with Judith Bellero) I spend every hour, every dollar, and every dream developing men and means that are devoted to the prevention of war. That says how much I hate war! And yet I am not sickened or enraged, even by war, as I am by a single soul like yours. Your ambition is singularly the most active form of violence I have ever encountered!

    • Bifrost Alien: (Speaking to Richard Bellero, Jr.) I already see another of your weapons--distrust.

    • Control Voice: (closing narration) When this passion called aspiration becomes lust, then aspiration degenerates becomes vulgar ambition by which sin the angels fell.

    • Control Voice: (opening narration) There is a passion in the human heart which is called aspiration. It flares with a noble flame and by its light man has traveled from the caves of darkness to the darkness of outer space. But, when this passion becomes lust when its flame is fanned by greed and private hunger, then aspiration becomes ambition by which sin the angels fell.

  • NOTES (1)

    • This is the second consecutive episode guest starring Neil Hamilton. In both this and the previous episode ("The Invisibles"), Hamilton plays an antagonist role.